Best Wedding Anniversary Status (2023)

A wedding is the public approval of a couple engaged in life expectancy. So the wedding anniversary is a celebration time. So if you want to celebrate with your Love, or you want to wish with Best Wedding Anniversary Status to anyone of their anniversary, only Happy Wedding Anniversary! is not enough. Here are some beautiful and impressive wishes for the people around you, which can touch their hearts at once.

Short Wedding Anniversary Status

Short Wedding Anniversary Status
  • Thanks to everyone that so congratulated on our wedding anniversary!
  • The marriage led to a loss of sight! I do not see the money point-blank.
  • Morning is good only once a year, on a birthday, and that is not always. 
  • Happy Birthday, Granny, with an anniversary! Happy wedding anniversary!
  • My Love, when we have a wedding anniversary? For you or me?
  • A year ago, we took a chance, and now we are happy for life!
  • The bride is in a position—immediately visible wedding for Love.
  • A wedding anniversary is the coolest holiday of our life!
  • Friends, cherish Love, and then everything will be just super !!!
  • Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!
  • We sincerely wish you mutual understanding! Happy Wedding Anniversary!
  • A year ago, we took a chance, and now we are happy for life!
  • I have a wedding anniversary tomorrow. – Will you come?

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

These wonderful Love Messages for Husband can be used to wish your husband for your Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband
  • The soul is full of you alone, my friend, my husband, and my hero. I’m behind you, like behind a wall, you’ll always be with me. Happy Wedding Anniversary!
  • The soul is full of you alone, my friend, my husband, and my hero. I’m behind you, like behind a wall, you always be near me.
  • Dear beloved husband, For a whole year, we have been sharing home and life with you. We managed to get used to it. Congratulations, my dear, With our chintz wedding, We will be together all the years, you always love me!
  • He gives me happiness every day. Happy Wedding Anniversary!
  • As a sign of endless Love, we exchanged rings. And you took my heart forever. Happy wedding anniversary to us, MY LOVE…
  • My darling, a ring for our wedding anniversary, otherwise the finger again freezes. Wedding Wedding Aniversery Dear!
  • When I think of you, I smile. Last year, a smile did not leave my face. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Marriage Anniversary Status for Wife

Marriage Anniversary Status for Wife
  • The wedding ring is put on the ring finger of the right hand because it is the only finger in which there is a wreath leading directly to the heart. You have been in my heart for a year now. Happy Wedding Anniversary, My Love!
  • My darling would be a ring for our wedding anniversary; otherwise, the finger will freeze. Happy Wedding Anniversary!
  • I’ve been married for 17 years, and all this time I love one woman and enjoy every minute when we are together. The main thing is that the wife does not find out about this. Happy wedding anniversary!
  • I won’t leave you, but you have to bear me. You and I still have a wedding anniversary ahead. Happy wedding anniversary!
  • Do you dream about something? “Before, yes.” – And now? “You are my dream …” Happy wedding anniversary, my lovely wife!
  • The more time has passed since the wedding day. The spouse compares the wife with larger animals.
  • Before the wedding, the groom often calls the bride a mouse, a bird, etc. With each year of marriage, animals become larger. Happy wedding anniversary!

Wedding Anniversary Status for Parents

Wedding Anniversary Status for Parents
  • We, your children are the reason why you have a happy family. But you, our parents are the reason why we have a happy family. Happy anniversary mom & Dad!
  • The days spend in your arms are gone. But I will treasure them forever. I love you mom and dad…
  • Enjoy your special day… Happy anniversary mom & Dad!
  • Lovely anniversary to a cute couple and two lovely hearts who is inseparable…Great anniversary mom & Dad!
  • Every love story is beautiful, But yours is my favourite mom and dad… Best anniversary!
  • Today I celebrate the best decision you ever made, Happy anniversary mom & Dad!
  • Because of you, I’m the happiest child on this earth. I love you both Mom & Dad…
  • Dear mom & dad, thanks for all the patience and sacrifice in keeping the family together. Happy wedding anniversary!
  • How lucky you two are to make each other’s lives complete. A very Happy anniversary to one of the best couple in the world, mom & Dad
  • May you grow old together hand in hand on this beautiful journey! Congratulation! Happy anniversary mom & Dad!
  • Oh my dear parents happy anniversary to you. See you happy always and with each other.
  • Mom & dad! You have made me what I am. I owe you…everything! Happy wedding anniversary!
  • How do I love mom and dad? They have been together for 18 years! And today is their wedding anniversary.

1st Wedding Anniversary Status

1st Wedding Anniversary Status
  • A wedding ring has been adorning my finger for a year! Happy wedding anniversary!
  • For a year now, in the status of a wife. And I like it! Happy wedding anniversary to us, babe!
  • One year in marriage – although not a significant anniversary, is already an anniversary!
  • A year ago, we took a chance, and now we are happy for life! Wedding Anniversary Dear!
  • “Floury Wedding” – the first wedding anniversary is celebrated. It is usual to give dishes, household items. Happy Wedding Anniversary!
  • When the girls ask the question: “Where did the real men go?”, I usually reply: “They went to real women.” Therefore, my husband and I have been together for a year!” Wedding Anniversary Dear!
  • Happiness is when, a year after the wedding, butterflies from his one look still flutter in his stomach. Happy Wedding Anniversary!
  • Together with one year, 365 days, 8760 hours, 525600 minutes, and 31536000 seconds. Happy Wedding Anniversary!
  • We decided to tie our fate a year ago, and this year we lived happily, without troubles! Happy Wedding Anniversary!
  • You decided to tie your fate in one year ago, and you lived it happily, without trouble.
  • How quickly our first year flew by, And as if I were at a wedding yesterday, Wished us Happiness and life without worries, Fluttered like an angel in a dress! Happy wedding anniversary to you!
  • The husband and wife celebrate a wedding anniversary. Wife: “Dear, let’s kill a pig for this, one year after all together”… Husband: “But what does a pig have to do with that ?! 
  • Chintz wedding – what could be sweeter? A year has passed – our first anniversary!

