Status For Girls – The Best Collection (2023)

Every Girl is warm, beautiful, light, touching, deep, in love, flirty, clean, noble, pure, and eternal. They have different qualities, which make them different from each other. So As a girl, if you need to express your feelings, ideas, thoughts, and dreams, then WhatsApp Status For Girls is the best choice. So have a look these wondeful status. You will not feel regret.

Short Quotes for Girls

Short Quotes for Girls


  • A short skirt on a girl is not a beauty. It is an invitation to help.
  • Yesterday I met a girl named Friday. One can love this only for her name 
  • It is a purely female habit to work despite fatigue.
  • Men always want to be girls first, and girls want him to be the last.
  • Usually, girls with a wasp waist, there is a hornet injury.
  • It is impossible to know the soul of a woman. She is infinite as a universe.
  • Our guys are the most jealous because they have the most beautiful girls. 
  • The most beautiful Girl always lives where you aim.
  • Yes, you are in the dreams of many girls, but you are only mine
  • They don’t take girls into the army, but in vain, we could distract the enemy!
  • Three main problems of girls: food, overweight, nothing to wear.
  • There are no beautiful girls!. There are guys without taste !!!
  • Let me be one of his girls, but I’ll be near and nearby 
  • Walking with a girl in the shower, you risk not washing.
  • The rarest thing in the world: a girl is happy with her photographs 
  • A smiling girl is more beautiful than makeup.
  • The world was created so that I sing!
  • The screen of a mobile phone for many girls has become a mirror 
  • Being a woman is so hard! You never know when it will cover another fit.
  • 70% of women do not like their husbands. Therefore, others like them!
  • His woman sets the height of the flight of his man.
  • A woman who believes that all men are goats merely is feeding in a field!
  • A woman looks as much as her man earns 
  • Women have no age when they are loved 

Happy Status for Girls

Happy Status for Girls
  • Any woman is a crazy bird. The problem is that most women tend to learn not to fly, but only to build nests.
  • Women’s happiness is living in harmony with a husband, children, and weights.
  • Women are beautiful. It is lovely to live with! And the impossible without which it is impossible to live !!!
  • Women more often manage to fall in love with a man whom they have married than to marry a man whom they love.
  • Oh, woman, how great and different you are! You can be anyone: a woman, a packhorse, or a hanger, anything you want!
  • The woman has one girlfriend !!! Who does not destroy the friendship of the temple! And How! Proves life! That is the MOTHER!
  • A woman needs only one thing to be happy, but every day a new one!
  • Each Girl should have its own “craziness.”
  • Beautiful phrases about love for a girl are an excellent way to express your feelings.
  • Choose women who do not have to lick their lips because those who lick their lips are bitten. 
  • The sun undresses the Girl to a swimsuit. So let’s drink so that our eyes can burn brighter than the sun !! 
  • Give your girls flowers, because it is so helpful to them.
  • Dressed in happiness, walking barefoot, and I’m not afraid of what will happen. Then everything will be and will be fine, because I am loved, and what else is needed. 
  • Indeed happiness of a girl is carrying a child under her heart imagined from her beloved man.
  • Agree, because a girl with a bouquet is much more beautiful than with a bottle in her hands 

Attitude Status for Girls

These attitude quotes for girls would help you to show your attitude to the people around you. Select one and show them how much you are cool and proud…

Attitude Status for Girls
  • I do not understand those girls who repaint their hair, because I like blondes! And if tomorrow he says that he wants one-eyed ???
  • I hate those girls who argue about whether they will give it or not. They disgrace the whole female with their lust and accessibility.
  • I am a girl. So my shoulders want tenderness, and the tummy needs sweetness
  • I got up on the wrong foot. And it would be better. NOT WITH THE SLEEPING BED 
  • I, as an ideal woman, know where to keep silent. I see the infection … But I can’t…
  • I am an excellent housewife!!! Every time I get a divorce, I leave the house for myself.
  • Girls in high heels remind me of lionesses on the hunt.
  • A woman is pleased to have power over a man, but she is always attracted to someone who has power above her.
  • A beautiful and smart girl, like a dope, makes her heart beat faster and her mind drunk 
  • Not every man can do what his woman wants

Sad Status for Girls

Sad Status for Girls
  • Yes, I’m angry with you, and now I’ll explain to you why!” – a phrase that you will never hear from your girlfriend.
  • Most of the clever phrase of many girls lies in words: “what a fool I am.”
  • Some girls can be advertised in the newspaper “Hacking the brain of any complexity.”
  • GIRLS! If you look bad, put a ring on your ring finger so that everyone thinks that household duties and children have hurt you, and they will not blame you.
  • Girls need to be valued, loved, and respected, not used, and abandoned!
  • A girl thinks a lot is harmful. 
  • Every girl should smile, and not cry because of assholes
  • In the life of every girl, there was a bastard who broke her heart, destroyed her dreams, and taught her to live. It is normal. It’s not normal – if this fuck repeats 
  • The most beautiful girls always come across the most arrogant and frostbitten guys.
  • Either the woman receives from life what she is supposed to, or remiss regrets about the lost 
  • Most often, when saying goodbye, those girls with whom you wanted to be happy wish you happiness.
  • How I love my flat, tight stomach, my slender legs, but how I hate my fat, which hides all this! 
  • While the Girl was looking for a gas spray in her purse, the lunatic managed to undress entirely and neatly fold things  
  • Here is another difference between the guys and the girls. She cries and forgets. He walks and remembers.
  • It’s hard and painful with me, but without me, it’s shitty and sickening.

