Cute Status – The Latest Collection (2023)

We are having a unique collection of Cute Status for you to express your cuteness on WhatsApp. We provide a massive collection of Status and sweet and short messages for Whatsapp. Using this Status, you can easily make your profile attractive or exciting. These love Cute Status makes others feel good. So pick your favourite one and keep sharing..!!

Short Status For Whatsapp

Short Status For Whatsapp
  • Everything happens in life, except for what has already happened 
  • I can safely turn off the phone for a week; no one will notice.
  • I last washed my head last year
  • As a rule, there are no problems in the queue; they enter our life at once.
  • No man can become stranger than the one you loved in the past 
  • No desire is given to you separately from the power to fulfil it
  • Our mistake is that we think one thing and say another.
  • It would be best if you said how you feel and live as you say.
  • Three things are the hardest to say: I love you, sorry, help me.
  • There is no happiness, no love, at least give money.
  • Such concepts as the eternal soul, love, good, are not bought for money.
  • It’s pleasant to spend money wisely, and it’s wildly charming to go crazy.
  • Of course, I would cry if I stopped laughing.
  • Probably only I can tell the boiling kettle: do not cry, there will be no money!
  • Do not ask questions. You can get answers to them. Just do your thing.
  • Oh, I beg you! 80% of your beauty I can wash off with wet wipes
  • A dangerous race of a goal is truly half the success in achieving it.
  • Never correct the mistakes of others; waste your time. Work on your own!
  • WE LOVE in life. It IS ONLY ONE TIME, And then we look for SIMILARS!
  • We love our expectations from the person, not the person himself.
  • Do not show your pain and become stronger in front of others 
  • All mistakes and sins committed in life can be forgiven only to oneself.
  • Taking everything from life, just in case, remember where you received it.

Cute Happy Status

Cute Happy Status
  • Love those who smile on your face
  • You will compose a melody, and I will write the words
  • Love, like a wild cat, try to play with it, and it will scratch your heart to blood.
  • Do good to the whole world, love the world and the world will love you !!!
  • A smile has a mirror effect. Smile, and you will see a smile
  • The most understanding ones live so far
  • The happiest marriage is when she has her first, and she has his last 
  • Yes, so that I come to you every day in a dream and not give!
  • All life is in our hands!
  • Be kinder when possible. And this is always possible.
  • It would be much simpler if people looked like their soul looks.
  • The light of your sweet beauty blinds me.
  • Use every chance; it may be the last
  • A terrible end is better than endless fear.
  • Sometimes we lack the courage and confidence to be happier
  • Each of us is someone’s love of all life.
  • Each of us invents an ideal life for himself before going to bed.
  • The most valuable cargo in the world is the belly in the belly 🙂
  • Never listen to advice about love, because everyone has their own.
  • No matter how you fall, it is essential how you rise!
  • You love your life and the way you live in it. You have what you believe.
  • Let fate not be fair, but life is a game, play beautifully!
  • Something happens today, something tomorrow. This is life.
  • Dear, beloved, your mascara has spread over the hara
  • Do not lose worthy for the sake of affordable.
  • My dream is headphones that are impossible to break.

Cute Status about Parents

  • My parents told me that they found me in the cabbage. I’ll say to my children that I downloaded them from the Internet
  • Mom raised a true lady in me. Father is a kind person. Fate is a cruel bitch. Thanks to them for that
  • The one I’ll run after will scream to me, “catch up with mom.”

Cute Girl Quotes

Cute Girl Quotes
  • All women are lovely! And beauty is given to them by the love of men.
  • The smarter the girl, the more suffering she brings to the guy.
  • You are my CUTE AND NATIVE girl
  • Sweet, beloved, the best, simple, sometimes childishly not wine, I’m fiery – a girl!
  • Each girl is a Snow Maiden: a little affection, a little warmth and – she melted.
  • Girls loves cute statuses, sad music, loneliness, a windowsill with a blanket and a cup of strawberry tea, the Internet, so she halts to be depressed.
  • Girls remind please status. Type 10 people bowed in front of her. She loves the one who does not even look at her.
  • Boys, don’t pour me anymore. I’m already what you need.
  • A girl is jealous of her boyfriend, a stranger boyfriend, an ex-boyfriend and a hell of that pretty boy
  • Many women’s problem is which is the best psychiatrists pass to, are often solved by hairdressers.
  • Curled hair, a sweet smile on her face, a beautiful laugh and no one knows that she is completely confused in herself 
  • A decent woman is one about which no one knows how indecent she can behave.
  • I put a doughnut on my ring finger! Well, I’m married now!
  • I am not a selfish woman. I know how to live for myself.
  • A real woman can do anything from nothing: a hairstyle, a salad and a tragedy.
  • Even if you are an angel, someone may not like the whisper of your wings.
  • Oh, guys, you can never understand a girl who has a bra unbuttoned in the center of the city in winter.
  • Such a beautiful, lovely girl like you don’t have any gentleman?
  • Honey, do you want me to give you my heart?

