Cool Whatsapp Status Collection – 2020

Thanks to its fun and short status, you can find many friends and acquaintances. It’s boring to go to a profile where there is no information: cool WhatsApp statuses in contact will help you become more popular! Girls especially try to attract attention, laying out the best photos on the avatar.

The coolest statuses cannot be too long, and they must definitely cheer you up and give positive feedback from other site visitors.
So, this is the largest collection of WhatsApp cool status, and we are updating the list daily.

  1. Of course, the brains are not visible, but when they are not enough to visible.
  2. Children of single mothers are sure that a goat brought them !!!
  3. Usually, I don’t send people to hell … But there are such “Unusual”! … 
  4. A good manicure can decorate not only the woman’s hands but also the man’s face !!! 
  5. I read the status of friends, passed the exam in philosophy perfectly!
  6. If something hurts, be silent; otherwise they’ll hit exactly there …
  7. You are needed where you are now. Only what is going to happen is happening. It all starts on time and ends too.
  8. To live and not love – This is impossible! We must live and love! – Just be careful!
  9. Damn, now I look at him and think: what kind of kids we will have all the same …
  10. Love is like a wolf, as the moon is given once and dies forever.
  11. The station saw more kisses than the registry office.
  12. The more often a woman groans at night, the less she grumbles during the day.
  13. Take care of the one you love … so that later you do not have to live with the one that you got.
  14. We are all in a hurry, not in time. Unloving, try to forget. And leave it for tomorrow, but tomorrow it may not be …
  15. Love is … when you read this phrase, you already had time to think about some person
  16. I love you! – Well done! – And you? – I’m done too!
  17. First love is the strongest, and only you will remember it until the end of your life … 
  18. We love those who don’t love us, but we ruin those who are in love with us!
  19. Love is when you say to a guy: “I want to die,” and he answered: “Once again you say so, I will kill.”
  20. The most erogenous zone in women is the brain. If it is excited, everything else is exited automatically.
  21. Falling in love is like putting it on your pants: they see it all, but no one feels this warmth …
  22. The best time of my life is a kindergarten; I HAD A HUSBAND, CHILDREN, HOUSE, AND SUPER ABILITIES. 
  23. Love is when you take his hand and feel how you begin to fool with happiness.
  24. “POTENTIAL” on the contrary – “NO EGGS, OP!”
  25. As a child, I wanted to be invisible. Now I have grown, and social life fulfilled my desire. 
  26. Darling, I brought you so much pain … where to put? 
  27. Sweet life does not spoil the figure 
  28. One careless move and you are the father 
  29. Happiness is when you wake up in the morning, and no one messes your brain .. 
  30. Daughter, why didn’t you pick up the phone? Mommy, I danced to the bell! 
  31. Thinking about the future means not all is lost. 
  32. If you meet a real man … Take an autograph. 
  33. Four stages of human life: not yet, already yes, still yes, no
  34. I like it when someone laughs funnier than a joke
  35. We earn billions from young people. © Apple 
  36. “Dad, I will not marry – I will live with you!” – “Don’t you dare threaten your father!” 
  37. I can be trusted with everything. Except for chocolate … 
  38. Nothing shortens the message like a mother standing behind her 
  39. Nothing turned back, and the world did not begin to change. I just learned to live again, and I just learned to smile …
  40. One universe, 9 planets, 4 oceans, 809 islands, 204 countries, 6.8 billion people, and among all this, we manage to meet someone alone, the person most dear to us. 
  41. I would be stuck with him in the elevator. 
  42. Well, how is the first wedding night? – I do not remember! I lost consciousness after she removed her eyelashes.
  43. My kindness has limits, especially if your arrogance tends to infinity 
  44. It is human nature to make mistakes. And he uses this property often and with pleasure. 
  45. The more I earn, the poorer my life becomes 
  46. Do you also have a cold tap water tastier in the bathroom than in the kitchen? Or is it just me? 
  47. A girl on a diet is like a cockroach: she eats only at night, and when you turn on the light, she begins to hide in panic.
  48. + Wikipedia + Microsoft Word + (Ctrl + C) + (Ctrl + V) = Homework Complete! 
  49. I still have everything in chocolate, just at the moment, it is bitter. 
  50. How is it going? – Nothing. When I feel bad, the ambulance picks up, when it is good, the police. 
  51. Do you want to stop thinking about him? go on a diet, and you will only think about food 
  52. Having ended the harassment with an apology, you can offend any woman. 
  53. Ladies are divided into ladies, I will not give, and I will give but not to you 
  54. Never say, “I was wrong.” better say: “Wow, how interesting it turned out !!!” 
  55. Miracles do not happen where no one wants them. 
  56. According to popular belief, the first to let in the new house is the Internet cable. And wherever he lies, lay a bed there. And a table. And comp. and the eater 
  57. You need to love in such a way that you pass by the hundred best and never turn around.
  58. The man in the bookroom asks the saleswoman: – Where can I find the book “Man is the sovereign of a woman”? – Fiction department around the corner. 
  59. The man who sits in the same room with sweets and does not eat them is a scary person 
  60. Just call her. It will shine brighter than the sun, I promise.
  61. Keep silent on time is a great talent that I don’t have … 
  62. Hangover .. Lying on the floor. A spider crawls past. – Bastard, do not stomp! 
  63. It is better to be soft on the outside and hard on the inside
  64. Do not pull the tail unless you know what is on the other end!
  65. My cat is the kindest always allows me to sleep from the edge of my bed
  66. 10 kg of chocolate is a lethal dose for humans. If I decide to commit suicide, I will die that way. 
  67. -fool- Is that a compliment or an insult? – In your case, this is a statement of fact. 
  68. I want attention, affection, a good relationship, well …. you! 
  69. If you are on the blacklist of a man, then you are his weakness, if you are on the blacklist of a woman, then you are her envy! 
  70. The story of Cinderella proves once again, that good shoes can change fate. 

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