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Love status plays an important role in your love life when you are in a relationship to show how much they value you. Nowadays, everyone is looking for unique status to express their feelings. I hope you will like the below list of Unique Whatsapp love status and share it with your better half.

Now without further going deep into anything, scroll down and enjoy our list of beautiful first love Whatsapp status.

Short Romantic Status

Short Romantic Status
  • Please close your eyes & I’ll kiss you. Then tomorrow you will miss me
  • Some girls will do all kinds of naughty things to be a good girl.
  • Whenever I see your message, the first thing that comes in my mind is you.
  • My eyes turn to drum when I see you.
  • My dream is to be your reality.
  • Smile is the second thing that I love your lips!
  • For some, first Love is the last!
  • No one pierces my heart until I see you.
  • Someone asked me how life is? I just smiled and replied, he’s fine.
  • To spoil the relationship, you need to start to sort it out.
  • Smile. Because everything is just beginning here 
  • It’s hard to see you, Love, and hate. And wait and hope.
  • Jealousy is the worst that only happens in a relationship. 
  • Only pain reminds me that you were in my life.
  • When Love is online, only tears and pain are in real life.
  • Dear, I’ll find a hundred reasons to fall in love with you.
  • We are looking for beauty and Love with a character. 
  • You seem to have cold lips. Need to warm.
  • Neither mind, nor heart, nor soul In Love, they are not worth a penny.
  • Better to be good friends than wicked lovers.
  • The heart of the subscriber enjoys Love.
  • You cannot start to love him. But it is impossible not to forget my Love.
  • Time only shows how strong Love is, and so that it was just enough to love 
  • They say that a person becomes prettier when he falls in Love
  • Save Time. Fall in Love at first sight!
  • Alcohol and falling in Love are the official sponsors of all nonsense.
  • Turn around. Maybe someone is looking at you in the back with love eyes.
  • The best container for maintaining relationships and Love is a family.
  • Whenever you think you are in Love, you have to say it. 
  • That’s crazy that a lover is the same as medicine.
  • Her eyes were tired, anxious, naive, proud, but still brown and in Love
  • Fast actions are a sign of Love.
  • It is strange when you can not be with a person without him.
  • The soul sings! I also sometimes 
  • It’s easy to fly when someone nearby helps with your eyes.
  • The most beautiful girl is a girl in Love.
  • Looking into his eyes is not falling in Love. Just do not be crazy.

If Short Love Quotes

  • If you love something, lock it up, hide it, & don’t tell a soul.
  • So if you genuinely love someone, set them free and then send them a message every hour, letting them know you’ve set them free.
  • Well. If after quarrel shouts, something changed at least. Otherwise, everything remains in its place, and this destroys the relationship!
  • If a girl walks not wearing makeup, that means she has a boyfriend, and he loves her
  • If you have a person to whom you can run with dirty hair tied up in a tail, with tears in his eyes, then appreciate it. I understand how life is.
  • If Love is in the heart, then it is in the eyes. 
  • If you can fall in Love with just one smile, I am the most suitable love girl in the world.
  • If you become separated, “fly in the clouds,” and memory gaps appeared. Then you LOVED
  • If you want to Love, do it in me
  • If you have not fallen in love with me yet, you have lost a lot of won.

Love Quotes in English with Question

Love Quotes in English with Question
  • What do i need ??? A lover of dreams: your heart. You are behind the door with flowers 
  • Where can I get a song about Love and Fate? so that no one would guess that this song is about you 
  • He is far away. Thousands of kilometers from here. At these moments, I hate anyone who can call him and ask: “How are you?”
  • Do you know what will happen in ten years? -What? -I will marry a handsome man, give birth to his son, we will live together. And yet, I will love him madly. And how am I? You will marry a psycho, and you will be happy. And how are we? -Stupid, it’s me about us.
  • Sometimes we write: “I love you! I feel bad without you!” But then we erase it! And we send only: -What are you doing? How is your mood? Just because we are afraid that this is not common!
  • – Zara, what movie will we watch today? – We don’t understand anything, so today we kiss in silence
  • They fall in love with their appearance. After revealing their soul, do they begin to love genuinely?
  • How do people manage to hide their feelings? I want to write on my forehead that I’m in love.
  • When do you love her? Here is the answer: when you see the light in others!
  • How horrible when no one, as usual, writes, “Good morning, sun,” when no one whispers, how much he loves you?
  • Here is Spring, but where is “in love”?
  • Want to ruin your summer? Start loving in June.
  • Oh, and who are you? Yes, we are your brains. So, we found out that you are in Love. So we come to say goodbye 

