Whatsapp Status In English One Line Quotes – Latest Collection (2023)

WhatsApp Status is a unique way to express who you are. It truly is an expression, written and in an exact way to share one’s ideas, views, and feelings innovatively. These one Line Whatsapp status in English one line quotes could express much with their little figure!

When you feel better, lovely, humorous, and innovative, then short and one Line Whatsapp Status within one single post might save your Time. So let’s have a look following Whatsapp Status, which is too eye-catching, perfect and most elegant.

Latest Status For Whatsapp in English

Latest Status For Whatsapp in English
  • More favorable to everyone, and it will come! 
  • Happiness is when a star falls from the sky, and you have nothing to think
  • Happiness is the realization that there is a place where they are always waiting for you
  • “I’m healing wounds,” Time said. “I inspire,” said Happiness. “And I hurt, lift it to heaven, and then throw it to the ground” – Love smiled.
  • When we are loved, we do not love it. When we are not loved, we love it.
  • Again the stars are burning. The moon is shining still. Why am I alone – no one can understand.
  • Time will pass 
  • But when you meet, your heart hurts 
  • I want everything to be with me.
  • Yes, no problem, you had everything 
  • It is easy to hide anger. It is difficult to hide Love 
  • In others, it’s not the lack of perfection that annoys us, but the lack of similarity with us
  • A person must dream of seeing the meaning of life
  • Everything that a girl does around the house is invisible. It becomes noticeable when she does not. 
  • Do not hide your feelings and desires. Most likely there will be no other life for them 
  • Ask a little, go straight, speak logically, earn decently, love forever 
  • You can’t hold the rain, girl, and life by force.
  • Many want to have a good time. But they won’t spend it.
  • Between success and failure lies a gap, the name of which is “I have no time.”
  • Do not see paradise to someone who has not been to hell.
  • Tears can mean more than a smile. Because we smile at everyone, and we cry only because of those we love.
  • I am not jealous of the past. Mom taught me from childhood to give old toys to those less fortunate

New Status in One Line Quotes

New Status
  • Love is like spam 🙂 Sometimes it’s needed, but more often a complete virus
  • “Call me back in 289 minutes”… In his language – it meant “Never.” 
  • They quarreled … She cried into the pillow, and he smashed his hands against the wall 
  • When it is sad – SMILE 
  • You loved – and I suffered
  • SHARE the pain in the heart – SO DO NOT BE SILENT
  • You do not want to scream – tolerate
  • The mistake of most people is that they are suffering alone and handled by others.
  • It happens that you love a person, you wait, but he walks somewhere with another 
  • If you can talk, you can sing, and if you can walk, you can dance. 
  • Rain is knocking on the windows – our Happiness is pouring tears … Your Love cannot be returned, but the mine itself will pass
  • How terrible to be unloved, my LOVE 
  • Love, smoke nervously and forget
  • You excite my blood. I’m in Love with you terribly!  
  • You are my real, most wonderful treasure

Short Status in English

Short Status in English
  • Nothing upsets me like intelligent stupidity. 
  • Before you start talking, make sure that someone is listening to you. 
  • I do not talk about life; I live. 
  • I’m smart, though they beat me often 
  • Never reject the opportunity to learn something.
  • Justice is when the weak give way to the strong
  • Stupidity gives way to the mind, and evil gives way to good.
  • Never tell people about your troubles
  • I do not know who I want, but I do not want who I know.
  • Time does not strike but slowly kills.  
  • The worst thing is to wait for everyone, and then catch up 
  • Life is a dream. That would be enough sleep! 
  • Everything is in our hands, never lower them! 
  • Our heart is a treasure, waste it right away – become a beggar. 
  • It is not necessary to be perfect; everything perfect is in a museum.
  • Advice is maximum participation with minimal interest 
  • The opportunity to leave is already an occasion to stay.
  • Real friends are those who saw you without makeup
  • My duty is clear because I have not used it yet. 
  • Something happens today, something tomorrow – such is life. 
  • Live with meaning, and there will be meaning in your life. 
  • Even if I knew what to do, I still would not know what to do. 
  • Each of us has its world, about which only YOU know!
  • The goal in life is the pursuit of a goal. 
  • You can’t hold the rain, girl, and life by force. 
  • Life, and all the best in it: immoral, criminal, or leads to obesity!
  • Do not be afraid to make mistakes; be careful not to repeat them! 

