Broken Heart Status – Love Hurts (2023)

If you do not touch the tears of a loved one, then it is no longer close. So every person has their own broken heart stories in their lives. So if you need to express that sorrow in words, you can use these kinds of broken heart status in WhatsApp.

Best Heart Broken Heart status with word “Tears”

  • Tears cannot bring the dead back to life. There is one more thing that you should know about tears. They cannot force the one who loves you not to love you again
  • Tears are words that the heart cannot express
  • Tears are not a sign of weakness. It is a warning that a person has a SOUL!
  • Tears froze on my eyelashes. And it seems my heart stopped beating because I feel terrible without you, and I love you more than my life
  • Tears are more reliable witnesses of a state of mind than laughter.
  • Tears on the cheeks, pain in the heart, fear in the soul. We store love in telephone numbers 
  • Tears are a protective fluid.
  • Tears of parents. These drops flow more painfully than their blood.
  • Tears from laughter are better than laughter through tears.
  • Tears are the only water for which no bill comes. They are the account
  • Tears are home for ugly women, but death for pretty ones.
  • Tears make it easier, not always. But for the most part.
  • Tears of a stranger bring us to him before we know their cause.
  • Tears are self-pity.
  • Tears are a defensive fluid.
  • Tears kill beautiful women, but they are protection for the ugly.
  • Tears are pouring, and a smile is on your face. You don’t understand anything, and I just whisper: “Go away, go away.”
  • Tears and Hysteria are companions of rather weak or egotistic pain than real.

Short Status – Broken Heart

Short Status - Broken Heart
  • Even for the tears of the devil, someone must punish.
  • Let a shameful experience give more experience and less cry.
  • Real tears do not flow down the cheeks, but over the heart 
  • Those eyes that cried a lot look deepest in the hearts of people
  • Female tears are half a degree warmer than males. And that’s it.
  • It’s painful not to break the dream. It’s painful to collect its particles.
  • Do not hide the tears. They show that you have a HEART …
  • There is no pain stronger than that which the lovers inflict on each other.
  • Nothing touches a man like the tears of a beloved woman.
  • love is when the tears that set on the lips resemble his kisses 
  • God counts women’s tears and doubles them to a man 
  • Female tears are worthless but mean a lot.
  • Forgiving means letting you hurt yourself again!
  • The highest success of a woman is to make a strong man cry
  • No, I do not cry! It’s just raining from the sky 
  • No truth can cure sadness of the loss of a loved one
  • My heart is crying. You can’t hide the pain in my soul
  • You stop crying only when you realize that it is useless.
  • Thanks anyway, for the pain, for the tears.
  • What does not hurt is not life; what does not pass is not happy
  • People sooner or later get tired of the pain
  • There are days like that all the time, my eyes cry 
  • Few people believe, but only a close relative can break a strong man. 
  • That’s just painful and automatic tears.
  • My love crushed me. As much as I loved, it hurt so much.
  • When my tears come out, I sit back and watch their performance
  • When I give my heart to someone, it will be forever or never
  • Free. Not busy. But it will cost you dearly! Heart.
  • Love is a tickle somewhere in the heart that you cannot scratch.
  • Heart, quiet, don’t bother.
  • Bring this heart only for you: *: *: – * I love you
  • You have my heart! 
  • The smart one listens to his heart, not to his tears.
  • Please let my heart go free 
  • A beautiful girl is rarely alone, but, alas, she is often lonely 
  • Healthy is not the one who did not fall, but the one who fell and stood up! 
  • Looking for a prince to forget the king (s)
  • So sad it doesn’t happen when a best friend throws you because of a guy!
  • How hard it is when friends leave for another city ?
  • Do not be sad! After all, every minute is not subject to change and return
  • You are the only reason for my past happiness and current pain
  • At night we try to think about what we could not say during the day.
  • Sometimes I cry with laughter, but more and more I laugh so as not to cry
  • Exciting and varied in which I only make sadness 