Funny status about Girls

Funny status about Girls
  • Girls need to be brought to orgasm. They will get home by themselves!
  • Every normal girl should have her little cuckoo. Older, because she is ten years earlier.
  • The age of a woman is determined not by the number of Indian years, but by their duration.
  • Lovely girls! When you leave the house in fantastic outfits, you look in what mirror!
  • The shoe shop is a gallery of expired calendars with the images of girls in swimsuits
  • When a woman is angry, the angels of death nervously smoke on the sidelines. 
  • According to recent reports, the Goddess is a girl who knows how to cook borsch.
  • The toilet in the club is the best place for photo sessions. Thousands of girls can not be mistaken.
  • Once a guy asked God for a girl who would be prettier than a Frenchwoman, more obedient than a Japanese woman, hotter than a Spanish woman, more fun than a Russian one, more cunning than a gipsy!!! And then, God created a Ukrainian.
  • No problems hurt a woman like the garbage that she just invented.
  • Santa Claus will give a period in the new year to the bad girls!
  • The salary of a man is like an age for a woman. It is also indecent to ask about her.
  • Judging according to how modern girls look and dress, the number of rapes will decrease !!
  • Boys, give the girls a place on the bus because it’s better to see boobs from above!
  • There is no more precise way to please a girl than not to answer her message for 10 minutes.
  • Remember!!! if your ex-girlfriend turned out to be a creature, you don’t need to blame all the girls on earth for this !!!
  • Only a mad dog can be worse than a broken woman

Status for Girls with word Girl

Status for Girls with word Girl
  • Girls are people whom you can not promise them anything. 
  • Girls, like flowers! Watering will blossom, forget, disappear.
  • Girls will always remember those with whom they have forgotten in bed.
  • Girls well, you’ve already decided, either by people or follow commands!
  • Girls, who consider themselves princesses, have little ability to pull out a bra through a sleeve.
  • Girls are Strange creatures. When happiness itself meets them, they reject it. And then they wonder why they always stay with assholes!
  • Girls are the same as children: they crave attention, love gifts and want hands
  • Girls, learn to cook! It doesn’t matter who you marry, for anyone he will want to eat !!!
  • Girls, feel free to eat bananas in a crowded place. Busting is only if you bite off two bananas alternately.
  • Girls sit on the Internet, on a dating site.
  • A girl with poor imagination calls her boyfriend, “my boyfriend.”
  • A decent Girl is one who does not show how indecent she can behave.
  • Girls must eat little and weigh little 
  • A girl who obeys her stomach is a bird that has forgotten how to fly.
  • A girl is such a cat that can arrange a dog’s life for any guy
  • A girl, like fire, cannot be left without supervision. Or go out, or burn all the fuck.
  • A girl is interesting if she is both simple and complex.
  • Every girl should never forget that she does not need those who do not need her.
  • Dear girls, if you want men to stop acting like women, You guys, stop acting like men !!!
  • Girls take a lot of time to improve her appearance, to later find shit, that does not need it

Long Girly Quotes

Long Girly Quotes
  • In politics, you need to seek support from women. Then the men themselves will follow you.
  • When you love a woman, it is not at all necessary to know who she had before you. With an intelligent woman, you are always the second man.
  • The bluer there are in the world, the more worthy women I will get! Yes, their ranks are expanding!
  • You can not ask a woman for advice. She either doubts everything, or she does not care.
  • A man asks a woman a lot of questions, but this mysterious creature prefers to keep a SECRET  
  • Beautiful girls are needed so that others can choose their avatar for classmates!
  • The biggest pity I have is the girls in the wool coats on the bus. It would be better if I bought a car.
  • Getting a girl to bed in the evening is much easier than getting her out of there in the morning
  • She can look into the night sky for a long time, And she waits for everything for the star to fall. She believes in miracles and knows that she will be happy. 
  • It’s like French perfume. It smells delicious. It will cost a lot, and it’s not suitable for everyone. 
  • Thanks to you, I laugh a little louder, pay a little less and smile a lot for no reason 
  • When I’m not wearing makeup, it’s such a good fortune to scratch my eyes !!
  • She doesn’t have a boyfriend, because she is one of those girls who call for tea and put on a teapot. 
  • Two types of people hate beautiful girls: girls who envy them and guys whom they did not get their interest!

Girl Status In “?”

Girl Status In
  • There are so many beautiful girls on the streets! Where did all the ugly girls go?
  • Why, when the guys had a lot of girls, is he a king? And when a girl has a lot of guys, is she a whore?
  • Do you have blue eyes? -Yes, why? – Danger … – Why? -It is said that if you fall in love with a blue-eyed, you can never stop loving
  • Why do girls want to be more beautiful than smart? Because the guys for whom they do it, see better than they think.
  • Do you condemn the girls who prefer money? Don’t you select girls by their beauty ???
  • We, girls, do not understand, but you need to love it!
  • Tell me why???????? Girls who are “weak to the front” always have good guys. But a normal girl gets some idiots. WHY ???
  • Dad, why don’t girls be taken into the army? – Yes, because they don’t understand the LIE command correctly !!!
  • Should a girl wish good night if the Girl does not want good night?
  • Fools … Do you know how tricky girls are?

If Girls Quotes

If Girls Quotes
  • If a woman and a man are in the same age, a woman always looks little
  • If you think that the girl will come by another bus, I want to tell you – not everyone goes wherever you want, not everyone is clean and not all good music.
  • If they called you fat, eat them !!!
  • If a girl smiled at you in a bar, that means she has no money.
  • If a girl is free, If a girl is tasteful, If a girl is charming, If a girl is smart – fussing is useless! She will make a choice!
  • If the girl didn’t entirely refuse you, then you are still in reserve with her.
  • If a girl refuses, this does not always mean rejection. It can mean “maybe.”

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