Long Whatsapp Status in english

Long Whatsapp Status in english
  • A smart woman takes care of herself. A stupid woman takes care of her husband! 
  • Still, it’s better to do something and regret it than doing nothing and then regret it.
  • Good girls become good wives, bad girls become stunning lovers, smart ones become faithful friends, and wise ones manage to combine all this!
  • I love you! You are beautiful. You are gorgeous, caresses, and caresses from you! I thank fate for giving you!  
  • There is no more dear and desirable than you. There is no longer-awaited gift of fate! Be always with me, my Love!  
  • All my life, I have only been doing that, losing weight and growing my hair.
  • The first gift is you! The second is Love for you!
  • I’m my day, I can’t imagine my life without you, without you it is empty, and it makes no sense. 
  • My Love for you is haunted, that’s how I love you! I don’t need any other. My heart beats only for you!  
  • I want to hear your voice, touch your sweet lips! I love you, madly. And I dedicate a verse to you! fifteen – Romantic words for a girl

Alone One Line Quotes in English

Alone One Line Quotes in English
  • Don’t try to be right, if you are afraid of being lonely
  • Well, I work with others when they leave me alone.
  • It’s good to be alone than to be in a bad company.
  • Sometimes I feel like I stuck in the dark. 
  • Feel so alone when I don’t even know myself.
  • Learn how to fight alone. If you are so eager to be self-confident 
  • Don’t let myself go because I’m tired of feeling alone.
  • Sometimes the biggest smile ever contains the most sorrow.
  • Every guy has a right to left 
  • A pretty girl can wear almost everything or almost nothing.  
  • To understand a woman, you need to be her.
  • Girls are like stars, and stars are good only at night.  
  • Some women are not at all beautiful but only look like that.  
  • There are two ways to command a woman, but no one knows 
  • Making a woman happy is very easy. Only expensive 

Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes
  • Life should be lived insane, not dull.
  • Wake up with a stupid smile on your face
  • I don’t remember things generally
  • I smile with a little blush
  • Why I become a little heartless
  • Choose those people who choose you
  • You have nothing but your Happiness to share
  • Do you know what still makes me sad?
  • I spent so much Time, convincing myself
  • Things will change that things will get better.
  • The truth was staring at me right back
  • I chose to believe my heart
  • Stars were twinkling pretty in the dark sky.
  • there was soft music in the background
  • Write down what you want.
  • One day my luck will sing me a happy song
  • One day my friend, I will travel the world
  • I am living in a cage, but I will be a free bird
  • Am I not important enough now?
  • Don’t wait for luck to smile.
  • My best friend doesn’t send me a single screenshot
  • One day one problem, another day new
  • One breath at a time.
  • I will wait for your Love until I feel it’s true
  • What’s going on in your life?
  • I always found Love wrong,
  • Don’t wait for alright to walk away.
  • I am a man who honors his words and promises
  • My Time my feelings are not up for sale
  • I know i am down, but i will win this race
  • I won’t have the same smile i had the first Time
  • It’s just my battle, so i fight it all alone

Anniversary Whatsapp Status

Anniversary Whatsapp Status
  • We are so lucky. Not only we found Love, but we also found friends within us. Happy Anniversary.
  •  On this particular day, I wish our Love grows stronger and blooms Year by Year.
  • A Rose sends a silent love message in a language known only to the heart. Happy Anniversary.
  • Forever is a very long period, but I would not mind spending by your side. Happy Anniversary.

Romantic Whatsapp Status in english

Romantic Whatsapp Status in english
  • The best feelings are those that have little words to describe them.
  • A thousand hearts would be too little to bare all my Love for you.
  • I want you to know that you were the last dream of me every night.
  • It’s like falling in you over and over again when I look into your eyes.
  • I want to listen to your heartbeat by laying on your chest.
  • Love happens in the depth of your soul
  • I’m in Love with you and all your little things. 
  • Love doesn’t happen between legs
  • Love happens in eyes
  • The first sign of Love in men is courage
  • A simple phrase … three famous words … I love you  
  • Let everyone desiring further that you and I are together!  
  • Kissing your girlfriend is a pleasure, kissing someone else’s is another
  • Tell me anything, and I will be glad 
  • It’s so terrible when you want to hug a person who is far from you 
  • Everything from which you run is in your head!
  • Me and you – more than three meters above the sky!

