Happy Mothers Day Status (2023)

Do you want to give your mother a special gift for her day, Mother’s day? Then Happy Mothers Day Status is the right choice. So select the lovely WhatsApp status for your Mom! The most challenging profession in the World is to be Mom. So Love for Mom is the essential thing in our life! Have a look…

Short Mothers Day Quotes

Short Mothers Day Quotes
  • Mom, you are the closest to me !!! Take care of yourself.
  • Mom gave birth to twins, at first laziness, and then me. Happy mother’s day!
  • Mommy is the best in the World. My Mom will always help and understand.
  • Maternal love is ready to win everything if only to save her child!
  • Paradise is under the feet of our mothers And only there. It is the truth.
  • All mothers on Holiday. let happiness and love always reign in them 
  • When you become a mother, you can only talk about your children
  • When I matured, I understood the price of parental advice.
  • A good education is the second necessary thing in life after a strict mom.
  • Indeed, it’s easier on the soul when you hug Mom.
  • The meaning of life is the smile of parents !!!
  • I am the happiest already only because I am MOM !!!
  • I have two parents. But Mom tried more than dad. Happy mother’s day!
  • It’s so lovely to watch when Mom is happy. Happy mother’s day!
  • How big is your heart, Mom? Happy mother’s day!
  • We will forever glorify that woman whose name is Mother.
  • The most powerful thing in the World from evil is maternal prayer.
  • Listen only to music, heart, and mother. All the rest are nonsense.
  • Forgive absolutely everything is possible only to one man-mother.
  • There is nothing more expensive than the mother’s tears 
  • Mother’s love is the only love from which you cannot expect dishonesty
  • Mom, your eyes must shine! Do not cry; do not suffer!
  • The meaning of life is the smile of a mother.
  • Give us the best mothers and we will be the best people.
  • Only Mom will understand me. Happy mother’s day!
  • Let’s say, thanks to the mothers, for carrying us under their hearts!

Whatsapp Status for Son and Mother

Whatsapp Status for Son and Mother
  • Take care of your mothers like flowers from a cold storm: their love is a hundred times hotter than their friends and beloved girlfriend.
  • When we find happiness, we less often call friends. But if we are unhappy we call more often to mom. Happy mother’s day!
  • Faithful friend – never judge! A loyal friend – will always be there! A loyal friend is Mom! So it is and always will be !!!
  • Mom needs to be kissed every day, and not a boyfriend to slobber.
  • To the question “What is love?” my son replied: – Love is Mom.
  • Mommy, you gave me life, and I will provide it for you. Happy mother’s day!
  • Dad can be anyone. Only by Mom, can’t be!
  • Only MOM is worthy of love!
  • The best girlfriend is mother and pillow.
  • Mommy, happy mother’s day to you! You are the dearest person to me, and I’m sorry that sometimes I’m such a fool. I love you!
  • My mother will be a good mother-in-law. She already regrets my future husband! Happy mother’s day!
  • Nobody can understand a child as wrong as his mother. 
  • When Mom is in a bad mood, dad and I go out for bread all day.

Whatsapp Status for Daughter and Mother

Whatsapp Status for Daughter and Mother
  • Only such a wonderful mommy as mine maybe such a good girl like Me!
  • The girl’s happiness is to be a beloved and only wife and caring mother !!!
  • Does your Mom need a son-in-law? Happy mother’s day!
  • He: You are beautiful! Me: This is Mom’s merit. She did everything to make me look like dad. Happy mother’s day!
  • Mom is a person who will always love you and will wish you all the best when he does not betray, will be with you, and even if you fought, your Mom would help you heal the wound right away. When you don’t tell your mother such words that make her getting hurt. If you love pile mom, then say it right now. Happy mother’s day!

Whatsapp Mothers Day Status In “?”

