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Top 50 Happy Thanksgiving Wishes for Friends & Family (2023)

Are you looking for beautiful and unique Thanksgiving Wishes? Then you are in the right place. Please go through our whole article and select the beautiful one for all your loved ones to thank and offer your gratitue for them on this thanksgiving day!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving. I wish you to appreciate everything in your life and accept with gratitude every day. Let eat a delicious huge turkey at the festive table. May this day open you days of joy, success, happiness, and prosperity.
  2. Ah, America, a country of dreams and prosperity! Let’s celebrate Thanksgiving with a roast turkey. Today every house smells so tasty that you should visit them. Welcome guests! We have prepared tasty and fantastic food and gifts for you!
  3. Today is Thanksgiving Day. So, we can say thank you to everyone for what was happening in our Life, for the God, parents, friends and all the loved ones. Happy Thanksgiving, friends!
  4. Happy holiday for you. I want to congratulate you and wish you peace and happiness in your life. May there be no sorrow and only good relationships, loyal friends, and beautiful life.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving! The turkey on the table is already waiting for us. I thank God for peace, home, family and also for being with me. For all those I love, I say “Thank you!” on this Thanksgiving.
  6. Congratulations for this beautiful holiday. May your life be filled with comfort, happiness and the joy of victories and achievements, great love, and peace of mind. I wish you good health, and great energy to live fully and enjoy life. Happy Thanksgiving!
  7. On this day, I wish you fame, success, a lot of luck, a lot of laughter to forget about sorrow sooner so that there will be money to buy everything. Happy thanksgiving day!
  8. Happy Thanksgiving Day! All the best. I will say, “Thank you!” To God, for the fact that he does not abandon me in the life. For the kind, warm home, the happy family, For everything that I have, I thank Him.
  9. Happy Thanksgiving. I would like to wish you smiles, mutual understanding, joyful meetings and family happiness in your house full of good and bright moments, and pleasant surprises.
  10. Happy Thanksgiving. Appreciate everything in your life and accept every warm words and happy moment with gratitude on every day. A delicious huge turkey is on the festive table. May this day open up a new calendar of days of joy, success, happiness, and prosperity for you.
  11. It’s Thanksgiving, and turkey, cranberry sauce, and apple pie are waiting for us on the table! The main thing on this day is that we gather together with all our relatives and friends. And also, think only about how many good things in your lives and would come to you in future! Happy Thanksgiving!
  12. Happy Thanksgiving Day! I wish you good health and happy family and peace to your house without any quarrel. Congratulation you on this wonderful holiday!
  13. Happy thanksgiving day! On holiday, I give my gratitude to all the loved ones. May the God protect everyone and will keep your harmony and happiness in you. The family is assembled and the festive table is full with a turkey and apple pies. So let’s party!
  14. Congratulations! May cheerful laughter always be in the house. Today, A large family will be waiting for you at the table for a delicious dinner to share interesting stories and incidents from life. Happy Thanksgiving!
  15. On Thanksgiving Day, I wish you inspiration, good luck and great patience! I wish you prosperity, happiness so that there is no any worries. Happy Thanksgiving!
  16. I want to say thank you for this bright day in the middle of winter and for a bunch of feelings and kindness! I’m happy! I love you very much! Thank you for the piece of the soul! 
  17. It’s time to thank heaven for the warm shelter and all the prosperity. Accept my congratulations! May life be peaceful and happy. I wish you house always be prosperous and fun! Happy thanksgiving day!
  18. Happy Thanksgiving! May every moment of life be worthy of gratitude! I wish you warm evenings and great family holidays. May there be a lot of fun and joy at the festive table!
  19. Happy Thanksgiving. I would like to wish you family smiles, warm words, mutual understanding, joyful meetings and family happiness. May your life full of good and bright moments, and pleasant surprises.
  20. I wish you good luck on Thanksgiving Day. May your house is full of love, peace, and happiness. May every day bring you warmth and joy from year to year!
  21. Happy Thanksgiving. I wish you can appreciate everything in your life and accept with gratitude. Let’s eat our delicious huge turkey at the festive table. May this day open up a new calendar of days with full joy, success, happiness, and prosperity for you.
  22. Today, our great and blessed America is celebrating Thanksgiving. We want to congratulate you on this holy holiday and wish you all the best. May you live in peace and harmony with the whole world. And let every house smell of fried turkey today.