Funny Whatsapp Status in One Line Quotes

Funny Whatsapp Status
  • Choose expressions on your face!  
  • Do not expect a miracle. Miracle yourself! 
  • My character is golden, and therefore HEAVY! 
  • Only snow women are melted in a lot of heat 
  • A woman takes everything from a man. Even the last name 
  • Everyone is given a chance. But not every second! 
  • Blueberry nights, strawberry days, vanilla thoughts, carrot dreams  
  • Loneliness is when you wait for someone to call, and the alarm rings!  
  • Never be sad – smoke – let’s go.  
  • I look at the world with blue eyes, through pink glasses and everything is purple to me 
  • Measure out seven times before showing off 
  • Money is so cunning. I’m on the street – they are behind me. I returned home, but they didn’t! 
  • Watermelon is excellent food, and he ate and got drunk and washed 
  • Girls fall into two categories: well-dressed and well-dressed  
  • In the life of every person, a moment comes when any paper becomes valuable 
  • ███████████████ – Erase by a coin and read my status   
  • Love was invented by Russians to have sex for free  
  • I’ll tell you today. I’ve cheated on you, I’m sorry. I changed the icons on the desktop.  
  • I still can’t figure it out: am I having a job, or is my job having me?
  • 3 a.m. knock on the door !!! I was already frightened by a hole from my hands.
  • I want a guy, Love, romance, And my husband does not allow 

Happiness Status for WhatsApp in english

Happiness Status for WhatsApp in english
  • A happy salary is when you need to get the next one, but you haven’t spent the previous one
  • Happiness is not to own what you want but to want what you own 
  • Happiness is living for those you love and know that someone lives for you
  • God gives difficulties not as an obstacle, but as steps on the Path to Success
  • I want Happiness, a little such Happiness, with tiny arms and legs and with your eyes
  • Happiness is like a butterfly. The more you catch it, the more it slips away. 
  • What makes us happy is very close. You just need to be able to notice these pleasant little things 
  • Happiness is when you feel his Love with all the particles of your body
  • Happiness is what is now because it is not known what then
  • When you go for your Happiness, be careful: do not make someone else hurt along the way
  • I bring joy, which causes Happiness!
  • Happiness is the ability to live one day in a million ways  
  • No need to chase Happiness, you need to lie in its path  
  • The secret of joy: never compare health, wife, and salary with others
  • The pleasure of a girl is the attention of a guy
  • Perhaps Happiness is not in getting what you want, but in getting what you need 
  • Happiness is when you see him looking at you and smiling 
  • Looking for joy, but gaining experience 
  • Happiness is to have a baby
  • Wake up together, walk in the park
  • Happiness is the best of all outfits
  • Sometimes you think – here it is, Happiness! Oh no. Again experience 

Sad Whatsapp Status in english

Sad Whatsapp Status in english
  • It’s a shame and very painful, do I deserve it
  • Everyone born, die, laugh, enjoy life, palm the snow, fall in Love, live, get sick, Love, cry, and I am just listening to music, with tears about you
  • It is not the end, my boy, this is only the beginning of a bright future, without you
  • I sit and drive a sheet of paper with a brush – I paint Love… But for some reason, with dark colors 
  • You are not mine, and I know that!
  • Why ruin my Love?
  • After all, you are not mine
  • Why did I meet you? Just for suffering?
  • You are alien to me, but also dear to me, I don’t need you, but it hurts to lose you
  • It seems I understand you, but this is unrealistic, you seem to be not a mirage, but not really…
  • Some kind of rubbish is this Love! 
  • You played a game, a ridiculous game that you made up yourself, causing me hellish pain 
  • I like the rain. You can hide your tears in it 
  • How bad it is when you love a loved one, you cannot live without him, but he knows it and takes advantage of it! 
  • I don’t need much – I just want you to be near me … Here and now
  • Still, it is harrowing to be disappointed in those people whom you let too close to yourself
  • It’s over. Goodbye!
  • With these words everyone can leave, take care of your Love 
  • How to delete our relations file from memory? No way! I am not a computer! 
  • Yes, it hurts, but I keep my back straight and do not show pain! 
  • The biggest sadness of life is the belief that they love you who love for their own sake

Love Status – Whatsapp status in english

Love Status Whatsapp status in english
  • It doesn’t matter how much you know each other. If you miss a person, then he can touch your heart, so he becomes your family
  • I love everything, and I don’t care who you are there with!  
  • It’s easier to drive out the darkness of night than from your heart 
  • Saying “love” is complicated., saying “sorry” is even harder, and saying “love” – ​​of course, you can. But it’s tough to prove
  • Would be bolder, would be YOURS 
  • It’s never too late to get your loved one back. Crossing pride is not a weakness. Apologizing and saying, “come back” is not a humiliation
  • Love him and believe him, who is dear to your heart
  • Everything for someone. Nothing for someone. But I don’t need much for Happiness. I exchanged the world for one. And I will live while he is near!
  • I wish everyone to meet such eyes, looking in which you will see Happiness!
  • Never hurt a person when this person is ready for everything for you. 
  • Give me a hug. I need it.
  • In Love and Friendship, there is a rope. But once you break it, you still see the knot! Then at least tie it up smartly.
  • Do you know how much I was waiting for you? Thought I’d lose my mind! But do not be silent, give me an answer – Do you need me or not?