2nd Wedding Anniversary Wishes

2nd Wedding Anniversary Wishes
  • Today we have a paper wedding! Today we are two years old! Happy wedding anniversary!
  • After the first wedding anniversary, my eyesight problems started! I do not see the money! Happy second wedding anniversary!
  • I didn’t enter this, and what is the difference between the first wedding anniversary and the second wedding anniversary? I love you honey! Happy 2nd Wedding anniversary!
  • Two rings tied together, these amazing people, I’m changing you without flattery, this couple is not lovely!
  • Do you have a dream? – It was. – And now? – And now I have you with your 2nd wedding anniversary, dear!

Wedding Anniversary Status for More than 10 Years

Wedding Anniversary Status for More than 10 Years
  • On the wedding anniversary, the wife says to her husband: “I run to the neighbor for a minute, and you stir the porridge every half hour.” 
  • Someone wants to stay forever in his bed, in his heart, in his memory. And I’ve already been like a year on page 14 of your passport!” It’s outrageous! 
  • The wife shouts: “Beloved, 25 years from the wedding today. Let’s kill the pig.” The husband replies: “Poor pig. For what? She is not at all to blame for this.” Happy wedding anniversary!
  • My grandfather and grandmother did an incredible thing: they have a “golden wedding.” Fifty years with another friend. This is half a century. I am so happy for them! I wish I had it with a loved one!
  • A gift for a 30-year wedding can be anything made from pearls – for example, jewelry. 
  • Grandparents have a wedding anniversary of 45 years, this is Love. Wedding Wedding Aniversery Dear Grandparents! 
  • The 45th wedding anniversary of my parents. It should be proud of, not three divorces. Happy wedding anniversary, mom and dad!
  • Thirteen years ago, you foolishly thought that your husband offered a hand and a heart, but it turned out a stove and a mop. Anyway, Happy wedding anniversary!
  • Grandparents have a wedding anniversary – 45 years. This is Love 
  • A diamond wedding is a love that overcomes death. Happy Wedding Anniversary!
  • The next major anniversary in the life of a family is a wooden wedding, which is celebrated after five years of marriage.

Wedding Anniversary Status Starting With I

Wedding Anniversary Status Starting With I
  • I want my micro-blog to have only one inscription. “Today is my golden wedding anniversary” updated 15 years ago
  • I won’t leave you, but you have to bear me, you and I still have a wedding anniversary ahead.
  • I know for sure which moment in my life will be the best. No, not the first night together. And not even a wedding. The best day will be when he says: the child is like. Happy anniversary to us!
  • I wish everyone to live until the red wedding !!! Happy Wedding Anniversary!
  • I won’t leave you, but you bear with me. You and I still have a wedding anniversary ahead.
  • I used to wake up and fall asleep with the thought of you. And it was terrible! Because now I know what it is like to wake up next to you every morning.

Wedding Anniversary Status in Question

Wedding Anniversary Status in Question
  • You live and don’t know what will come in advance ??? Wedding anniversary with a ringing or Coffin with music. Happy Wedding Anniversary!
  • Darling, have you locked our computer? -Yes. -And what password? -Date of our wedding. Wedding Wedding Aniversery Dear!

Long Wedding Anniversary Status

Long  Wedding Anniversary Status
  • You can congratulate me !!! Today is my anniversary, ten days, I can’t get enough sleep !!!
  • Love is when she pulls off a blanket from you in a dream, and you also cover her warmer. Happy wedding anniversary!
  • We see how tender your feelings and views are, how bright and kind they are. You are all as happy as you are in your youth, although the wedding was a long time ago! Let your Love not fade and adorn the year. In your life, let everything succeed, be happy together always! Happy wedding anniversary!
  • Dear, I would have a little ring for our wedding anniversary. Otherwise, the finger still freezes.
  • Only on the wedding anniversary do you realize that being married is still lovely, and married is also excellent! Happy wedding anniversary!
  • Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! We sincerely wish you mutual understanding!
  • The wedding anniversary was quietly celebrated – the restaurant had free WI-FI. 
  • Sweetie, eat a piece of cake. No, I do not want. -Well, eat .. -I don’t eat after six !!!! You fool, there is a ring; otherwise there will be no wedding anniversary !!!
  • Wedding anniversary though not great anniversary friends! Happy Wedding Anniversary!
  • At our wedding, we will be the happiest, and we will also laugh at how stupid we were.
  • May God protect your marriage and your feelings for a long time. Be always happy next to each other and give each other Love! Happy Wedding Anniversary!
  • Let your heart not go out, glowing up brighter. We wish all possible benefits and, at home, a full bowl!
  • True Love is when a husband and wife call each other every day and talk for hours! Happy Wedding Anniversary!

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