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One Line Status in English with word Love

One Line Status in English with word Love
  • Love is a feeling that someone is there for you always.
  • Love is like a strong wind. We can’t see it, only feel it.
  • Love – made in China
  • Falling in Love is the charm of the vast possibilities of pure Love.
  • Love is evil. So the goats use it.
  • Falling in Love is drunkenness with the possibility of Love.
  • True Love is not between bodies, but between souls.
  • Falling in Love for Love is the same as childhood for life.
  • Love is like a fire. Until you throw a couple of sticks, it will not flare-up.
  • For Love, there is no limit; only Love is fading.
  • Love has a future, and Love has no future.  
  • First, Love ends when you become aware of it.
  • Love, the most challenging thing is to fall asleep calmly. 
  • Love is the most fragile form of Love.
  • Love is such a stupid state, but I like it
  • Love, like a disease since you are already in bed!
  • Love loves chance 
  • Love when you want your loved one to be happy. And even if not with you
  • Love is when you don’t notice the defects. Love is when you value qualities.
  • Love is what remains after Love burns out
  • Love will arrive forever. Beloved ones are changing.
  • Love is just Love! It consists of flowers and sonnets.
  • Love is the joy of double success for two from different planets!
  • Love is music. It is a delight. Love is a reality, and this is nonsense!
  • Love is not a market, and this is not a bargain. 
  • Love is higher boundaries and prohibitions.
  • Do you like falling in Love, Love and be disappointed?
  • Fell in Love? Then keep your feet warm and your head cold!

Love Status Started from Love

Love Status Started from Love
  • Love doesn’t lie; people do. Love doesn’t leave; people do. Love won’t hurt you, and people will.
  • Love is the most painful feeling ever. Even though how amazing, people are still looking for Love and dream about it! Probably because loneliness is even worse
  • Love is judged by jealousy. If it is present in a relationship, then there is Love. But unnecessary jealousy can also destroy harmony, lead to a gap between people. Everything should be in moderation. As for me, I love you, jealous, but this is only for the good of the two of us 
  • Love and jealousy cannot coexist in the world. Each of them seeks to destroy the other – Meaningful Love status
  • Love is Happiness, and Happiness is glass! Glass happiness is natural to break
  • Love is a strange thing for someone. It comes but runs away from someone –
  • Love is like wine: first a little intoxication, then retraction, in the end – a headache.
  • All Love begins with falling in Love, but not all falling in Love grows into Love.
  • Love is when you walk down the street, and you meet a handsome guy, and you smile and think: noooo, MY is the best!
  • Love only comes when you want it. You will see that she is wrapped in a beautiful package and hidden somewhere among the moments of your life. And if you don’t stop for a moment, you will miss it.
  • Love is when I heard his voice for 3 minutes, and a smile on his face is already the second hour
  • Love – when you stand on your toes, kiss him, and in response, you hear. So you are my little one
  • Love is a traitor; she scratches you to the point of blood, like a cat, even if you just wanted to play with her.
  • Loves are like plucked flowers and shooting stars. They also decorate life and die just as quickly.
  • Love and Fall in Love are different things. First – Eternity. Second – Seasonality 
  • Lovers always promise to do more than possible but do not even fulfill what they can
  • In Love. This is when you dream about him before going to bed. Imagine yourself and think up different stories with him
  • Fall in Love with everyone in a row !!! To choose the right person to love seriously, you must first prepare a solid database
  • She does not exist without tears and laughter, and there is no more beautiful feeling!
  • Love is when they look in the same direction together, and Love is when they look only at each other 