Whatsapp Status Attitude

Whatsapp Status Attitude
  • We are drawn to another reality. Dreams, memories
  • Take care of the relationship so that later you do not have to cherish the memories
  • The best secret is one who does not know it at all
  • Dreams become a reality when thoughts turn into actions
  • Time is a fantastic phenomenon. It is so little when you are late and so much when you wait
  • Everyone is preferred to see his reflection in the world. To a tired person, everyone seems tired. Patient – sick. Loser – losers
  • Look forward with hope. Back – with thanks. Up – with faith. On the sides – with Love
  • Mistakes are punctuation marks of life, without which, as in the text, there will be no meaning
  • It is too late to go back to start everything correctly. But it is not too late to rush forward to finish correctly
  • What gets harder is more appreciated
  • A person is worth something only when he has his point of view
  • Do not regret anything in advance and do not celebrate what is not yet 
  • We think one thing, we say another, we mean the third, we make the fourth and we are surprised when the fifth turns out 
  • Imagine what silence would be like if people said only what they know
  • Everything will not be as we decide. Everything will be when we decide
  • The shortcomings of others to judge you are so eager to break. Start with your own, and you will not get to strangers 
  • Man can do anything. Only laziness, fear and low self-esteem usually stop him 
  • We do not see everything as it is. We see everything as we are. eleven 
  • Man is 80% water. If a person does not have a dream or goal in life, then he is simply a puddle 
  • The ability to strongly say “NO” to minor matters will give you the strength to say “YES” to something worthwhile.  
  • You laugh at me because I am different from you, and I laugh at you because you are not different from each other.

Best Status for Whatsapp in english

Best Status for Whatsapp in english

Use these Best Status in English for Whatsapp. You will not regret.

  • Continually returning to the past, we close the door to the future 
  • What about me? I’m not smart! But happy! 
  • Loneliness is when you hear the clock ticking 
  • Someone would rather not know, not notice, and sleep soundly 
  • Dropping a stone from the soul, do not hurt others!
  • Why do tomorrow what you can not do at all? 
  • The soul is not an apple: you cannot divide it. 
  • Love like crazy! Love each other! WHO FOR LOVE? 
  • Tomorrow, one who reads this status will meet his Love! 
  • We smile at the monitor when a loved one writes 
  • I want to be the reason for your Happiness
  • How many emotions sometimes gives him a simple “mine.” 
  • Poor thing, how will you live now if the best guy in the world is mine! 
  • You cannot command the heart. You cannot prove the brain.  
  • I love you … Ten letters … Three words … One meaning …  
  • So lovely to hear from his friends: “Mmm … is she … that one?” 
  • Men’s shirts go only to make girls happy.
  • I’m not too fond of big words. But better quieter, but closer
  • I am looking for a good guy. I’ll spoil it. 
  • A weak love for me for nothing, just like that 
  • I give a smile – to everyone, Friendship – to some, Love – to one
  • I will never forget those meetings with you 
  • With a loved one it’s good not only to sleep but also to wake up
  • Where are you…? My favorite man!  
  • Fate is not a fool. It will not reduce people in vain!  
  • I need him simply because he is!  
  • Guys often miss the quiet, picking up the affordable  
  • The eyes are smiling. Either just happy or crazy  
  • Three words that make you live – “I need you.”  

