Animal Jokes for Kids & Adults (2023)

Have fun with your friends making some animal jokes. What kind of pet lover are you? Our collection will give great jokes about different types of pets such as cats, dogs, etc. Let me know your ideas about these Animal Jokes. Find a suitable one for you…

Cat Jokes For Kids

Cat is the most used pet in most of the houses. They are sometimes so cute and also cunning. As my personal experience, These crafty moments are also so adorable though they are so selfish sometimes. So I present to you my best jokes collection about funny cats. Go through them. Find the most suitable funny cat jokes for you to share with your friends through Whatsapp or Whatsapp groups.

  • Once a boy was sent to scout and said: If the guard hears you, scream out some animal, for example, a cat.
  • I love animals, but every time I try to pet a cat, my wife comes running and takes my iron.
  • The boy did not know that he was allergic, so he continued to eat cats.
  • My cat in a past life was a bailiff! Why? Today, in the entrance, he is also caught.
  • Yeah, I got it, thief! I know who drags the sausage off the table! Leave it, son! This is a cute cat. I still can prove that he was not here – Cat Jokes For Kids
  • Scientists crossed a cat and a crocodile. The experiment was successful but failed. Half of the cat climbed a tree and hit; the other half went swimming and drowned. The only cat-dog kept in a separate cage died of longing, unsuccessfully trying to lick his eggs.
  • What are the secrets of my perfect style and excellent taste? A simple rule: put on what the cat does not sleep on.
  • Guys, I achieved something that I was very feared! I fed the kitten! One friend replied: I also found something! So yesterday I brought the kitten to the sauna.
  • A domestic cat is a device for processing fish into wool.
  • The cat cried a little, not because it was small in size, but because he was cunning.

Top 50 Cat Jokes

Dog Jokes For Whatsapp

Dog Jokes For Whatsapp

We all know that the dog is the most honest friend of a man. They are such friendly and playful animals that one can not take their eyes off sometimes from those lovely and funny moments with them. Here are some Funny dog jokes that you can share with your dog lover friends. It can be the hilarious joke of the day for you and your friend. Have a look of these animal jokes and Have fun. Guys!

  • Does your dog allow strangers to come to him? Of course, otherwise, how could she bite them?
  • A dog is a friend of a man! Moreover, she knows this very well and therefore takes cutlets without asking.
  • What is Putin’s dog name?
  • Dear participants of the dog show, before examining, wipe your muzzle from saliva!
  • Let’s have a baby? Maybe a better dog? No, you need to walk with her in any weather, there is no enough food there, this is a big responsibility. Let’s get a child.
  • A woman in a marriage office explains what kind of husband she would like to have: He should be polite, have various interests, love animals, tell me all sorts of funny stories, report on events in the world, and never interrupt me. The Office member asks: Why do you need a husband? Buy a TV.
  • What animals do not eat on Sunday? Those who are eats on Saturday.
  • This is an angry dog! The young man said to the girl, sticking to the wall of the entrance when he walked by the girl.
  • Where did you lose your legs? Yes, I climbed onto the sawmill, I wanted to steal a few boards. Then these dogs came.

Top 50 Dog Jokes

Elephant Jokes For Whatsapp

Elephants are the largest land animals on Earth. Also, they’re one of the most individual looking animals, too. If you want to make fun of this giant animal, it will be so fun, right? Here are some best Elephant jokes. To find More jokes, click Read More. Have fun. Guys!

  • My dad says that you can’t trust wild animals.
  • Animal gathering in the zoo. Lion: You are late. It was said that we were meeting at sunset. Elephant: I can still see the sun, yellow shorty.
  • Listen, I bought such an elephant. Elephant? To hell? Yes, you listen. He harvests grass around my house. Every morning. He takes children to school. Brings back then – Best animal jokes
  • Hey, I don’t understand something with an elephant. What’s wrong with him? Yes, it’s kind of weird. It injured the whole yard, yelling at night, the guest house was torn apart, and it started to eat a big place today.
  • Why does the elephant have red eyes? To hide in tomatoes. Where did you see the elephant in tomatoes? He hid well, right?
  • A discussion with his wife is like an elephant hunt.
  • It is so lucky if he found a horseshoe from an elephant!

Top 50 Elephant Jokes

Pig Jokes For Whatsapp

Pig is considered as a cunning or foul animal. But it also so cute. Some people take care of them as a pet also. Read our below list. It is full of the funniest jokes about the pig. Share these animal jokes with your friends or family members in WhatsApp or any social network. You will enjoy with them.

  • How do you feel about pets? I cannot imagine my life without them, especially without the fat of a young wild pig.
  • A very cunning pig always talked the wolf into converting to Islam.
  • Piglet thought for a long time what to present to Winnie the Pooh for his birthday. So he put a pig.
  • Students lie in a hostel, dreaming: We would have a pig! The meat will be fat! For what? Not enough space and smell?
  • He studied the old cartoon and came to the definite conclusion that Winnie the Pooh is much more a pig than Piglet.
  • You play for 11 months, like a horse, but then you rest for a month like a pig
  • For the first time in his life, a little boy saw a real pig. Dad, and who is it? It’s a pig, son. What did she do so badly?
  • Dad, is it true that show business is when a nightingale sings for pigs? No, son, show business is when a pig sings for sheep.
  • God (naming animals): Lion, tiger, horse, pig, cat, cow. Angel: Now, you have to call the sea. God (yawning): Marine? Sealion, tiger shark, seahorse, guinea pig, fur seal, sea cow. Satisfied?
  • Father comes home to meet his daughter. Dad: Dear, honey, did you eat dumplings? She replied: I ate, dad. That’s it, dad. The wife said: She ate everything, darling? Father said: Well, a pig-like a mother.

Top 50 Pig Jokes

Sheep Jokes For Whatsapp

Sheep Jokes For Whatsapp

Do you want to hear some unique animal jokes? Here I will give you Sheep jokes. Is it not familiar, right? Read these funny jokes and let me know what you think about these animal jokes.

  • The teacher asks: What is your jacket made of? From cloth. Right. And what is the fabric made of? Of the six. Well done! And who gives us wool? Sheep. So which animal gave you the jacket? Dad.
  • Sheep females are continually fighting among themselves because they have the same bags as all of them.
  • “You were lucky with me,” said the wolf to a trembling sheep, “And just imagine for a moment what would happen to you if you met our whole crowd!”
  • Somehow a husband quarreled with his wife, did not want to call her SHEEP. Well, he relaxed and then said that she was the wife of a god!
  • Any sheep considers the shepherd a brilliant leader, and the dog as the protector of the people, although they eat more sheep than wolves.
  • I went to the doctor with my daughter. The doctor showed pictures in which a cow, a pig, a sheep, and a horse were painted, and asked to name these animals in one word. Cattle! The doctor laughed and said that, in general, that’s right, but you need to say “pets.” A daughter without hesitation: These are two words!
  • The wolves are full, and the sheep are safe, and the shepherd was still old anyhow.

Top 50 Sheep Jokes

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