Sad Status Collection for Whatsapp – {2023}

All over the world, people use various kinds of methods to express their feelings to others. Among them, Whats app status is one of the most popular of expressing our feelings in our day to day life. Why is that? When you are in a sad mood, you can put a whatsapp sad status about what your heart feels. Then your friends, cousins, relations all can share your sadness and sometimes it will be the best solution for your sadness. You also can select your status related to your feelings and share it with your WhatsApp friends or groups. So now you can see a collection of sad WhatsApp status in many categories.

sad status

You may feel unhappy in different situations in your life. So, you may want to share it with someone. But you can’t just express it directly when you are alone. In such situations, you can update your WhatsApp with sad status so that your friends will be aware of it.

Latest Whatsapp Status

Latest Whatsapp Status
  • There are no tears in every story, but every tear has its own story.
  • Dreams are blocked… Love is hacked… Happiness is locked up… And Lost in life.
  • Over time, the value of anything goes down. That’s the truth.
  • Cheating is a choice, Not a mistake.
  • It should be rainy to see the wet spot on the roof. Want to get in trouble to see who the real guys are.
  • Dreams that don’t belong are the most beautiful.
  • My silence and tears will heal my pain.
  • I want to be a robot. Then there is No feelings, No senses. And there is nothing.
  • Okey.. Ignore me… But one day, You’re going to miss how much I cared.
  • Now I wear dark glasses. Now they don’t ask me why I always have sad, tearful eyes.
  • Only grief is palpable. And happiness can be realized only when it was taken from you.

Sad Life Status

Sad Life Status
  • It can be difficult, but this is life. Withstand … And not break … And smile. Just smile.
  • It hurts when a person just used you for many years. But it’s even more painful that after that you can’t trust anyone else!
  • This is really scary to live a lifetime and end up being completely alone. No family, no friends, no one.
  • I’m not calling anyone: silence and peace. I don’t blame anyone. Just a month like that …
  • You reassure your friends when they feel bad. But when you feel bad, you have no friends.
  • I hate it when tears are the only way to feel better.
  • I think there is nothing worse than a big quarrel before the death of a loved one.
  • It hurts not to break the dream … It hurts to collect its fragments.
  • Tears burn not because they are salty, but because they are filled with memories.
  • The closer the night, the more tormenting memories that are impossible to get rid of.
  • Fate is what happens to you just when you have completely different plans.
  • Life consists of 10% of what is happening to us, and 90% of how we react to it.
  • Life is that pill that cannot be swallowed without gilding.

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Sad Status for Whatsapp for Girls

Usually, girls are more sensitive than others. So, I thought to create exclusive sad WhatsApp status list for girls.

Sad Status for Whatsapp for Girls
  • You seem to have forgotten me now.
  • A woman’s fashion is not a measure of her character.
  • Don’t try to play with the girls. They’ll teach you how to play in your own playground.
  • The girl who does not speak is very mysterious. But it’s easy to understand the rumored girl.
  • Not everyone can understand a girl’s heart.
  • A genuine smile is the most valuable jewelry for a girl.
  • A girl is jealous of another girl, not for what she has. Just to take care of her boyfriend.
  • Satisfaction is a word that didn’t hear by women.
  • As a tree softly drops leaves, So I drop sad words.
  • I understand everything, but for some reason, I’m angry.
  • To be honest, I can’t understand why I am having fun when I feel so sad.
  • You are so sad that you can’t even see how beautiful you are.
  • How to delete our relations file from memory?
  • Strong is when you want to cry in pain, and you smile at everyone.

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Sad Whatsapp Status for Friends

Sometimes you may get upset with your friends, or they may upset you. In both situations, you can update a sad status for your friend. It will help them to understand how you feel.

Sad Whatsapp Status for Friends
  • In the past, we are in one way. But now they leave our hearts and go on a separate journey.
  • The closest friends change the hardest feeling ever.
  • No need for friends in happy who are not with me in sadness.
  • Don’t pull his leg when the one near you is successful.
  • All are waiting to find out our failures to smile. No to give a hand.
  • There is nothing more difficult than separating from a crazy guy for years.
  • You’re a shame to our friendship.
  • There are lots of friends if your pocket is full of money.
  • Friendship is a beautiful word if you know the exact meaning of that word.
  • Friends are like the waves of the sea…They come and leave time to time in their lifetime.
  • Who is sad in the heart is not generous in words. – William Shakespeare
  • There is no enemy more cruel than a former friend.
  • Sometimes it is simply necessary for a person to be sad.
  • Yes, it hurts, but I keep my back straight and do not show pain!

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Sad Love Whatsapp Status

Sad Status

If you are a lover or if you have a partner, you may face problems and become sad because of miscommunication. So, you can add a sad WhatsApp status to express your thoughts.

  • One day we will leave this world after assigning the ownership of secrets to the sky.
  • When we feel the best places of life, it passed the best time of his life.
  • Your memories are like meditation. There is no meditation like you who can bring my heart to one place just in a second.
  • Love to stop…In that heart forever.
  • You are an intoxicating drug that has brought cold to the heated chest.
  • The love you feel without asking is more beautiful than the love you won by asking.
  • Loving you was my favorite mistake.
  • Love without sex is like tea without sugar.
  • When You start missing, You fall in love again.
  • Bring your smell with you, my bab…I need to stay alone.
  • “So, sadness is this place?” – Yes. Sometimes people live there for years.
  • Sadness suddenly bound my heart.
  • Sadness is six letters that come for a while.
  • Pain cannot be infinite.
  • Sadness, like a flu virus, until it is fully manifested, does not leave the body
  • Nothing can cure sadness of the loss of a loved one.
  • When you are alone, the mirror doubles loneliness.
  • When we are sad, God sends an angel to the earth – a man who will come and wipe our tears …

