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We judge the smallest betrayal about us much more severely than the most dishonest betrayal in relationship to others. So it sometimes gives the pain to suffer in whole lives. Tears are words that the heart cannot express. But if you want to convert tears into words, use these memorable hurt status or hurt quotes. Here are some of the best collections of whatsapp status. Have a look.

One Line Hurt Status

One Line Hurt Status
  • Life has become worse. Relations ended, no sex, good night, everyone.
  • Separation for a long time can destroy any relationship. 
  • Whoever loved, he will not fall in love again.
  • It will become horrible. Call me. We will smoke together, even if we quit.
  • Favorite girls are given flowers. But not tears. 
  • It’s a bad habit to love someone still who has broken your heart into pieces.
  • Jealousy is the worst thing that ever happens in a relationship. 
  • It’s stupid to be near a good man, but it always hurts you.
  • When one person is sick, sick of the whole world.
  • Birth is the beginning of a new life. Past to bye. Hello, for the future.
  • It’s time for you to change, not to exchange.
  • Here I sit and think. I still have a drink, or I already like you.
  • You again missed a great chance to keep silent.
  • With the lack of education, I am ready to answer any of your questions.
  • He has such a voice if pissing in a zinc bucket!
  • To talk to you on the same level, I need to lie down!
  • There are fewer names not associated with monsters.
  • While there is an ass, the adventure will not end.
  • Yes, your politeness here neither in a pussy nor in a red army!
  • Stupidity is not a lack of mind. It is such a mind.
  • You get used to everything, even to the drops. 
  • There is no pain severer than that which the lovers inflict on each other.
  • Nothing touches a man like the tears of a beloved woman.
  • When my tears come out, I sit back and watch their performance. 
  • My love crushed me. As much as I loved, it hurt so much.
  • People sooner or later get tired of the pain. 
  • There are days like this – all the time, my eyes cry. 
  • Bitch, yes, you even have nowhere to send, everywhere already. 
  • Happiness is when you have everything you want, and you are still at large.
  • You know how to submit simple facts. 
  • Somewhere deep down, he was a real man. 
  • No cute single man alive!
  • He is so silent that he wants to undress. 
  • Let a poor experience give more experience and less cry.
  • Those eyes that cried a lot look deepest in the hearts of people
  • It’s painful not to break the dream. It’s painful to collect its pieces.
  • You can hate me for who I am, but not for telling you the truth.
  • No, I do not cry! It’s just raining from the sky. 
  • No truth can cure sadness of the loss of a loved one.
  • My heart is crying. You can’t hide the pain in my soul. 
  • You stop crying only when you realize that it is useless.
  • Thanks anyway, for the pain, for the tears
  • God counts women’s tears and doubles them to a man 
  • It’s a pity that your critical review is not written on paper.
  • Forgiving means letting you hurt yourself again!
  • The highest bitchiness of a woman is to make a loud man cry.

Love Hurts Quotes

  • Love is the attitude of people with all the outcomes that arise from it. And sometimes for life.
  • Jealousy can be just as intense as love, although this does not lead to anything good.
  • After a fight, nothing has changed. Then such a relationship is already on the edge of failure.
  • It happened in life. It will be so because for that we are born. Whom we love, they don’t like us. Who loves us, we don’t love them.
  • A sufficient amount of time will pass. You will look at my profile picture again, and you will understand it with fear.
  • When a person falls in love, he begins by deceiving himself and ends by deceiving others.
  • Someone has something to remember, while someone has only what they want to forget.
  • We need to relate to everything easier for people, relationships, and life. I realized that today. We need to explain it to the heart. We can’t agree with him in any way.
  • One who has never sought friendship or love is a thousand times poorer than the one who lost them both.
  • Sometimes you make a relationship, and sometimes a relationship binds you.
  • I was not hurt. It just angers me with such an attitude towards me. I love you, and you play !!
  • You make a god out of a man, and he abandons you. Another makes him a beast, and he licks her hands.
  • Sometimes, with the change of phone number, the life of only one person changes. The one who will never get through
  • It is difficult to love those whom we do not respect at all. But it is even more painful to love those whom we respect more than ourselves.
  • Let me in the world. No one is going to love you. I’m a bitch. I will harm them 
  • There is one more thing that you should know about tears. Anyone cannot force anyone who doesn’t love you to love you again.
  • Not a single love has died with its death. She was being killed; they are being shot and will be destroyed. But nothing changed.
  • Past relationships leave a mark on our souls, similar to a mark on the sand. A new relationship is like the tide that washes away the old print from the sand.