Cute Status For Boys

Cute Status For Boys
  • You are the cutest, affectionate, and gentle guy. And also you are the kindest, faithful and dear. So you are my life, a ray of my hope, and I want to live my whole life, I am only with you! 
  • Guys, if a girl sent you an SMS in the morning “Dear, you are the best,” that means she compared you to someone tonight. 
  • A real man will never talk about her after their separation. He will say one day: “You know, I’ll tear off anyone’s head now who will offend her
  • When guys appear, friends disappear. Even the best.
  • A man said, and a man did. These are two different men!
  • Guys, you are the most beautiful one on planet Earth !!!
  • You are dear to a man. The more his words beat harder
  • Only a man humiliated by fate can insult a woman.
  • You’re cute when you’re drunk. Yes, you’re also cute when I’m drunk 
  • That’s it. Met. Walk. Love. Forever. Statuses about him. Statuses beloved guy.
  • Men are like mice. You look a pretty, touching animal separately. But as soon as it starts up in the house, I immediately want to poison
  • You can seduce a man who has a wife. You can seduce a man who has a lover. But you can not seduce a man who has a beloved woman.
  • Some people hate me. Let them hate. Some people love me. Let them, love. But some people hate me but pretend to love. I’m not too fond of those.
  • The guy returned from the army, eats sweet. Where candy wrappers or half-eaten chocolates remain. But damn, it’s so cute
  • We are too smart to scream and break things; instead, we break each other in silence.

Cute Baby Status

Do you want to give your love to the babies? Then read this status for cute baby. They are soo adorable.

  • Dad yelled at mom. Mom screamed at her son. The son shouted at the cat. Cat shit all in sneakers
  • Respect your parents. They graduated from school without Google and Wikipedia.
  • I want love to be like shampoo in childhood without tears
  • School, like an airplane, doesn’t let anyone get sick 🙁
  • As a child, I loved to claim that I could eat a lot and not get fat.
  • Experience is a school in which lessons are expensive, but it is the only school in which to learn

Cute Whatsapp Status for friends

Cute Whatsapp Status for friends
  • Love asked friendship: “Why do you exist if there is me?” Friendship replied: “To leave smiles where you leave tears”
  • A true friend will never ask – “why?” She goes to the store, buys, brings, opens and pours
  • Friendship is like a diamond. It is rare, expensive, and there are a lot of fakes!
  • The best friend is the one who will intercede for you! Then he will take it aside and say that you were wrong!
  • The best friend is that person with whom you can sit without saying a word and leave with the feeling that this was the best conversation in your life.
  • We are cute, Beautiful, and Happy. We love Chupa. Sometimes we cry at night, Smile, and Laugh. We are together, and We are friends 
  • We have remained friends. Friends who will never call or write to each other.
  • Don’t tell a friend when he eats a cookie, wait until he starts to drink tea with it.
  • Life is short, and therefore you should not waste time, you need to enjoy it.
  • A true girlfriend is not a chick who wipes your snot when a boy throws you. A true friend is one who is sincerely glad to see you beautiful!
  • SHE WILL BE MY BEST FRIEND FOREVER and knows too much about me 