Sad Love Whatsapp Status
  • Sadness is too soft and a pleasant word.
  • I am alone with my shadow. It takes time to clean up your thoughts.
  • Look for your true love or return sadness in double.
  • Sadness, let the feelings go…
  • I like the rain. You can hide your tears in it …
  • How bad it is when you love a loved one, you cannot live without him, but he knows it and takes advantage of it!
  • I don’t need much – I just want you to be near me ..
  • Still, it is very painful to be disappointed in those people whom you let too close to yourself …
  • I am very happy with you … When you are near, I want these moments to last forever; Now I don’t have time that we spend together, I want more … I love you like nobody else.
  • I love everything, and I don’t care who you are
  • It’s easier to drive out the darkness of night than from your head …
  • They quarreled … She cried into the pillow, and he smashed his fists against the wall …

Best Status Lines

Best Status Lines
  • “Tomorrow will be better than yesterday!” She said, wiping the last tear from her face 
  • Save my speech forever for the aftertaste of unhappiness and smoke. 
  • Sorrow is creative for distressing inventions.
  • Death is worth living, and love is waiting.
  • If a girl learns she doesn’t have to depend on anyone.
  • If a problem takes as a problem, then it becomes a problem.
  • There are no sadder words than “everything could have turned out differently.”
  • Oh, jealousy! What kind of flour are you cooking for me! There is no worse evil than the death of happiness and longing for separation
  • How painfully jealous it is. No worse than ruined happiness and longing for separation.

Feeling Sad Status with I

Feeling Sad Status with I
  • I ready to vomit thoughts about you.
  • I will not get the stars from the sky. Also, I will not give a flight of feelings. My love is real, earthly. My baby, you are the only one!
  • I dedicate this status to every girl who reads it now and is sad. Do not worry. Hare!!! Everything will be super!
  • I don’t even understand why I miss it. I miss you. It is not at all sentimental and romantic, but also painful. I wish a loved one.
  • I’ve gone inside. But I won’t return soon.
  • I will respond to your voice with my heart. I will answer loyalty with care. You are far away. But I will wait for you, although it will take a long time to meet you 
  • I’m sad. But I’m already used to it.
  • I can look into your eyes, smiling sadly and sweetly

Short Sad Life Quotes

Short Sad Life Quotes
  • The hardest thing is to hide the bitterness and sadness with a tight smile!
  • In the eyes of sadness, in the soul of despair. 
  • Grief, for no reason, is an unacceptable luxury.
  • A small sorrow is eloquent, a great silence. 
  • Let me go to hunger. I’m not your slave. 
  • Forget your despair, sadness, and sorrow. Be a little louder, do you hear?
  • Always alone. Always sadness. She is still wanting. Always in tears.
  • It was without joys of love. The separation will be without sorrow.
  • A bucket of tea, away from sorrow!
  • Music is the art of sorrow and delight for no reason.
  • Last call: tears of joy or sorrow ???
  • Let’s have a drink. I have sadness in my mouth!
  • Hmm… here is sadness
  • A drop of dew in my eyes, it can rain, but no, a tear.
  • How much is the dose of joy if sadness is not worth anything?
  • This sad world dresses dressed and strips naked. 
  • Either sadness or separation, why is love such a bitch?
  • A sad fool makes someone laugh because his work is fun. 
  • Having gained victory finds sadness!
  • It’s sad. Who would argue?
  • From sadness and care, drink tea, and everything will pass!
  • Death is not at all sad. Unfortunately, many people don’t live at all.
  • Everything is excellent but good only in appearance.
  • The heart is sad. Stay with me. How painful it is for a heart without you
  • Since life is short, it is unfortunate. Therefore it is good that it is short.
  • Longing filled my eyes; sadness filled my heart.
  • SORROW is a feeling of sadness, pain, and a state of pure shock
  • Spring is in my soul, and longing is in my brain. 

Long Very Sad Status

Long Very Sad Status
  • You need to build relationships with a person for whom you will always be in the first place. I don’t come first
  • You know, it somehow doesn’t care what your constant “forgive” is when everything inside is burned, irritated, killed.
  • Even if love brings separation, loneliness is sadness anyway, and itis worth the price that we pay for it 
  • The best cure for sadness is nonsense. Say do not care and smile, forget it and enjoy 
  • The saddest dish in the world is mashed potatoes. It seems like potatoes, but so depressed 
  • The fate of those peoples where there are heroes is sad. Because they honor freaks 
  • It’s only pitying those days when dirty sadness turns dreams into cold gray everyday life.
  • Everything can be experienced. Any troubles and distress can be shared with a friend, but the sadness of the heart cannot be shared with anyone.
  • There are such events in life that it seems that you have to rejoice. But for some reason, the soul is sad.
  • Sorrow is something independent and lonely. Do not keep it in yourself; share it with a friend, and then e will become half as much.

Love Sad Quotes

 Are you sad because of your love? So express your feeling with your friends or family using these sad relationship quotes.

  • Words are not enough, and there is no more breathing. After all, I love you, and I do not consider it stupid!
  • Look into my eyes and tell me what you see in them? Sadness, sadness, longing, deceit. Do you think it hurts? No, I’m used to it 
  • The best medicine for treating mood is an injection of jokes and potion of money!
  • The worst thing is that your friends forget you. Parents do not find a common language, and people close to you turn away from you. 
  • Tell me that you were depressed, and I will tell you where you are going and what awaits you there.

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Hope you like the sad WhatsApp status collection, and feel free to leave your own creations or ideas in comment section.

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