Hurting Quotes with DO

  • Do not shake noodles aimed for ears on your long mustache.
  • Do not slap on the back. You will break your wings
  • Don’t be a fool. There are too many competitors.
  • Do not disturb those who have access to your food!
  • Do not hide the tears. They show that you have a HEART 
  • Advice wise. Do not angry informal angels.
  • Carry me, sea yes, fucking on the rocks 
  • Do not run from the sniper – you will die tired !!!
  • To ruin a relationship, start sorting it out

Tear Hurt Status

Tear Hurt Status
  • Tears are words that the heart cannot say
  • Tears are the only water for which no bill comes. 
  • Real tears do not flow over the cheeks, but over the heart 
  • Tears of a stranger draw us to him before we know their cause.
  • Tears cannot bring the dead back to life. 
  • Tears from laughter are Better than laughter through tears.
  • Female tears are worthless but mean a lot
  • Tears are home for ugly women, but death for pretty ones.
  • Tears are not a sign of weakness, but it is a sign that a person has a SOUL!
  • Tears of parents. These drops pour more painfully than their blood.
  • Tears are a defensive fluid.
  • Female tears half a degree warmer than males. And that’s it.
  • Tears are pouring, and a smile is on your face. You don’t understand anything, and I whisper: “Go away, go away …”
  • Tears froze on the eyelashes, and it seems like my heart stopped beating because I feel terrible without you, and I love you more than my life
  • There are tears in my eyes, music in my ears, pain in my heart, and you in my thoughts!
  • Mom’s tears are burning drops that melt every icy heart, spreading wild pain around the area.

If Whatsapp Status

If Whatsapp Status
  • If you are not jealous, then you do not love it. Jealousy always goes hand in hand with love. These feelings are continuously together. 
  • If you say that nobody loves you, it means that only one person whom you love does not love you
  • If we are not jealous, then we don’t love it. Jealousy can destroy the strongest relationship. However, she is an essential attribute of love. I’m jealous of you as much as I love
  • If you are alone, then you are beautiful!
  • If you do not mind, I will stop listening to you and start talking to myself.
  • If I were your tear, I would go down to your lips to kiss you. If you were my tear, I would never cry that I would not lose you
  • If you do not touch the tears of a loved one, then it is no longer close.
  • If you are not, I would never be as happy as then

Quotes on Hurt for Whatsapp starting with I

  • I want to cry. But I’m having fun and I hide mortal sadness behind a laugh, paint a smile, joke endlessly, live behind the facade of someone else’s face 
  • I will leave proudly raising my head, knocking with heels, and behind the door, I’ll crawl along the wall in tears, but you won’t see them !!!
  • I don’t cry !! It only hurts my heart! It’s just hard to ease the pain. It’s because the one who should understand didn’t understand anything !!!
  • I looked at her eyes. She took a deep breath. She wiped away the tears. Nothing wrong. It is just the end.
  • I’m sitting, looking at you. Because you’re so cool, but I want to cry. Cry. Cry 
  • I know that you are afraid to disappoint me. Still, I want to comfort you because my expectations for you are already low!
  • I made a mistake, but I do not regret it. Dreams do not all come true. You are not a hero of my play 
  • I look at you and think it’s bad when a guy’s rush is more important than his brain.
  • I’ll climb a Christmas tree, and I’ll star as I want
  • I don’t have the means to pay for sorrows and drams. So blow your head!
  • I don’t cry; just the smoke of a burnt dream hurts my eyes.
  • I do not come across faces, but a personal insult
  • I loved you more than others

Hurt Status In Question

  • Tears? No, it’s raining. Painfully? No, everything is okay. Together? Alas, we are apart. Dreams? I do not understand them. Memory? You won’t erase it. Heart? Broken can not be glued. Thoughts? They are all with you. Feelings? You can’t change them 
  • Why will I never be with you? Because our names are deleted from the list “together.”
  • Why is everyone in an excellent mood, and I have sadness and tears in my eyes?
  • Want to hear a bedtime story? send an SMS with the text: “I know everything!” to your boyfriend’s number
  • My heart is broken, but it works. Error?
  • What does not hurt is not life; what does not pass is not happiness?
  • Do you want to hurt me? What’s the point? I will smile. Look at my back, and it will hurt you.
  • Why do random people appear in our lives and give us random hopes from which then real, not random tears will slide down our cheeks?
  • Before you cry again, think carefully. Do they need our tears, our feelings, our pain?
  • Well, when are you getting out of here?