Long Broken Heart Status

Long Broken Heart Status
  • While playing a cheerful little fun character, I want to plop down on the sidewalk, crying quietly from the pain of loneliness.
  • A heart exploded in his chest from pain in half. Tears automatically flow down the cheeks. The wound will heal when the time comes. Relief will come when falling love dies.
  • Mascara and tears are women’s weapons. It is impossible to use female arguments at the same time.
  • Pain makes active people look precisely at the stars, trying to hold on to wet tears with the strength of spirit and character.
  • Mom’s tears are burning drops that melt every freezing heart, spreading wild pain around the area.
  • Rain gives comfort smoothing the hair gently with moisture. Likewise, dripping drops on the face. So The pain is dull.
  • Bites mean love. The husband thought, wiping away tears and looking at the injuries in the mirror.
  • Today I cried, my love, standing in the bathroom, resting his shaking hands on the sink. You flowed down my cheeks to the last drop.
  • The one who is to blame does not always apologize. Forgiveness is requested by one who values ​​relationships.
  • The girls have tears when they need to cry at any time of the day or night. So that everything burns out inside 
  • Perhaps our eyes should be washed with tears from time to time so that we can see life more clearly.
  • In the evening, I decided to cry. Cries will be dedicated to two topics – no one loves me, and I’m fat.
  • No need for the achievements of Hercules, no need for money, power, rank. Don’t make women cry. then you will be called a man!
  • In the evening, I decided to roar. Sobs will be devoted to two topics. No one loves me, and I’m fat.
  • Let broken hearts cry, but I laugh. Because my heart is cold like ice, You will not come so somebody else will come. I’m too good for tears!
  • It is painful to look at the tears of a loved one, especially if they are because of you like a knife in the heart 
  • Stupid! Well, if you want, break this blue sky! Collect the clouds into pieces. Go to hell with this whole world. But just do not cry.
  • Again alone and again, tears. She was tired, tired of love, tired of bored, tired of suffering, and generally tired of living. That’s it! Enough! I told myself, but cried again
  • Sometimes we cry with laughter. But lately, more and more often, we laugh so as not to cry.
  • Everyone can Bring to tears, But only a few make it so that his eyes sparkled with joy 
  • Rain in the pools, rain on the roofs, rain, take the sadness higher, melt in cold drops. So that I would like to cry less.
  • There will always be people who hurt you. It would help if you continued to trust people with a little more careful.
  • There are tears in my eyes, music in my ears, pain in my heart, you in my thoughts!
  • You can’t glue the broken heart back, and you won’t take empty words back. I want to love, forgive, and believe, but you will again leave me. You will not understand me
  • We are not enemies but friends. We should not be enemies. However, the bonds of our friendship are not always stable and should not be torn; the memory of this friendship will take the best of our hearts.
  • In my heart, there is so much hurt and anger. That’s not the heart, but the second gall bladder.
  • Just smile, and tiny rays are timidly creeping under your sad soul, warming your heart. Spilling sweet sweetness will light up your gaze with mischievous lights.
  • Anyone in the heart has no place for fear; in that head, there will always be a place for a bullet.
  • Sometimes I want to become a child. Because only now I understand that broken knees heal faster than a broken heart 
  • The separation will turn into a stone, get stuck in a heart like a needle, a tear will shed from my eyes 
  • Sometimes we wrap ourselves in a blanket and still cannot warm ourselves up because we are cold, not outside, but inside, inside the heart
  • There is no time limit for attachment: you can always love while your heart is alive
  • Never break other people’s hearts !!! Otherwise, his fragments will fall into yours