Cute Whatsapp Status about Love

Cute Whatsapp Status about Love
  • Former love to come back when not needed
  • She loves not the man who always swears the love in her, but who silently makes you happy!
  • I love you, not at first sight. But until the last breath.
  • I want to share the world with you; I always want to be with you. You are my happiness, and YOU are MY LOVE! 
  • When they love you, you have no doubt. When you love, doubts haunt you at every step. Why do you need doubts? Do not love anyone.
  • Dear, my love, forgive me for not paying you enough attention. Forgive me. Please come back to me. I suffer without you. I can’t sleep at night, and I need you, my DREAM!
  • My beloved sweetheart, I believe you, and I will be happy for you, and then we will understand how stupid we were 
  • Two people cannot fall in love with each other at the same time and cannot stop loving each other on the same day
  • True love is shown by vibrating in the voice, tenderness in the look and joy in the heart
  • Nothing kills tenderness in a loving heart so much as insulting words thrown in haste to those you love.
  • You hug me tenderly again, love my eyes through my long hair. I know, and very often remember, keeping silent still reading through my eyes
  • Love also has autumn, and one who knows the taste of kisses of a loved one knows it 
  • Once we leave those who love us so that later all our lives we will mentally return to them

Cute status With “”

Cute status With
  • “You, too, came here for status and stayed for a long time?”
  • – Darling, darling, I miss you so much! When will you be discharged? – Are you tired of dumplings? – Yes. – Goat!
  • Why does a person need a little finger on his leg? To knock them on the jambs.
  • Oh, and who are you? – Yes, we are your brains. So, we learned that you fell in love, so we went to say goodbye
  • Every lived second is a chance to fix everything. How many opportunities did you have?
  • Is there a goal? Go to her! Is it impossible to go to her? Move slowly to her! Can’t you go to her? Lie down and lie in the direction of the target!
  • Statuses and phrases about your beloved boyfriend.. Where are you sweet?
  • Never seen flying saucers ??? Get married!
  • There is a very lovely in this ICQ! Who is she? If you read it, then it’s you!
  • Why do your eyes burn so brightly? Because you are fire!
  • My son hugged me and said: “You are the best mother in the world!” Then I asked him: “Why did you decide so? Do you know all the mothers in the world?” And he answered: “You are the whole world to me!”
  • My love will come to you in the mail, in beautiful handwriting, I will print “I love!” “, You will read the letter on a night, and at once you will understand everything, what I want to say
  • Surely each of us was visited by the thoughts: “What if someone knows what I’m thinking about?” 🙂
  • She whispered, “Tie me up and do what you want.” I tied her up and went to the bar.
  • “Good morning dear, beloved.” This status is free of charge for you.
  • Oh my God, when will I wake up from an SMS: “My dear, good morning”

If Cute Status

If Cute Status
  • If you are afraid to do something, then this is exactly what you need to do first
  • If you want to change your fate, change your place of residence 
  • If you don’t look forward, you will always be left behind.
  • If they ask, to whom will I give my life? I will call with a smile, your name, mom
  • If you say 1000 times “I love you”, this phrase will become meaningless, if you say 1000 times “I want you”, the meaning will always be
  • If you are not loved, do not beg for love. If you do not believe – do not make excuses. If you are not valued, do not prove
  • If I eat a lot of sweets, this does not mean that I will be fat. It means I will be sweet
  • If a girl threw you and you are going to jump from the roof, then do not forget. You have horns, not wings!
  • If you want the girl to be an angel, then give her PARADISE 
  • If a guy treats a girl like a princess, then the queen raised him 
  • If a guy loves a girl, the only thing he wants to change is her last name.

Status Starting With “I”

Status Starting With I
  • I do not hold you angry. Go in peace. But in the ass
  • I will bring him to madness, and he will bring me to the altar.
  • I’m smiling. I’m crying. I play the role of that stranger that I invented. So I’m alive and let it be that way. After all, I want this !!!
  • I’ll make a movie about you, us, and our relationship. You will be killed at the beginning of the film
  • I wanted to be thin, beautiful, smart, fashionable and luxurious. And McDonald’s killed all my dreams.
  • I want him to like me natural, the way I am – And smears the third layer of the tonic, miss natural. 
  • I forgot your name, I don’t remember who was the first. For me you’re just sweet, for you I’m just a bitch.
  • I don’t promise vodka, but we’ll go for a walk
  • I don’t care why not. I’m interested in what you did to make it Yes
  • I very rarely manage to fall asleep until I imagine that you are nearby.
  • I have so much to do. So I’d better go to sleep!
  • I don’t understand why people hate the morning so much. After all, what could be wrong in the gentle tones of dawn, in the clean air that gives so much energy, in the morning bird song – what ?? It is so beautiful!
  • I don’t care who you are: white, black, low, tall, thin, fat, poor, rich. If you are kind to me, then I will be kind to you
  • I suddenly give up all the things in the middle of the day. I rush to search, and I will indeed find you.
  • I’m eating everything edible and at any time! But my figure is still beautiful.

