Whatsapp Games – Largest Collection in 2020

Every teenager love for gaming. And most of them love to play games like Truth or Dare Questions with friends. They try to play with friends and spend their free time happily. Young generation play games through social media.

Among them, playing Whatsapp Games becomes the top rung of the ladder of fun. Making these dare games is not as easy as you think. So we provide you many types of fun games and answers. Share them with your buddies and get fun.

• Select a number between 1 to 10.

  1. When you did your first kiss?
  2. With whom you did your first kiss?
  3. Who is your crush?
  4. How many partners do you have in the past?
  5. Who is the first partner?
  6. Who is the last partner?
  7. What is your childhood nickname?
  8. What is your bad quality?
  9. Who is the person that you hate the most?
  10. Who is the first person blame to you except your family members?

Funny WhatsApp Dare Games

Select a letter from the English alphabet and send it to me. Put the same status as me but with your name

  • A-ever cried for love?
  • B-Do you love me
  • C-You ever hated me?
  • D-Kiss me anywhere you like to
  • E-What do you like most about me?
  • F- Say You love me in your status
  • G- You owe me a kiss
  • H-Send a vid of you dancing
  • I-How did you meet me?
  • J-What do you feel for me?
  • K-fave color• L-thoughts of me when we met?
  • M-send a pic of you
  • N-will you ever be in love relation with me
  • O-what is your craziest fantasy with me?
  • P-You regret meeting me?
  • Q-dedicate me a song
  • R-Movie night?
  • S- Something you always wanted to tell me
  • T-You ever fell in love with me?
  • U-tell me about me
  • V- I ever hurt you?
  • W- Do you miss me?
  • X-You need to meet me once
  • Y-Ever dreamt of me
  • Z-What you like to do? …

New Year WhatsApp Games

  1. First, you send this message to me.
  2. Send me your photo.
  3. Send this message to all your friends up to now from your childhood. 4. Put the status of all the photographs that you have received.
    We will see who has a large number of friends. ✌️

Logical Dare WhatsApp Games

I bet nobody will get it right. ❤+😚 =😘

I lost to …………😌

  • The anѕwer is ☺❤❤❤
  • There is no plus
  • Post on your status
  • Check it again
  • You lost to Me

WhatsApp Games for Couples

Send me what smiley you select for me. Then I will send you the dare for your selected smiley, and you can not step back after you start to play the game. 😉😍😘😗😙😚 🤗 🤩 😏 🤨 • : Tell me the name of your first crush.😁

  • 😍 : Put a status and tell me that you love me.
  • : Put a status and tell me that you are going to marry me tomorrow.
  • : Put a WhatsApp status that you have kissed above 50 girls/50 boys.
  • : Tell me your deepest secret thing.
  • : Tell a person that you love him/her who is pointed by me.
  • : Create a collage of our photographs and change your DP to this collage.
  • : Put my picture as your DP.
  • : Tell me the name the first boy/girl you kissed.
  • : Sing a song and send me the video. ….

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Enjoy with WhatsApp games.