Pain Status

Pain Status
  • The real pain is quiet and invisible to others. And tears and anger are just a cheap theater of egotistic feelings.
  • Words are capable of squeezing the soul, and it flows through the eyes. That is why people cry.
  • At four years old, you cry out of anger and scream to the whole world. At ten years old, you cry quietly to the corner, and after fifteen years, you learn to hold your mouth in your hands so that no one can see your tears.
  • Only the one who gave him the most happiness can cause the most terrible pain on a person
  • You know, it’s so insulting when your mother acts like you’re the last shit in the world
  • Sooner or later, you find out that Lady Luck is an ordinary prostitute, and you have run out of cash, and the time is coming for sad statuses.
  • How strange it is when there is not enough time for love. We scream and whisper that this is an essential thing in life. And in the end, study_work_any other parallels and constant sad statuses are more important.
  • Beautiful does not mean a toy. Bitch does not mean heartless. Loneliness does not mean a loner. In love, it does not mean happiness.
  • Every minute you get angry with someone, you lose 60 seconds of happiness that you will never return!
  • Words are simply not enough, and there is no more breathing. After all, I love you, and I do not consider it stupid!
  • At the same time, anger and sadness. I want to yell at someone, and then feel sorry
  • You need to be able to close a dull and dark book, leave a bad movie, quit a horrible job and part with bad people 
  • Never forget about two things that bother me: firstly, I know more about you than you think and secondly, I never regret what I did
  • But once upon a time, I was so pointlessly happy when the sun went down to me for tea in the evenings 
  • We make people unhappy who love us and try to make happy people who are so glad without us.
  • She can sit like this for hours: listen to the same song, wipe her tears with her hand, and prove herself that she doesn’t care
  • When the soul is sad, it’s painful to look at someone else’s happiness, and sadness grows.
  • Sometimes we cry with laughter. But lately, we laugh more and more often so as not to cry. We absorb sadness
  • The most crucial problem in life is the suffering you cause. And the most modern philosophy cannot justify the person who hurt the heart that loved him. When you write sad statuses, you expect him to read them and understand 
  • Sometimes I feel useless to anyone, even to my parents just the garbage of society 
  • Many people think that I am a fool and I always laugh because I have fun. But not many people know that under the appearance of a fool is sadness, and laughter only hides tears.
  • You don’t even know how painful she is. You don’t want to hear. You play with her, and she deeds it
  • Today I accidentally found your smell in the bedroom. Never. At the same time, my heart did not spin, and my head did not tighten
  • It happens, I want to forget about everything: about problems, enemies and even about friends whom I have not seen for 100 years. And think only about you. But you are not there. It is sad.

Crying Status

Crying Status
  • When you fall on your knee from pain in the soul, but tears do not flow. They melt you inside like sulfuric acid, and you simply bend from pain
  • There is nothing impossible for a woman who knows how to cry at the right time in front of the right man. 
  • Women remain worse sorrows than those because of which they dropped tears.
  • When the tears burst out, she goes and smiles. Because it is so necessary. Because it is so right.
  • In complete despair and hopelessness, close your eyes and imagine that you are blind, and then open your eyes. You will understand that you are happy!
  • Time passes, feelings remain, time passes, but the pain does not heal. Only the tears on the face dry out. But everything is remembered about it
  • She always looks in the eye, but no one understands her. She loves flowers but does not know how to care for them. She believes people, often regretting it
  • I miss you very much. I love you so much. Just asking. Don’t come back
  • I will wait for you if only to know that you need it
  • I dedicate this status to every girl who reads it now and is sad. Do not be worried, hare !!! Everything will be super! ?
  • I was always nearby, but you didn’t still notice it.

Hurt Status with If

Hurt Status with If
  • If I knew how it would be at the university, I would cry at the last call.
  • If I were your tears, I would go down to your lips to kiss you, and if you were my tears, I would never cry so as not to lose you.
  • If the girl gave you the key to the heart, then do not rejoice. Tomorrow she will change the lock
  • If a woman is crying, she was simply offended; if a woman is silent, then do not doubt that she is now suffering the most difficult moments of her life.
  • If I am silent, this does not mean that I have nothing to say. Just silence is the most painless, and broken heart status here will not help.
  • If you don’t like me, FUCK OFF. I won’t fix it
  • If he broke your heart, break his nose.
  • If FRIENDS do not call and do not write so, they have it ALL GOOD!
  • If the world were the right place, we would not cry at birth