Long Whatsapp Status

Long Whatsapp Status
  • Ambition is when you go on an exam, you think you know 2, and when you put 4, you wonder why not 5.
  • The future worries us, and the past holds us. That is why the present escapes us.
  • Great minds discuss ideas. Middle minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.
  • All people are two-faced. The first person is kind, sincere, responsive. The second appears when the first is abused.
  • All troubles can be divided into minor ones – strangers and large ones, that is, their own.
  • You always have to pay for those moments when the tongue is faster than the brain.
  • Even the most faithful and loving woman will get tired of waiting if she always feels cold and cool towards her.
  • There is a desire, a thousand possibilities; There is no desire, but a thousand reasons.
  • Life is a fool’s story told by an idiot, full of noise and anger, but devoid of meaning 
  • Life, in general, is a small thing, but the fame that can be earned during this life can genuinely extend for centuries.
  • The ideal wife is a school teacher, the only woman in the world who, after asking a question, falls silent for a while to hear the answer.
  • Sometimes it’s easier to say that everything is okay than to explain why everything is terrible.
  • Sometimes they stop communicating with you, not because you are worse, but because you are better 
  • Every passing minute is another chance to change everything. Life needs to be lived now, and it cannot be put off endlessly.
  • When people love each other, they are ready to take off and crash together! You took off with me, but only I crashed
  • It’s easier to tell the little sister where the children come from than the grandmother what the Internet is.
  • People may forget what you said. They may forget what you did. But they will never forget what you made them feel
  • My dream is to become a boomerang. They throw you, and you need them to come back, in the face.

Long Status
  • My soul is my home! I keep someone in the hall. I invite a few to the living room. Only one person will get into my bedroom. But there are those whom I will not even let go on the door.
  • Winter is coming. But there is no mood at all. Soon the New Year and the session. Nothing is worse
  • Learn never to tell anyone anything. Learn never from anyone nothing. Do not wait.
  • Headphones are in the ears, and Player is under the pillow. He is back in her dreams and kisses her ear.
  • Headphones are in your ears, and the music is jamming, and no one is needed because that’s better.
  • Do not get closer to the person than he allows, and do not let the person get closer than he deserves.
  • Please do not believe in my smile. I can quickly put a bullet in your forehead with a smile on my face
  • No make-up can beautify a person like purity in eyes and sincerity in a smile.
  • Never offend, and do not try to lie to a man who looks into your eyes and sees his life in them.
  • The only place in which they are waiting for you, they believe, love and forgive is the house where your parents live
  • It turns out that if you turn hard rock to the full extent and open the windows, you can learn a lot about yourself.
  • He woke up in the morning, got dressed, brushed his teeth, got ready for school and went to sleep
  • They know how to speak beautifully. Also they know how to look after beautifully. They know how to deceive beautifully. It’s so beautiful that time will pass and again, you will want to believe in another fascinating fairy tale 
  • Sometimes, being close to some people, we do not notice how incredibly cool that they are
  • With the right selection of literature in the toilet, you can get a good education
  • Years will pass, anyone will understand, and this will not change: the more you sacrifice yourself, the less it is appreciated
  • The most influential person on January 1st is the one who had the camera: D
  • The biggest fear is to become superfluous in the life of the person who is dear to you
  • The pig, who saw barbecue in the yard, began to catch mice and bark at strangers!
  • Today I ran after the bus. The driver felt sorry for me and stopped. But I’m proud that I ran fast!
  • There are no weak people, and we are all strong by nature. We are made weak by our thoughts.
  • Strange people went today. Bad things are done to each other, and they ask forgiveness from God.
  • Dancing means to be outside oneself, to be bigger, more powerful, more beautiful.
  • Appreciate the people who come in those moments when it is terrible not for them, but you

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