Whatsapp Status With I

Whatsapp Status With I
  • I wish our relationship to be like Tom and Jerry. No matter how many times we fight, we won’t be apart.
  • I want you to be there. 
  • I will never forget neither my first love nor my first glass. It was all so bright and strange that I poured these feelings in verse. And then, after parting and drinking, I stopped recording from another sheet
  • I had those who threatened to lay hands on themselves, who cut their veins and were dying of love directly.
  • You know that I will smile, drink alcohol and hate everything remotely resembling love and honesty
  • I can’t be with you. But I can’t love you. You have left me. So I want to forget everything, forget our love, forget about the words that you always told me
  • I feel the purest boundless, emotional, bright, unforgettable love that, by all means, does not stop to exist – love for yourself!
  • I do not smoke or drink. Maybe for today’s standards, I’m old-fashioned, but my beloved and I will have healthy children. And there is nothing more expensive and more important than this in the world!!!
  • I don’t understand how everything happened. But I seem to have fallen in love.
  • I touch his neck with my cold fingers. Still warm from sleep and melt in tender hands
  • I want love, warmth, tenderness, flowers, and chocolate!
  • I can live without anyone. But I can’t live without you.
  • I do not humiliate myself. So I do not keep silent about my feelings.
  • I want to steal your heart forever!
  • I want a cute long relationship
  • I’m just a little bit in love. It’s just that Spring is blooming in the yard.
  • I feel like I’m living again, just when we are together. Not the heartbeat itself, but the lightness that lifts me to heaven.
  • I am your Aphrodite, your Goddess, your Themis, your Cleopatra, your friend, your mistress, and your concubine. In a word, your faithful companion 
  • I’m damn in Love and Happiness. Let’s forgive me this little misunderstanding.
  • I am a lunatic. Love becomes my passion. 
  • I realized that you were for a long time when I caught myself thinking that I was thinking about you and when I see an elderly couple, who are still in love with each other.
  • A kiss is Love. Love is s*x. S*x is a girl. The girl is I. Kiss ME !!!
  • I wish you all, at least a little experience of a massive feeling of Love!
  • I do not like big words. It’s better to be quieter, but closer
  • I want to fall in Love! So that’s right. So that it’s mutual!
  • I want to fall in Love, but no one.

I Love You Status

This is one of my favourite love status type as the word “I love you” has a very touching feeling. I think you will definetly need these status for a happy life.

I Love You Status
  • “I love you” is too little to describe all that is in me 
  • His “I love you” sounds like “hello cabinet.”
  • I love you. What? – Do you have coffee or tea? – Coffee.
  • Their eyes crossed. Time stopped. In the air attached: “I love you.” Both calmly responded to each other and parted.
  • Sometimes we are afraid to say to a person “I love” because these feelings will not be familiar. And Love dies. Everything is bad.
  • Sorry for my stupid repeated impulses, and every insult. You know I love you so much 
  • I want to love you, to see you near, only you and this tender ocean, and this is the sky above me
  • Still, I remember. I loved you. I remember I was waiting for you. But all of a sudden I forgot all this, I remember, you left me 
  • A never-ending smile, shining eyes, refusal to eat – the symptoms of this disease are clear: I’m in Love. And madly happy!
  • Yes, I love cigarette smoke. I love strong coffee. And I love my friends. I love the smell of my perfume, and I love the sound of rain. But I do not believe in Love.
  • I’m proud to fall to my knees. Even if I love madly, Let them say that you will not command the heart, but know! I WILL EVEN HEART ORDER ME!
  • There is a peculiar smile, a single face, a special someone I can’t replace. I love you. I always will. You have filled the space no one can fill forever.
  • Probably this happened to everyone: I LOVE you most! Time passes, thinking about how could I fall in love with this person?
  • I love you! – Oh, fucking yes, do what you want?
  • I fell in love with your eyes deeply

