Merry Christmas Wishes As Status (2023)

Happiness is needed by everyone and in every house. Life is only given once. Bright thoughts to you, and First of all, Merry Christmas !!! May the sun always shine in the soul! So for this Christmas, we give you a wonderful gift. Here is some best and beautiful Christmas Wishes status for your WhatsApp. You can these Christmas wishes for your christmas card ideas to share with your loved ones. So have a look these wonerful christmas greetings.

Short Christmas Sayings

Short Christmas Sayings
  • The main thing at Christmas is not to open gifts, but to open your heart.
  • What to ask today on Christmas night?
  • I wish you a Merry Christmas! Love and keep be Jesus Christ!
  • On this fabulous night, I stick to you, Merry Christmas!
  • We wish you more on Christmas Day!
  • Congratulations to all on the great holiday of Christmas !!!
  • He was born for you. He was born for us. Merry Christmas!!!
  • Great holiday in the yard, Christmas nights 
  • Merry Christmas! It is a joyful, bright, beloved holiday!
  • At Christmas, pure light came into the world to cast out the darkness of sin.
  • On the eve of Christmas, A bright star shines, deeper in the blue of the sky. 
  • Wish to get drunk with happiness at Christmas than not a sober thought
  • God became a man, so Christmas is a celebration of a miracle!
  • I want Christmas, New Year, gifts, and Santa Claus!
  • For the New Year, Santa Claus will give me new feelings.
  • I want to tell you Good Morning 365 times this year!
  • Santa Claus! Please make it so that they would not bother me.
  • Santa Claus exists! it would be best if you believed only to see him 
  • I wrote a letter to Santa Claus. I gave it to my husband. I’m waiting 
  • Yes, Santa Claus will be wildly excited from my orders!
  • Let me congratulate you on Christmas because this night of hearts unites!

Religious Christmas Card Sayings

Religious Christmas Card Sayings
  • At Christmas, God gave us his Son, what have we done with Him?
  • The small body of Baby Jesus was born to be crucified for our sins.
  • If God were indifferent to us, there would be no Christmas
  • Happy Christmas and Happy New Year! May the light of the Star of Bethlehem always illuminate our souls, giving strength to follow the path of Christ Himself, who grants us health, spiritual power and may lead us along the difficult paths of life.
  • If you want to celebrate Christmas like you never celebrated before, try going to church
  • On Christ’s birthday, beauty returned to the world
  • Jesus came to correct what was destroyed by sin.
  • The Baby born of the Virgin is the Savior Christ!
  • He who knows the joy of the Nativity of Christ does not celebrate the New Year.
  • At Christmas, Jesus Christ became a man to understand everything that a person is faced with.
  • A powerful Christmas prayer: Our Father, go through my house and take away all my worries and illnesses, and please protect my family. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen. Lord, I love you, I need you, now enter my heart!

Inspirational Christmas Messages

Inspirational Christmas Messages
  • If you want to celebrate Christmas like never before, try going to church.
  • If there is no Christmas in your heart, you will not find it under the tree either.
  • Let Christmas beautiful light in the soul burn without fading. Love will be warmed for a year, and any dream will come true !!!
  • To fulfil the most cherished dream, one must at least believe in it. Merry Christmas! Good and love to all!
  • If there is no Christmas in your heart, you will not find it under the tree either.
  • Why did Christmas sold by people become more important than the gift of God?
  • People have fun, and a holiday is coming to the house! Let the Orthodox rejoice! The holiday is bright! Glorious holiday!
  • Heavenly Father! I pray that you enter with love into every home! Blessed! And offered prosperity and comfort! Health, peace to every family!