Whatsapp Mothers Day Status In ?
  • Hello, Does God hear? May my mother’s heartbeat be forever. Happy mother’s day!
  • As a child, you always say “walk like this so I can see you? “It turns out that our mothers did not leave the window! Happy mother’s day!
  • Think you don’t have a guardian angel? Yes, he is small and calls you MOM! Happy mother’s day!
  • How many mothers, no matter how old she was, she never stopped looking for signs of a change for the better in her thirty-forty-year-old children.?Happy mother’s day!

Whatsapp Status for Missing Mom

Whatsapp Status for Missing Mom
  • I don’t know about you, but I’m scared of my mother’s death: GO HERE !!!
  • I want to fall into childhood, where there isn’t envy and sadness, where it is always bright, I wish in youth, to my mother. Happy mother’s day!
  • Many understand how much their mom has done for them, only then when they lose her. So people, value your parents.

Mothers Day Status starting with I

Mothers Day Status starting with I
  • I love this life! But more I love the one that gave me this life. I love you, Mom!
  • I’ll come to you, my mother, kiss your wrinkles, let the years pass stubbornly only you, my mother, LIVE
  • I am afraid of one thing in the World that I will come home one day. I will say, “Mom, I am at home,” and in response, I will hear only silence.
  • I’m not looking for a soul mate, and it just so happened, my Mom gave birth to a whole!
  • I always want to see your smile. The most sincere and dearest. I love you, Mommy!
  • I live for Mom because she lives for me, And I’m ready to give my life for Mom, because she is ready to give her for me! Happy mother’s day!
  • I will give everything, if only My Mom were happy, and also cried only from happiness. Happy mother’s day!

Happy Mothers Day Status using ” “

Happy Mothers Day Status using
  • It is enough to say “Yes” once, and someone else’s surname becomes native, and then your life becomes unimportant because now you are MOM. Happy mother’s day!
  • “Oh, how I want to return, oh, how I want to break in” – into my mother’s stomach. Happy mother’s day!
  • Beloved to you, dear to us from all of us! In such a beautiful word, “Mom” – the sacred meaning is enclosed. Happy mother’s day!
  • Growing up is when on the phone. You change “Mom” to “Mommy” and understand that in the World there is no person more relevant and closer!
  • You become adults when you change “mom” to “mommy” on the phone !!! Happy mother’s day!
  • Just know how to tell your mother, “I’m sorry” and “I love you” we say too many words, and sometimes they only need this.
  • The word “MOM” is expensive! Mom must be treasured! With her affection and care
  • And yet, Mom is the best friend! “Why?” “She will never take your boyfriend.
  • Our life is priceless! Tell your mothers, “Thank you!” Happy mother’s day!
  • My main treasure in life is my little dirty tricks who turn the house upside down and shout, “catch up, mom.”

Mother Quotes in English Starting with Word “Mom”

Mother Quotes in English Starting with Word Mom
  • Mommy, happy mother’s day to you! You are the dearest person to me. I’m sorry that sometimes I am such a fool. I love you!
  • Dear Moms! Happy Mother’s Day! Take care of your moms. Whatever they say, they still love us! They do everything for us. And most importantly, they gave us life !!! Happy mother’s day!
  • MOTHER is the most touching of all in the World. MOTHER means forgiving and sacrificing oneself.
  • Mom is the first word, and Mom is the main word in every fate. Happy mother’s day!
  • Mommy is the kindest, dearest, for sadness, for all sorrow, for all pain, forgive me for God’s sake! Happy mother’s day
  • Love Mom while she laughs. Her eyes burn with warmth, And her voice pours into your soul—holy water, pure as a tear. Love Mom – she is alone in the world who loves you and constantly waiting. She will always meet with a kind smile. She alone will forgive you and understand. Mommy is for you!
  • MOM prepares the most delicious delicacies!
  • Mother is the only goddess who not only gives us life once, but also protects untimely. Happy mother’s day!
  • Mom taught me how to overcome the impossible: “Shut your mouth and eat soup.”
  • Mom always said: “Don’t go barefoot, you’ll catch a cold!” And it was necessary to warn: “Do not go with an open soul – you will be bitterly disappointed …” Happy mother’s day!
  • Mom is the most expensive luxury in the World. So please, appreciate her! Happy mother’s day!
  • Mom, happy mother’s day to you! You are the dearest person to me, and I’m sorry that sometimes I’m such a fool. I love you!

