Farewell Quotes For Whatsapp (2023)

Any person has an experience of departures of someone in their lives. That can be their parents, sisters, brothers, or their partners, and so on. So if you need to express your feelings or sorrow or sadness to your people around you, use this Farewell Quotes For Whatsapp. Here is some best status for you. Please have a look these Farewell Status For Whatsapp.

Leaving Quotes with word Departure

  • Departure is a way to appreciate what is between us.
  • Departure is love, bitch. Do not want to be just a friend.
  • Departure is a run to each other.
  • Departure is a great thing. It seems that it always gives more than it takes.
  • Departures and meetings are the two main parts from which happiness will ever come together.
  • Departure is pain that overshadows the meaning of life, coffee mixed with sleeping pills, a horse dose of nicotine and drunk tears in a pillow 
  • Departure leads the meeting. The meeting leads departure. Therefore wiser to enjoy departure.

Short Status for Farewell Quotes

Short Status for Departure
  • Leave the past to those who live in it 
  • An entire gap is a sign of strong feelings.
  • Meet and marry in beauty and get divorced by sadness.
  • Thank you very much, it’s nice to know that someone doesn’t give a damn!
  • They parted. It seems that nothing has changed
  • You need to leave a man before he thinks if he will go.
  • Go away. Just do not forget to look back 
  • When girls break their wings, they begin to fly on a broomstick.
  • Meet and marry in beauty. Separate and get divorced by poverty.
  • It is easier to part with a person than with dreams on his tale.
  • Love was without joy. But separation would be without sorrow.
  • Again, I begin to fall in love with your voice. Shut up.
  • Painful separation makes unfortunate lovers speechless.
  • We need to break up. Better to be sad without you than with you.
  • Often you need to leave the person you love to love him still.
  • Only a man who respects a woman can leave her without humiliating her.
  • Nothing enhances the love of a man so much as the fear of losing him. 
  • You remain in my desire to hate you.
  • Parting is a great thing. It seems that it always gives more than it takes.
  • Throwing me, you showed your next weakness. I can not afford you!
  • We were better parts. It’s easier for you without me, but I get hurt!
  • How will breaking with love affect future life depends on how real it was.
  • Once we leave our beloved ones, all our lives ​​will mentally return to them 
  • The depth of love can be identified only at the time of separation.
  • You are no longer the hero of my anger.
  • Sometimes, separation means doing the right thing.
  • In my soul, cats scratch their claws on the glass.
  • Better to leave with your head proudly than to love on your knees 
  • Dating is a train ticket to the full of unknown sadness and loneliness.
  • You showed your next weakness by throwing me. I can not afford you!
  • Separation from a loved one is infinity without happiness! ! 
  • There was love without joy, and separation will be without sorrow
  • Love has a bad habit. It always goes away.
  • When you want everyone to leave, it’s easier to move.
  • It is impossible to control a man who does not love you
  • You’re just a past and uninvited, but still so welcome 
  • Two eternal friends – love and separation – Do not go one without the other
  • The eternal separation came, and only silence remained without you 
  • Bitter separation makes unfortunate lovers certainly dumb

If Goodbye Quotes For Farewell Message

  • If the guy you left continues to talk and condemn you, remember that you have come out of the relationship as a winner!
  • If your feelings are doomed, and love cannot be returned, give up trying to stir up the past. It’s like catching up with a train that you missed.
  • If a marriage complete, then the marriage union is permanent. It cannot be broken: spouses should not be separated.
  • Each separation gives promise of death and each date joy of renewal. That’s why even people who were familiar with each other are happy if they come together again after twenty to thirty years.
  • If you left with your loved one, you do not need to live memories of him. It is the same as remembering and waiting for your childhood. Almost also meaningless 
  • If you do not want to part with your beloved very quickly, then be less likely to be with her.
  • If your wife left you, remember how you achieved this.
  • If you ever miss me, remember that you let me go.
  • If you love someone, let him go. If he is yours, it will return.
  • If you love something, let it go. If it is yours, it will return.