Cute Status for Girls in English

Cute Status for Girls
  • I don’t care what fashion it is now; my state in life is freedom!  
  • Call me whatever you like, just be sure to add at the end – mine. 
  • The happiest morning for a girl is the morning of her wedding. Just think, waking up, she already knows what to wear.  
  • The squeak of fashion is the sound you make when you look at the price tag 
  • There are no frozen girls – there is no one to warm!  
  • A smiling girl is more beautiful than makeup.  
  • I would happily get better, but better is simply nowhere to go.  
  • Super-diet: if you want to eat, eat an apple. If you don’t want an apple, then you don’t want to eat.  
  • Do not make the girls cry. Then you will be called a man!  
  • If you put your head down, just to admire your shoes.  
  • I want champagne, strawberries, flowers, and pens!  
  • I realized what I want. A collector’s car! 
  • All problems have one beginning
  • I decided to gather my thoughts. Not a single idea came to the meeting! 
  • I want to be kinder, but fate sees it, people themselves run up!  
  • Happiness lives in simple things – that there is a man who hugs you so that you are not cold.
  • The first gift that they give us is life, the second is Love, and the third is understanding 
  • I wish everyone to meet such eyes, looking in which you will see Happiness!
  • You are my little star. 
  • I want to be with you always and not to lose a moment of Happiness! 
  • In the whole world, there is no one more beautiful and desirable than you! You are my dream, a fascinating fairy tale! 
  • I love you very much, my little bunny! You make the world more beautiful every moment! I rush to tell you how I am madly in Love with you!  
  • In my soul, feelings and passions are hot. You are beyond praise. I don’t know better than a girl. I dream about you every moment!  
  • You are radiant like the sun in a clear sky, light as the first snow, and as sparkling as a light that has just been lit! 
  • I kiss, Love, hug, gently press to my heart! Imagine it all.
  • Smile! Your smile gives meaning and life! 
  • I need you, my star
  • How the desert needs water. Likewise, I need you, my joy
  • You are my favorite, sweetest, kindest, gentle, and affectionate kitten in the world! I love you, madly!  
  • I love your originality, tenderness of heart, beauty, soul, full of fire!
  • I’m ready to kiss you endlessly if only you would smile at me.  
  • My heart knocks, knock, knock, all this knockabout you, it beats for you, you are my joy and soul! 
  • I forget about everything with you. Without you, everything becomes laziness. I only know for sure one thing – I want to see you every day!  
  • You are the heart of my mistress, and without you, it suffers!  
  • I have never met such beauty in my life! You are a dream. You drive me crazy
  • A woman can be understood, but unlikely to predict
  • You are my beloved, gentle, unique, Kind and sweet, my favorite, my dear man, given to me by fate forever!
  • You are as beautiful as ever! I ask you to remain so shine like a divine star!
  • For a man, to undress and not to sleep is the same as for a woman to shopping and not to buy 
  • A woman wants everything – from one, Man – one from all. 
  • The woman is the exact opposite of a dog: she understands everything, but cannot say anything.  
  • A woman is a weak, helpless creature from which it is impossible to escape 
  • You can learn a lot from inexperienced girls
  • When a woman has nothing to say, this does not mean that she will be silent 
  • A striking gift that tells a woman that she is right, whether she is correct or not  
  • The sum of the legs and skirts is approximately the same for all women 
  • A beautiful young woman is a miracle of nature. A beautiful middle-aged woman is a miracle of surgery
  • Women die later than men because they are always late 
  • Sadly, in ten to fifteen years, even the most beautiful women will become five years older
  • The best decoration of the girl is modesty and a transparent dress 
  • When asking a question, a woman usually asks an answer
  • God gave the woman beauty. The devil is the mind
  • The more a woman moans at night, the less she grumbles during the day 
  • A man marries because he fell in Love. A woman falls in Love because she wants to get married
  • A woman tells the truth only when she wants to hide some other lie behind her
  • Women pay more attention, not to handsome men, but men with beautiful women 
  • The most compelling female cosmetics – powder for men’s brains

If Whatsapp Status in english

If Whatsapp Status in english
  • If the problem can be resolved, do not worry about it. If the problem is unsolvable, there is no point worrying about it
  • If you have nothing to do, take care of yourself! 
  • If you missed something, don’t miss the lesson from it 
  • If I did not say anything, this does not mean that I agreed, I simply remained unconvinced.
  • If you feel that she is not like everyone else, then you are in Love with her 
  • If I want, I will take everything from you, even your last name 
  • If I caught a goldfish, would list her wishes to her, she would listen to me carefully and say – Fry!  
  • If you choose sweets only by the wrapper, you will never try the most delicious! 
  • If a girl is attached to you, then she needs to be torn off! 
  • If Happiness has not come yet, maybe it is vast. So go for it. 
  • If you miss – call. But if you want to play – then leave!
  • If you love, you must love with all your heart. If you don’t love it, you have to leave.
  • If the girl has sparked in her eyes, then the cockroaches in her head celebrate something! 
  • If you want to be right, do not run to the left.
  • If you can’t live as you want, live as you can.
  • If life has turned your back on you, don’t be upset – take a seat. 
  • If you want to ride on red – have a lot of green 
  • If you want to be confident, learn how to fight alone.
  • If we are not on the Internet, then everyone thinks that we are not at home! 

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