If Mothers Day Status

  • If you are Mom, then you are already well done, because next to you your main achievement in life is your child.
  • If I am alone, I want my mom to be around and it’s so sad that she’s far away. I was going to write her SMS that I miss and love her 
  • If you come tired from work, and a woman tells you: “Tired, dear? Go, eat, drink a glass, and go to bed …”, then this is YOUR Mom.

Long Mothers Day Status

Long Mothers Day Status
  • Never get mad at your mother. Do not say a word that they can upset her or break her loving heart. You have only one. You should make her happy, as she wanted this for you !!!!
  • Give me your hand! Mommy, dear! After all, I’m alone in trouble now! And you hear everything, and you know everything, mother! And as salvation, you pull your hand to me. Happy mother’s day!
  • Dear Moms! Happy Mother’s Day! Take care of your moms. Whatever they say, they still love us! They do everything for us. And most importantly, they gave us life !!
  • Tomorrow is Mother’s Day! Dear ones, please your mothers. Congratulate them, because the mother is the most important and beloved person in life !! Love her. Happy mother’s day!
  • Today is Mother’s Day !!! No one’s love can replace a mother’s love !!! Happy mother’s day!
  • Congratulations to Mom on Holiday today. I hug Mom tightly around the neck.
  • The most beautiful Mommy is mine. All-day obedient! I promise to be! Happy mother’s day!
  • Today is mother’s day! And you congratulated your mother? If not, then praise her soon, she will be pleased
  • We are so absorbed with the minor problems that we forgot about the most important thing. About our beloved Mommy! Happy mother’s day!
  • In all languages ​​of the World, crossing the oceans, the first word of a person is the word, Mom. Happy mother’s day!
  • Show your tears to your Mom. In a week, the whole city will console you. Happy mother’s day!
  • God is our life, and Mom is the best part of this life. God is the Holiness we feel. Mom is the Holiness we see.
  • Mother’s heart is a hole in the depths of which there will always be forgiveness.
  • Love, strength, beauty, tenderness, pride, forgiveness, brightness, mind, the magnificent creation of God is Mom.
  • Sometimes i want to send everything to hell, hug Mom tightly and cry on her shoulder. Happy mother’s day!

Long status for mom
  • Never get mad at Mom. Don’t say a word that can upset you, or break her loving heart. You have only one. Make her happy, as she wanted it for you 
  • No matter how old you are and whoever you are – a man or a woman, sometimes you want your mother to come up as if she were a child, hit her head, smile, kiss her head. Happy mother’s day!
  • Happiness is when you wake up and you understand that you are not alone, that you have that tiny one for whom you are ready for anything, because you are his mother!
  • The first gift that the mother gives us is life, the second is love, and the third is understanding.
  • There are many things in life; Everything in life is small, but the main thing, forever, will remain – mother.
  • The song that the mother sings at the bed accompanies a person all his life, to the grave.
  • The main thing in life is she and again she, the one who gave birth and brought up, was able to – Mom!
  • When you are tired, call me, And I will come as I came in childhood. Do you remember that mother’s love has a secret healing power !!!
  • Maternal hands – the expression of tenderness; children sleep well on these hands.
  • They become adults, not when they stop listening to Mom, but when they realize that Mom was right!
  • The worst pain in the heart is when you see your mother crying, and you can do nothing. Happy mother’s day!
  • Love your Mom, because Mom is alone. She will not forget you until she closes her eyes.
  • Remember that the right attitude towards your parents is the key to a proper opinion of your children towards you. Happy mother’s day!

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