Long Saying Goodbye Quotes in Question

Long Saying Goodbye Quotes in Question
  • Why can’t the pictures of breaking in memory be erased with an eraser and draw a new meeting on top of them?
  • Do you think I feel bad without you? And again Do you think I suffer without you? Do you think I cry at night in the pillow? Yes, bad, I suffer and cry. But you won’t see it.
  • Why do I need rivers if I can cry at sea? Why I need the sky? My desire is buried, like the sky. Why do I need eyes if I see only darkness? Why do I need a life if you are not around?
  • How much human happiness was smashed to bits only because one of the two did not quickly say, “Sorry!”
  • What is love? Sympathy, interest, hobby, affection, feelings, pain. It is love and at the end of the departure 
  • On the cheeks of tears, love is pointed like roses. Now in the arms, then in separation. Why is love such a bitch? 
  • Today he called and asked, “You still don’t want to see me?” and I answered, “take it higher, I don’t want to know you.”

Long Farewell Quotes

Long Status For Departure
  • Do not be with your loved one as a punishment. Perhaps this fact can make you happier than you were in a relationship with your ex. 
  • Life is a fight against loneliness and a sad melody as a soundtrack 
  • An incredible feeling that cannot be defined. It seems that there are no promises, and no return is possible, but the soul is torn from good-bye
  • You’re texting all night with your ex. It seems like you have another, it’s happy, but in your heart, you’re still beating, something is so softly painful — a strange feeling of the past.
  • The time is like the woman with whom you live. If you want to know her worth, you need to leave her forever.
  • Marriage is an agreement of two people to overcome together problems that they would not have if it were not for this company.
  • When you are in pain, you feel weak. You feel anger when it hurts you. When you are torn with grief, you do not care.
  • One day you will realize that you have lost me. Once you wake up alone in a dream, you will see how did I cry. Suddenly you will understand how cruel you were. And then one day you will sob with the same tears as I do.
  • Man, I can’t be with you. More than anything, I want to be with you. But I can not! That would be mean, you know. I am like sulfuric acid, which fell in love with a titmouse, a small bird with attentive black eyes.
  • Snow is melting. There is ice in my heart. So a teardrop will not melt the ice on my heart. 
  • We are different people from different destinies. But our meeting is a mistake. The mistake is our love.
  • It is better to love and be out of love than to wash three baskets of cloth every week.
  • No one has the power to deny the soul to love, even if it was not destined to be together.
  • True love is not one that can withstand many years of separation, but one that can withstand many years of understanding.
  • It’s a disaster. I just had to remember the basic rule of family life: Though you are right, most likely apologize.
  • Only in the moments of meeting and separation let people know how much love their heart hid. The words of love tremble on their lips and their eyes are filled with tears.
  • They say that it hurts to look at the sun. But it’s even more painful to look at the lips that you loveD, but you can’t kiss now!
  • When you lose something – rejoice that you have not lost much. When you lose a lot, enjoy that you have not lost everything. When you have lost everything – rejoice that there is nothing left to lose 
  • In the life of every man, there comes a period when clean socks are more comfortable to buy.
  • Without a heart, it is impossible to exist. Without a soul, it is impossible to live. Without you, I am not.
  • It’s not fair to hate me for treating you so wrong. It’s not my fault that you were such a boob.
  • The outcomes of the breakup depend on how deep and sincere the feelings were
  • There will be only a message history, a folder with photos on the desktop, and a heart that cannot be repaired.
  • You will not see me cry. I will be active with you. And I don’t know what to do, because you are leaving for good.
  • When you are thrown, you need to lose weight and return it! And do not get fat and prove that he did the right thing.
  • Once, she was only his. But the important thing is that He remains only HER.

