The Most Famous Whatsapp Games For Couples – (2020)

Whatsapp is the most popular social media nowadays and almost every person has a WhatsApp account. It is one of the best way to chat and connect with your friends, partner, and family members.  Whatsapp Games For Couples are trending these days.

Some of the WhatsApp dare games are dare messages, dare questions, quiz, dare messages with symbols and funny dares etc. Let’s check out the most latest type of dare games in WhatsApp.

Dare: Choose any number till 15 and I will tell you how 2020 will be for you.


  1. Your ex will be back
  2. You will get your dream job
  3. Your best friend will ditch you
  4. You will meet your childhood love
  5. You will buy your dream car
  6. You will get a chance to work in a Bhojpuri song video
  7. You will get a new pet
  8. You will get your love of life
  9. You will win a jackpot
  10. People will get to know your topmost secret
  11. You will get a hug from your ex-boyfriend
  12. You will get ditched by your girlfriend/boyfriend
  13. You will have a foreign trip
  14. You will get married
  15. You will get a big present from me

Dare 2: Select one heart and I will give you a dare  

💚1 💚2 💚3 💚4 💚5 💚6 💚7 💚8 💚9 💚10


  1. Use my pic as your WhatsApp status for one day 
  2. Propose me 
  3. Tell me your biggest secret 
  4. Tell me the name of your crush 
  5. Change WhatsApp status  as “getting married” 
  6. Send me your funniest pic 
  7. First thing you notice in me when we meet first 
  8. Tell me the name of your Ex -BF/GF
  9. What is your memorable day 
  10. Recharge on my number 

Dare: Select one number from 1 to 20 and it will decide the name I’ll call you from today.
Reply fast. It is really interesting. From today I’ll call you with that name.


  1. Babe
  2. Gangster
  3. My Darling
  4. My Dear
  5. Donkey
  6. Darling
  7. Idiot
  8. My life
  9. My heartbeat
  10. Lovely
  11. My love
  12. Mental
  13. Crazy Monkey
  14. Sweet Honey
  15. Fat piggy
  16. Beautiful
  17. Stupid
  18. Sweetheart
  19. Tube light
  20. Donkey

Dare: Choose one of these numbers…if you DARE!!!! For every number you take, I will give you a fun present! Answer immediately.

1/ 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

Fun Presents:

  1. Send me the most embarrassing picture of you
  2. Peel a tomato with your teeth and send me the video
  3. Do whatever I told you for the rest of the day
  4. Draw something hilarious on your face with a marker pen and post the pic
  5. Cut a banana with your feet and send me the video
  6. Bark like a dog for 5 minutes and send me the video
  7. Tell me the most stupid thing you still do
  8. Walk around down the street like a zombie and send me the video
  9. Tell me the thing you still have an emotional attachment to
  10. Tell me the strangest place you have ever peed

Dare: Who Am I to You? Select one thing from the list and I’ll Tell you the meaning.

  1. Pizza
  2. Sweets 
  3. Chocolate
  4. Cigarette
  5. Pain Killer
  6. Burger
  7. Drugs


  1. Best Friends
  2. Good Friends
  3. Addict to Me
  4. You love me
  5. You Need Me
  6. Can’t Live Without Me
  7. Time Pass

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