Long Heart Broken Status

Long Heart Broken Status
  • Many people want immortality. But most of them live only once, get married once, have children, and die earlier. Some want to live longer: get married, get divorced, get married again, get divorced yet. But All get hurts from all the things. 
  • Dishonesty is the cruelest betrayal of a loved one. Because of this, it hurts so much that life becomes black and white, and the world simply stops to exist!
  • Never complain about fate. You will make friends sad. And you will encourage your enemies. You will not help yourself.
  • Sometimes you just need to get drunk to understand what is happening in your life.
  • At some point, we still forget the person without whom we thought we could not live
  • Most of all, now I am afraid to wake up and understand that it is already August
  • The most terrible pain to a person can be caused only by the one who gave him the greatest happiness
  • The reason for half of our mistakes in life is that we feel where we need to think. And think where you need to feel.
  • How often in life, we ​​make mistakes. We lose those we value. Strangers will like it when we try. Sometimes we will flee from our neighbors. We praise those who are not standing for us but who insult us so much.
  • A weak person turns away when he sees a loved one with another. Stupid is trying to break up a relationship, and only a healthy person can scare away the one he loves
  • Man, you were cruelly mistaken when counting on an eternal feeling. I stopped drying for you. You deceived yourself.
  • When a girl cheated on you, do not jump from a building. The wings of love have broken off to you, but no one comes for you.
  • We can forget what we said. But we will always remember how we felt when we were together 
  • Men, they are all so windy. So not constant. Today one kisses. Tomorrow another!
  • Honey, you were afraid to hurt me with your departure. But I was worried that you would not catch the Japanese light 
  • A real dreamer is someone who believes that the leaning tower of Pisa initially lays
  • You cry that it’s hard without love. Believe me, when I don’t have milk at home, it’s even worse for me.
  • You think that any thoughts that come out of your head are pure gold. So, let me tell you something. These thoughts are complete!
  • When you wait for the prince on a white horse, then, as a habit, only the horse comes. And the prince at that time feeds at some horse. 
  • Whatever you think of yourself, but I’m already nearly to sex out of sympathy
  • You’re very much nothing with good lighting, a fair wind and a couple of happiness
  • Honey, I have small ears. So many noodles do not fit on them! Hang yourself on the points
  • We consider right those who are confident that their eyes will see the hidden when washed with tears of pain or happiness. 
  • Playing a cheerful little fun character, I want to plop down on the sidewalk, sobbing bitterly from the pain of loneliness.
  • She was happy once she did not know tears. Through sobbing, gritting her teeth tightly, softly whispered that a powerful little thing was wildly tired.
  • A heart exploded in his chest from pain in half. Tears automatically flow down the cheeks. The wound will heal when the time comes. Relief will come when dying love dies.
  • Mascara and tears are women’s weapons. It is impossible to use female arguments at the same time.
  • Pain makes strong people look closely at the stars, trying to hold on to dripping tears with the strength of spirit and character.
  • Rain gives comfort, dripping drops on the face, smoothing the hair gently with moisture. The pain is dull.
  • Beats mean love. My husband thought, wiping away tears and looking at wounds in the mirror.
  • Today I cried, my love, standing in the bathroom, resting his trembling hands on the sink. You flowed down my cheeks to the last drop.
  • We store love in telephone numbers, Tears on the cheeks, pain in the heart, fear in the soul.
  • The one who is to blame does not always apologize. Forgiveness is requested by one who values ​​relationships.
  • The girls have tears that they need to cry, at any time of the day or night, to cry. So that everything burns out inside 
  • Perhaps our eyes should be washed with tears from time to time so that we can see life more clearly.
  • It is painful as a knife in the heart to look at the tears of a loved one, especially if they are because of you 
  • Madness and tears are companions of rather weak or egotistic pain than real.
  • There is nothing impossible for a woman who knows how to cry at the right time in front of the right man
  • Women remain more serious sorrows than those because of which they shed tears.
  • Sometimes I cry with laughter. But more and more I laugh, so it doesn’t feel like crying
  • Again alone and again, tears. She was tired… tired of love… tired of bored … tired of suffering and generally tired of living. That’s it! Enough! I told myself, but I cried again.
  • Rain in the puddles, rain on the roofs, rain, take the sadness higher, dissolve in cold drops. So that I would like to cry less
  • Sometimes we cry with laughter, but lately, more and more often, we laugh so as not to cry
  • There will always be people who hurt you. It would be best if you continued to trust people with a little more careful.

Hurt Status in Dialog

Hurt Status in Dialog
  • It is tough to say, “I love you” after many betrayals, lies, insults, and zero reactions. It is tough to say, “I believe” after you have been abandoned by the most beloved and dear to you people who once stated that they would never leave you.
  • They ask me whether I miss you. I do not answer, but just close my eyes, smile, and leave and then whisper “Crazy”!!.
  • One wise woman said: “There are 3 cases for tears: a wedding, a funeral and the birth of a child, and the rest is garbage.”
  • I would like to be whipped on the cheeks and said: “You fool, this is not the love. There is nothing at all, understand it, and live on.”
  • I will always remember this phrase, which the old man said to me: “Eyes that have never cried can never be beautiful.”
  • The meaning of the word “Sucker” is a smart, educated, well-read man. It became criticism.
  • It’s nice when the guy after breaking up, knows how to hold the tragedy and instead of bad words to the ex-girlfriend, with a clean smile, he can say: “I am very pleased that she was once my girlfriend.”
  • I quietly say, “I miss you,” rubbing tears on my cheeks, smiling, reading the history of our messages

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