  23. Happy Thanksgiving! We all are waiting for our family celebration seasoned with gratitude to fate and generous mercies. Please accept our sincere and brightest wishes for this sunny holiday of late autumn!
  24. Today is Thanksgiving Day. I wish you all success and joy on this holiday. May there be a lot of happiness in life and luck knocks on the window on this Thanksgiving Day!
  25. Today is Thanksgiving Day. We must say “thank you” for the whole world, all the good moments and for the blessings of everything that has been given to us!
  26. Happy Thanksgiving Day. I wish good luck, happiness and understanding!
  27. On this day of Thanksgiving, I will bake cookies. I want to congratulate you. Dear Lord, thank you for an excellent harvest, for the life and foe everything. Today Let’s set the table with our whole family and thankful everything!
  28. My friends, I wish you happiness and happy thanksgiving night! I sincerely thank you for everything! Always glad to see you and still waiting for you!
  29. On Thanksgiving Day, You should always say thank you for food, sleep, leisure and for everything. Thank God for good luck, friends and all your families. Today you must say thank to everyone.
  30. Thank for everything that the Lord gives us. May there never be sadness and reasons for grief in your life. I wish you bright and happy days that will be filled with endless love, sincere respect for others, success and kindness. Happy Thanksgiving!
  31. On Thanksgiving Day, I wish you good health and wealth. May all the relatives gather in your house at the table. Be happy and healthy always. Happy thanksgiving day!
  32. Congratulations on this beautiful holiday. May your life be filled with comfort, happiness, wonderful meetings, victories, achievements, great love, and peace. I wish you good health, and great energy to live and enjoy life. Happy Thanksgiving!
  33. Happy Thanksgiving. I wish you family comfort on this magical holiday. I wish you warm relations with loved ones and the loyal support of friends.
  34. Thank you for congratulating me. I am sincerely pleased! And I wish you the same. Let all our problems go away from our lives!
  35. Happy Thanksgiving! With all my heart, I wish you that your lives will always be good! May happiness grows stronger in your home and all your cherished dreams come true!
  36. Thank you for your kind words. May your life fill with happiness and luck. I will keep all my wishes for you my friends and thank you for everything! Happy thanksgiving day!
  37. My beloved America, a country of freedom and independence. On the eve of the Thanksgiving Day celebration, I wish you always be happy with the people you love. Be happy!  
  38. On this Thanksgiving Day, I want to thank for the fantastic minutes. Congratulation and I wish you luck from the bottom of my heart so that you can enjoy your Life.
  39. I wish you all warmth, comfort, and good health! May every minute bring you harmony and peace! Happy thanksgiving day!
  40. Happy thanksgiving Day! I wish the house was always peaceful and the table was full of treats. May your family full of prosperity, tolerance, and good health. 
  41. Long live Thanksgiving! I wish you love and respect on this day. Let your tables always fill with beautiful dishes, and whiskey. May your souls be as bright as this beautiful November sun. Happy Holidays!
  42. Today is Thanksgiving Day! Thank you for everything and for those beautiful moments which I rock with passion! Thank God for being so lovely to me. I will be with you, as I dreamed!
  43. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! May peace and harmony be in everything in your home! I wish the Lord to send you rays of goodness and his blessing! Appreciate every moment and thank God for it!
  44. Happy Thanksgiving! Open the door quickly. We will be treated to a roast turkey soon. Thank you for that!
  45. Thank you for your congratulations. I was delighted! You wish me luck and may you be doubly lucky!
  46. Bake a turkey and an apple pie. Your November holiday has arrived today. We celebrate Thanksgiving Day today.  Congratulations!
  47. Happy Thanksgiving Day. Drive your doubts away. God loves you. Thank God and give your heart to God. He loves you so much! It’s Thanksgiving and ask for forgiveness!
  48. Let’s gather together with the whole family and have our delicious turkey. Today is a day of mercy, love and good deeds. May you can always face happily for the beginning of the best changes!
  49. On Thanksgiving Day, thank your fate with happiness and prosperity! Today, on this bright day, I congratulate you.
  50. Today is Thanksgiving Day. We can say thank you to everyone for what is happening in our Life: God who created this world for us, parents that’s why we are in this world, friends who make our life exciting and unique and loved ones who make us happy. Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

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