Cute Status For Christmas Wishes

Cute Status For Christmas Wishes
  • Happy Holiday! Merry Christmas!!! Peace and harmony in your homes!
  • It isn’t straightforward to believe that the Baby Baby in Bethlehem was not a creature, but a Creator!
  • Celebrate that an immortal God is born so that a mortal man can live forever
  • Dear Santa Claus, please send me a list of boys who misbehaved for Christmas.
  • The birth of Christ is the hope to stop the degeneration of those who believed in Him, of humankind
  • You wait and believe in magic; it seems everything is new; it happens on Christmas Day.
  • Every year it is becoming increasingly difficult to see the Christmas of our Lord Jesus Christ through all the layers of its packaging.
  • On these holidays, may your hearts be filled with love, peace, and gratitude to God for His great gift! 
  • This holiday was loved and beautiful. Its spirit is sacred and pure: on this day, the birth of Christ is celebrated throughout the Christian world!
  • The night before the exam is like the night before Christmas. You do not sleep and hope for a miracle.
  • A starlit up. Christ was born, and the world lit up with love! May happiness enter every home! Merry Christmas!
  • “Christ was born!” I say and congratulate you. On Christmas, I wish you to live in complete health and joy, Without sorrow, and envy.
  • Today Jesus is not a baby in Bethlehem and a sufferer not hung on the cross, He negotiates for us before Heavenly Father.
  • On Christmas, God himself was born. He encouraged people not to sin. He will help everyone who once called the Lord for help.

Christmas Wishes for Friends

Christmas Wishes for Friends
  • Merry Christmas! And Happy Christmas time!
  • Merry Christmas to all my friends!
  • Dear Santa Claus! For this New Year, I would like every friends to be kinder, and I more beautiful. 
  • Let us meet the Nativity of Christ in religious and kind silence, and listen to every word we say with which He comes to you and me. 
  • Santa Claus comes to a good employee for the New Year, and Santa Line comes to a bad employee.
  • Give holy Christmas, hope, faith and warmth, wake, and light dreams with the ray of a Christmas star!
  • You light a candle in the hope of Christmas night. In the prospect of Happiness, you light a candle  
  • At this Christmas, the Lord asks us to accept his gift and be reunited with God.
  • I heartily wish Merry Christmas to all of you!

Christmas Card Sayings with “May”

Christmas Card Sayings with May
  • May this Christmas be so special that no one anywhere feels lonely!
  • May Christmas be as a magician, as a precious charm. I wish you health, energy and fun, and happiness.
  • May faith, hope, and love for Life, People, the World Around, awake in your Souls at Christmas! Strength, Patience, and Good Luck to you in all physical, vital, and Spiritual trials!
  • May Christmas be like a magician, a magician, Like a precious charm. And may Happiness, Health, energy, and fun come to you.
  • May the dreams come true on the celebration of the Nativity of Christ. So there is a basis for Happiness if you believe in miracles.
  • May all love, goodness, and Happiness on this day come to your house and stay forever! Merry Christmas!
  • May the world blossom, filled with the goddess, the star shine to all of Bethlehem
  • May Christmas bless on good deeds! The Lord will reward health and forgive all misconduct!
  • May God will give us a piece of happiness at Christmas

Merry Christmas Wishes As Status

Merry Christmas Wishes As Status
  • Christmas will give a holiday and will warm the soul with good!
  • Christmas is on the nose! New Year’s slamming doses, continue the celebration! Slightly change the slogan: Hello, oops, Christmas!
  • Christmas is when a father tries to convince his children that he is Santa Claus and his wife that he is not Santa Claus.
  • Christmas is a beautiful quiet evening. A tired world will rest from the bustle.
  • Merry Christmas to you! Let it bring you the fulfilment of desires, peace in the family, career takeoff. May a tear does not slide from your eyes from now on, and eyes always shine with the Happiness of dear people!
  • Happy Christmas! With feathery wings of the angels, Christmas quietly flies to us.
  • Christmas is a messenger of joy, a celebration of kindness and love.
  • Merry Christmas, from my wall to your wall 
  • Christmas is the expectation of a miracle, a full and bright love.
  • Christmas quietly passed !!! And thank God that it’s quiet.
  • Christmas is not the time of year. It is a great feeling.
  • Merry Christmas to all of you! I wish you happiness, peace, light, joy.
  • Christmas is the brightest and purest holiday for all believers!
  • Christmas always comes at midnight. But no one arranges scenes for him
  • Christmas is again. Heavenly Forces of Celebration.