Breakup Status starting with I

Breakup Status starting with I
  • I want to cry, but I’m having fun. Also I hide human sadness behind a laugh, paint a smile, joke endlessly, live behind the face of someone else’s face 
  • I will always remember this phrase. The old man said to me: “Eyes that have never cried can never be beautiful.”
  • I would like to be beaten on the cheeks and said: “You fool, this is not loving, there is nothing at all, understand it, and live on.”
  • I’m tired of playing cheerful and fun when I want to sit in the middle of the street and cry with bitter tears of loneliness.
  • I don’t cry !! It only hurts my heart! It’s just hard to ease the pain. It’s because the one who should have understood anything!!!
  • I looked at my eyes. She took a deep breath. She wiped away the tears. Nothing wrong. It is just the end.
  • I stopped feeling physical pain when my soul got sick 
  • I love you. To tears. To the stars. Before forgetting. Earthly. Impossible. 
  • I don’t cry; just the smoke of a burnt dream hurts my eyes.
  • I’m sitting, looking at you. You’re so cool, but I want to cry. Cry. Cry.
  • I recently talked with my heart !!!! – And what did it tell you ??? It spoke YOUR name and sent ME to hey
  • I planned to break his heart. But I still collect the fragments of mine
  • I break the hearts of good boys. Bad boys break my heart
  • I still LOVE it!
  • I stopped drinking, smoking, and falling in love. So I take care of the liver, lungs, and nerves
  • I’m allergic to changes in your mood.
  • I am too happy to love someone. Love is an experience. But I do not want to worry, and I want to live! There is no place for sadness in my statuses 
  • I will always smile, even when you are unfortunate. So that you can see how much I don’t give a shit about you! 

Broken Heart Status in Question

Broken Heart Status in Question
  • Do you leave ??? Well then, let’s go. Just know that when you crawl on your knees to knock on my heart. Don’t look. It’s not there 
  • Why did you take them to heart, which you can send in the ass?
  • Do you want to hurt me? What’s the point? I will smile, look, and turn my back, and it will hurt you.
  • Why random people appear in our lives and give us random hopes? From which then real, not random tears will slide down our cheeks
  • Before you cry again, think carefully: do they need our tears, our feelings, our pain?
  • Have you seen her eyes? – Well, yes, I did. Green, beautiful And I saw in them how she at night because of you, bastard, weeps  
  • Why is everyone in an excellent mood, and I have sadness, sorrow, and tears in my eyes?
  • Do you want to save your happiness? Don’t tell anyone about it.
  • He was going to destroy anyone who dares to offend me? Do you have the courage to deal with yourself?
  • Why is the room dark? – Save light. “Why are you sitting on the floor?” – Armchair shore. “Why is the face in tears?” – Cut the onion. – Right now? In the dark and on the floor?
  • Only cigarette smoke will dismiss thoughts of you, but not for long. And only gray rain hides tears, and it hurts to love. And I don’t see flowers in my dreams. Everything is wiped from the soul. Love, die Silent? Keep quiet
  • Why are you crying? Because of a fool. Why a fool? Because I cry!

Love Breakup Quotes

Love Breakup Quotes
  • Rubbing tears on my cheeks, smiling, reading the history of our messages, I quietly say, “I miss you.”
  • One wise woman said: “There are 3 cases for tears: a wedding, a funeral and the birth of a child, and the rest is garbage.”
  • I will remember this phrase forever. The old man said to me: “Eyes that have never cried can never be beautiful.”
  • I want to be whipped on the cheeks and said: “You fool, this is not loving. There is nothing at all, understand it, and live on.”
  • “Have you seen her eyes?” – Well, yes, I did. Blue, so beautiful. And I saw in them how she at night because of you, fool, weeps
  • When the question “How are you?” I answer, “Everything is fine with me,” I want someone to look me in the eye and say, “Tell the truth.”

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