Love Status With ” “

Love Status With
  • It’s nice when the guy is after breaking up, knows how to hold the blow. Instead of low words to the ex-girlfriend, with a clean smile, You can say: “I am very pleased that she was once my girlfriend.”
  • She loves teddy bears, hot chocolate, and rain in the morning. Also, she likes it when she looks good and hates when she is called a “doll” She pleases his SMS. She is crazy about his smile. All her thoughts are only about him. She still doesn’t know much, but she is confident of one thing for sure. She fell in love with him!
  • Sometimes you need to survive a small nuclear explosion in yourself, crush your soul with a pillow, send everyone around you and remain alone with your grief. And all this, to say, “Goodbye.” In a smooth, firm voice.
  • The best way to lose weight is to fall in Love hopelessly, suffering, oh, how well they “lose weight.”
  • It’s wrong to say, “I fell in love.” Say directly, “I love,” because Love is fleeting, and Love will last. 
  • Doctor, what’s wrong with me? Diagnosis: The early stage of Love. Medicine is powerless.
  • A person whom friendship is essential will never say: “You made your choice, I will not argue.” For friendship, as for love, you need to fight
  • Falling in Love is when you walk along the street to meet a stunned guy, and you smile and think: “no, but mine is better.”
  • Menu – Messages – Saved – Templates – I love you.
  • The coolest answer to the phrase “I love you” is “I see.”
  • He appeared in the status: “Fell in love …” And inside of me, it was as if a tractor had driven through my heart

Love Whatsapp Status Starts with You

Love Whatsapp Status Starts with You
  • You are doing nothing, sitting next to you and staring means absolutely everything to me.
  • You need a moment to be surprised. But to make a fantastic thing, it takes time
  • You see a lot of things mean nothing to you. If you lose sight of something you love, it will feel the whole world to you.
  • You fall in Love, not in appearance, no. You fall in Love with a special shine of eyes, with an incomparable odor of hair, with a smile that is unlike any other.
  • Wow! You have such a happy look! Are you in Love? – Yes. In a dress.
  • You can fall in love with a look. But don’t fall in Love with a person from the beginning

Long Love Status

Sometimes you may prefer long love status. I also belive long quotes can express more feelings. Hope you will enjoy this list.

Long Love Status
  • Nothing in the world looks great, but when I’m with you, everything looks perfect.
  • New Love, new breath, new calls, SMS, and suffering. But without tears, you are just a past that is forgotten forever!
  • Do what you love. Love what you do without wasting your life trying to impress other people.
  • A memory of pure love is like a favorite song, no matter how many times you listen to it, you’ll never get bored of it.
  • In the whole universe, there are billions and billions of people. Through my eyes, I see only you.
  • Men seek beautiful women in search of lustful relationships, and women run after sensual men, wanting a beautiful relationship.
  • We are ready to forgive ourselves, even the lowest dishonesty, and we do not forgive others for the slightest lying about ourselves
  • The egotist is the one who holds at all costs, and the lover is the one who is ready to let go towards Happiness 
  • Spring is when you do not want only fresh vegetables, but also pure relationships
  • Let us feel silly for May. Don’t disappear and change me. Another thrill doesn’t press me like to be with you. It’s my life!
  • It is believed that when a person loves, he is ready for anything for his beloved. Only more and more often, I notice that if for one, it means the Earth is turned over. 
  • Oh, guys! You are always with your beloved girl, looking for her impatiently. Still, you are calling with her the same name, appearance, or character! You are looking for a MUCH COPY of your dear
  • There are things that you cannot help but do: wake up, live, scratch mosquito bites, call the person you are in Love with
  • All are the same. You will achieve my tenderness, my trust, anyway, I believe you, only you don’t know about it 
  • Once you find out what real love is, it is both sharp and sweet. I think pain is god to appreciate the sweetness better.
  • Dear Grandfather Frost put a gift under my Christmas tree. It will be my piece of Happiness… 178 cm… with brown eyes.
  • Men are like snow. You don’t know how many centimeters will be and how much it will last 
  • We go to school not to study. And we go to school not to suffer. We go to school to fall in love and see each other.
  • It happens not often, but it hits very carefully, and the feeling remains for a long time 
  • The fingerprints of our fingers will never be erased from the destinies that we touched
  • When you love, you begin to take anger at him when he is jealous because you understand that he is afraid of dishonesty. But for you, she is immoral.
  • So you want your apartment. Live with him. Go shopping, cook dinner. Fight pillows, wake up in the morning with kisses.
  • The sun shines brighter, and summer is the most beautiful when you are in love!
  • It’s stupid to be jealous of a woman who loves because she does not notice anyone else, no matter how beloved.
  • When a 40-year-old man falls in Love with a 20-year-old girl, this does not mean that he needs her youth. He just looks for his
  • It’s not difficult to put Love in the woman’s heart. It’s much more difficult to keep that feeling in her 
  • Once a girl falls in Love, her whole feeling concentrates without a spot, along with the pieces of the mind.
  • Female Loves are not many butterflies in the stomach but as enthusiastic grizzlies in the head.
  • We always return to a loving look, a passionate hug, a warm heart, a gentle voice, even if it’s in the past.
  • When you are in love, sometimes no words needed to understand what a person likes. You just read it from his views, from his “casual” touches 
  • The desire to fall in Love with a stranger is most often excitement. The desire to fall in Love with a friend is most often revenge.