Christmas Blessings Status with “I”

Christmas Blessings Status with I

Do you wonder what to write in a Christmas card? No worries. Here are the most beautiful Christmas phrases. So have a look…

  • I wish all Catholics Christmas and warmth and light! May always big love illuminate the whole planet!
  • I wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS! May goodness, light, peace, and love enter your home!
  • I’ll write for Christmas, in white and white snow how we met love, under white and white snow
  • I want to go to a fairy tale, where there are friends, where there is always a place for laughter, where Christmas is not just a date on the calendar, but a holiday full of happiness and magic
  • I want to congratulate you. Dear ones, on the most beautiful day in the World on which the Savior of the World was born, on a wonderful, Happy Christmas!
  • I wish you that the Light of God taught your heart to love and make other people happy !!!

Long Christmas Messages for Cards

Long Christmas Messages for Cards
  • On Christmas fairytale night, I wish everyone that misfortunes and hardships go away without looking back.
  • As one wise man wisely remarked, Drinking vodka about two hundred grams: “Miracles of Christmas morning. A healing balm for the soul !!!”
  • It’s so pleasant and joyful in my heart. Everyone wishes each other a Merry Christmas. God will give everyone Happiness, health, love, and good luck! For the rest of my life !!!
  • Here is Christmas Day! The night has fallen into magic! And with good news, children’s laughter, Christmas came to us again!
  • Today the powers of heaven are a triumph! Remove pins from your heart. So Know, since Christmas doesn’t warm your soul, you’re unlikely to find magic under a Christmas tree. 
  • On Christmas Eve, eternity begins. The garlands are on, and we are still children.
  • Wish you all a Happy Christmas! May the head not to be buzzing in problems, may bright joy settle in hearts, and sparkle with a sparkle in human eyes!
  • Let the night sparkle with magic, a flock of snowflakes rises upwards. We wish you Merry Christmas, and we wish your smiles and joy.
  • Snowflakes in the air swirl, bells ring everywhere! Let the holiday give a lot of Happiness, health, joy, warmth! Merry Christmas!
  • Let the heart warms with hope Christmas, faith in a fairy tale, miracles, let it know no bounds. 
  • You come to me before Christmas. On this eve, all miracles are possible. So do this magic. After all, it’s easy for you to reveal it.
  • During the year, there are several days and weeks when the forces of evil are particularly strong. Christmas time is one of such periods because this is the time closest to the real Miracle, the birth of the Savior.
  • On the first Christmas, the Lord took a step towards us. May this Christmas, many take a step towards God.

Christmas Wishes Quotes about Santa Claus

Christmas Wishes Quotes about Santa Claus
  • As you meet Santa Claus, you need it!
  • Dear Grandfather Frost, please come without deer next year!
  • They say Santa Claus is a funny guy.
  • Good Santa Claus, give me a new brain!
  • Santa Claus walks around here somewhere!
  • Dear Grandfather Frost, I want all assholes to die and a little coat.
  • Childhood ends when you want desires to be fulfilled not by Santa Claus, but by the Snow Maiden.
  • What is the difference between our Santa Claus and their Santa Claus? They are always calm and alone, and ours is still drunk and with some girl.
  • It’s always like this: it seems like a prince and a horse. But time passes, and you realize that HE is just Santa Claus on a deer !!
  • Let’s drink for Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden: as far as I can remember, they don’t get sick, they don’t get old, and there is always money for gifts!
  • I want a job like that of Santa Claus …one working day in the whole year 
  • Santa Claus! I thought and decided: I do not need anything. I ask you about only one thing. May on New Year’s Eve after the chiming clock my happiness be holding my hand.
  • Dear Grandfather Frost, give me a beautiful boy for the New Year, do not need him to lie under the tree.
  • Do you know why our time zones are different? It is so that Santa Claus has time to make gifts to everyone
  • Let Santa Claus put a diamond cup on an icy tray on New Year’s Day, pour it to the edge of golden health, add fun to the snack!
  • Dear Grandfather Frost, I want for the New Year your list of boys who misbehaved.

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