Long Status Departure
  • My heart is no longer mine. My soul is no longer mine. My pain is no longer mine. My tears are not mine. Your new girl is pouring them, sorry she doesn’t know what she’s stuck in and what it means to love you
  • A person leaves not because of a lack of feelings, but because of a lack of mutuality or dishonesty.
  • According to women, men have two main drawbacks: the fact that they always think about sex, and the fact that they have thoughts at probabilities with business.
  • You say that I’m not the one you need. You always want me to be a faithful slave in front of you. But I’m not a fool to be like that. Go away, dear!
  • Life makes us spoiled. Although we sometimes sit together, walk and talk together, but having separated separately. We stop thinking about those whom we just saw.
  • Sometimes life divorces two people only to show both how important they are for each other.
  • Before you dream about something, think about it. And suddenly it will come true
  • It seems that everything is over. But the heart hurts somehow. It’s unusual to understand that everything is over.
  • A man can lie about everything. Just do not say that she does not fit him in bed – Departure Status For Whatsapp
  • He is hurt and sad while i was partying with another guy. But I feel enjoyable and fun. Here is such a love.
  • You will love it but still part. You will deceive others, but you will never leave yourself. So you will lie to yourself until you believe in a fake story.
  • People need a breakup. After all, how else to test your love and feelings of a partner. 
  • We deleted telephone numbers so we can not call each other as We are proud and grown-ups. But still usual, on Saturday nights, we have the “Drunk Rate” turned on, because you will never delete numbers from your memory. – Farewell Quotes
  • Next time you come to my page. Do not forget to remind yourself that I do not care – funny goodbye quotes
  • Here are three phrases to say when breaking up with a woman: “I’m leaving you,” “It’s over between us,” and “I stopped loving you.”
  • Once we leave our beloved ones, we can not sometimes stop returning to them mentally. 
  • Some stories of separation give sad memories, while others have pleasant dreams that they have the same person who can be easily forgotten.
  • Another glass, another cigarette, another sad song, tomorrow I will change this disc. And I won’t say a word more about you.
  • Returning to the loved ones need more strength. To apologize – pride and to call need more courage. But I sit and suffer like a fool.
  • After breaking up, the guy hates you and curses you. Then it means that you broke him.
  • The results of the breakup depend on how deep and sincere the feelings were.
  • A person leaves not because of a lack of feelings, but because of a lack of mutuality or dishonesty.
  • You will understand that she is an angel only when she turns her back on you 
  • “Let’s stay friends” – with these words, millions of people in the world are trying to end the relationship, although it is specific with them that one needs to START.
  • The gap does not always mean the end but is often a stepping stone to climb.
  • Love is when the heart beats faster, and separation is when every minute it seems that it is about to stop 
  • Do not cry if you are having stopped loving. Cry when you stopped loving you.
  • Life without you will seem to be a pain. But I won’t be able to live with you either. There is only one way out for us – separation. I will cry. And also I hate it. But I love it. 
  • You left love without understanding, chewing chocolate candy. So let the horse love you, and not such a sun-like me !!
  • For someone, love is real happiness, and For someone, love is a real misery. To someone, love brings only joy, And to someone love brings separation.

Saying Goodbye to a Friend

  • We would not appreciate life without knowing death. We would not enjoy the meeting, had it not been for departure
  • No need to laugh so much while parting with its past, If humanity knew about its future. So long farewell to you my friend
  • Why is memory not drawn with a simple pencil? Then it would be possible to erase the separation and re-draw our meeting
  • How sometimes you want to lose your senses? So that you never know the pain of separation 
  • I have never allowed anyone in my whole life to causing much pain on me as I have let you, in such a short time

Farewell Quotes about Endings with I

Departure Status For Whatsapp starting with I
  • I always received what I took only, not noticing how much was given to me.
  • I put an end to it. I’m tired of playing with you. You are selfish who appreciates nothing but himself in this life
  • I saw the girl from my ex. Now I know for sure what to give him for his birthday – glasses!
  • I set the “wait” mode in our relationship. In the future, we will understand everything. But for now, we must continue to live different lives, my love.
  • I spend hours sitting on the window, listening to the same song, wiping my tears with my hand, and convincing myself that you are superior to me.
  • I sobbed, I begged not to leave, I said that I love him. But he just left, moving my shoulder back and not turning around.
  • I forgot the word “love” and “separation.” 
  • I can’t forget – Cute Farewell Quotes For Whatsapp
  • I miss you, miss you. And I can’t help myself 
  • I will forever remain on the ground, afraid to rise. Because I remember too well how it is to fall from a great height.
  • I didn’t love anyone so much like you, and I will never fall in love again. Even though I haven’t opened my heart to you, I still keep your image in it.
  • I know you are now with your new girl. But my heart beats only for you. I don’t know how i can live without you. I can’t forget you.
  • I love one person. And I hide it so well that he is almost sure that I hate him
  • I will stop loving you only when a blind artist draws the sound of a rose petal falling on the crystal floor of the castle, which is impossible.

Select the best one from above Farewell Quotes For Whatsapp and share your feelings with your people around you. Until we meet again, quotes can be used to remind our beloved ones that how much we miss them.

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