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Cute status of Love

Cute status of Love
  • It would be necessary to fall in Love. Otherwise, there were no problems for a long time
  • A person needs a state of Love for someone or something. It is a must and all the way. Otherwise, it’s not interesting to live.
  • He will start loving me, after he stops comparing.
  • The feeling of falling in Love is the same as to drive away from the feeling of hunger.
  • Men! Do not look for a suitable Woman for yourself; look for a woman who loves you and Fate. Bless you!
  • Dying is easier than to stop loving. But returning from the other world is much more difficult than falling in love.
  • A lover does not always confess his Love, and a confessed man does not always love 
  • Falling in Love is when in a quarrel, a guy shuts up your mouth with a kiss.
  • When you hugged me, I forgot how to breathe. It’s probably worth living for such moments.
  • There is a concept of Love. Please do not confuse them. Love is Happiness, and Love is pain.
  • All lovers swear to fulfill more than they can and do not even achieve the possible.
  • The most beautiful thing in life is nonsense, and the most beautiful nonsense is Love
  • It’s easy to recognize a lover because even the most shabby song causes a storm of emotions in him!
  • Men’s Love is when you continuously start putting money, not on your phone.

Sad Love Status

Sad Love Status
  • He spoke so many words about love, called her “beloved,” but in his words, there was not a drop of truth. And she believed fools. So she became the most unfortunate. And he only scoffed at her fragile heart.
  • They say it hurts, feeling loved to watch her leave. But even more painfully, holding her hand, let go of her own 
  • One day you will understand that everything was wrong—all Look, words, feelings. You will understand, but it will be too late because you already began to kill your love 
  • Past relationships leave a mark on our souls, similar to a mark on the sand. A new relationship is like the tide that washes away the old print from the sand
  • Autumn makes her meetings shorter, her faces sad, and her loneliness more noticeable. But she makes words warmer, kisses stronger, and love. Love does not depend on the season.
  • Thinking about you is easy. I usually do it. But missing you is the hardest. It’s like a heartache that never goes away.
  • A day is a small life. And you have to live it as after you died, and they have given you another day
  • Men are false: they say that all women are the same, and continuously change one for another
  • The lover is blind. But there is a visible track of feeling. It leads him to a place where there is no way for the sight!
  • Never hold back your tears. Never! Do you hear that ?! Cry! Cry at home in the night at the pillow! After all, rips, this is only saltwater. They should not be sorry. Please do not keep them in yourself. The salt forms, the heart turns into a cold stone
  • That’s why they always ask, “are you in a relationship”? And they will never ask, “Is your heart busy”?
  • Are you in Love? – No. He just has fresh eyes and a voice and a smile, and yes, I LOVED them

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Hope you enjoy the WhatsApp Love Status list and feel free to leave a comment.

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