Whatsapp Happy Life Status in 2023

Happiness is an essential thing for our lives. To express your joy to people around you, you can use Whatsapp status. So please be hurry. Grab your most suitable happy life status for your Whatsapp. Here are some fabulous Whatsapp status.

Beautiful Whatsapp Happy Life Status

Beautiful Whatsapp Happy Life Status

Life is a gifted thing we get as a human. The happy life is a beautiful thing one can get in their life. So Live in your life. Look these happy life quotes which are so adorable to show your expression.

  • To all those who are so interested in my life, I officially inform: I am still young, beautiful, happy, and not even on a diet !!!
  • Live so that there is life in the eyes and the heart. Love in the soul and peace and behind the wings – wings !!!
  • Please do not wait for it to become more comfortable, better, more accessible. It will not be! Difficulties will always be. So you need to be happy today!
  • Five emotions that prevent us from living: pride, jealousy, anger, pity, and fear.
  • Do not regret anything, most importantly, let go and forgive! Life is one. It would be best if you did not spend it on people empty for you. 
  • Remember, there is an honest rule for a happy life: Nobody does owe you anything in this world.
  • Life is useful when you rarely have to ask God and often give thanks.
  • Life is an exciting thing. It gives unexpected meetings and colleagues. And among them, there are people without whom now life would be boring !!!
  • Do not be afraid to change your life. Because of the fear of change, we miss the chance for happiness and remain in an evil circle of problems.
  • Today I am seriously considering the question that something needs to be changed dramatically in my life. Therefore, tonight I will be sitting on the TV and looking at the sofa
  • It is necessary to realize in time what cannot be returned. To start a new life, perhaps God gave you two chances, and the first loss means the beginning of the second happiness.

Best Life Status For Whatsapp

Best Life Status For Whatsapp
  • How little I need for happiness – a little affection, a few words of a simple loving look, and the phrase “Sweet Dreams” at night
  • Happiness is when you have a friend as a doctor, cop, lawyer, and killer
  • Can be happy anywhere, anytime, but NOT WITHOUT ANYTHING PLEASANT !!!
  • When there is someone nearby who makes you happy, you can survive everything 
  • Please do not disturb them. I found happiness
  • People say that pride is the second happiness! And how to live without joy?
  • My heart beats in a rhythm of happiness, and no one will interfere with this 
  • Under the stars above shimmer, you and I are alone. We understand the life of happiness! Don’t forget it!
  • Who says happiness cannot be obtained. Buy a puppy
  • A beautiful smile is attractive and natural. It touches, pleases, delights, and inspires. A smile does not leave you uninterested. Smile 🙂
  • In childhood, everyone was happy. Where did the ability to enjoy and be glad to go?
  • Finally, I am in seventh heaven. I warn you. You don’t need to step up the stairs. I won’t get down anyway

Best Happy Status For sad Life

Best Happy Status For sad Life
  • Remember and never forget that no single woman has disappeared without a man; instead, she and a man will go. So BE HAPPY !!!
  • Today there is happiness, but tomorrow there is no law of life 
  • Love in the heart, spring on the soul, and a smile on the face and eyes! What else is needed for happiness?!
  • “Happiness lies in the ability to take revenge,” the cat thought while writing, and focused on his master sneaker
  • You know, dear? .. and I’m happy … yes, happy without you … I’m glad that everything went 
  • Nothing, nothing! They don’t die of happiness!
  • People say that arrogance is the second happiness! And how to live without joy? It’s necessary to become forward
  • Life is worth seeing a happy person in the mirror.
  • Happiness is not when you have everything, but when you don’t have something and thank God that you don’t!
  • Life is full of loneliness and sad songs. So Parting with a loved one is a happy ticket for a new life. 
  • Selfishness – when you want her to be with you and love – when you want her to be happy
  • Beautiful smile, Confident step, Drop of perfume, Heels and a whisper behind her: “She is happy all the same”

Long Happiness Status

Long Happiness Status
  • Always be SURE that you are doing it! AND POLL on someone else’s OPINION! It is not a shame to be WRONG for the ENVIRONMENT. It is a shame to be WRONG for YOURSELF !!!
  • Let a snowstorm or a hurricane or rain knock on the glass with wet snow. I wish your heart not to worry in the coming year. Good luck to you, people!
  • You know, I’m happy. You will call me, and I will smile and look at your name, and I won’t answer the call. Suffering yourself, dear, but I have a lot of happiness
  • In the process of life, we are continually growing and changing. Often these changes of two close people do not match in direction. Have a good trip!
  • Do you think your life is shit? Go to the orphanage. Thousands of eyes will look at you there, who are not guilty of anything and would be happy to have at least 10% of what you have 
  • It is you, my happiness!!! Yeah, you… Yes, yes, the one who looks at this status is slightly surprised on the other side of the screen. You are my future and present !!!
  • Happiness is like a butterfly. The more you catch it, the more it slips away. But if you shift your attention to other things, it will come and quietly sit on your shoulder.
  • Beautiful smile, Confident step, Drop of perfume, Heels and a whisper behind her: “She is happy all the same”
  • Happiness, pleasure, where did you go from me? Come back to me soon. It will be more fun together!
  • Love is a very strange feeling that brings to life not only joy and happy moments but also tricky obstacles that you need to fight and overcome all your experience while you love.
  • Some people carry happiness and love. Some people bear anger and evil, and there is me, and I take a bag!
  • But when we did not have computers, the happiness of our lives was TV. ?
  • Wow, I almost forgot what real happiness looks like. Joy, You can die for him.
  • Do you know what happiness is? Happiness, it’s only over the years you understand, happiness is the absence of unhappiness
  • Real happiness is when you are happy for no visible reason – just like that! It is happiness!
  • My life is always beautiful, and fire burns in my soul. Oh my god, what a happiness, I am one in a million!
  • Suffering is the only thing that life has not denied a person; therefore, when you are happy, remember that happiness is a precious and fleeting gift.
  • Love is not enough. She has happiness but wants paradise. Then she has paradise, and she wants heaven.
  • Yes, joy sometimes falls to us as love, but more often, it is victory and overcoming.
  • Sometimes happiness falls so suddenly that you do not have time to bounce to the side
  • There is not enough money even to understand that happiness is not in them.
  • When there is a lot of money, it is somehow more comfortable to carry that happiness is not in them.
  • In joy, one should not be overly self-confident. And one should not lose confidence in trouble.

Short Happy Life Status

 Short Happy Life Status
  • You need to be happy if you want it to annoy everyone
  • The main thing in life is happiness. 
  • A little happiness that loves you is just for what you are!
  • My happiness is fast, and it runs away far. I will catch and lock it now. 
  • Happiness is when love, kindness, and beauty surround you 
  • Please do not disturb them. I found happiness.
  • He is nobody to me. He just made me happy once
  • May I wait for a little happy today?
  • He lived happily ever after until he went to work
  • How is there no happiness in life and I?
  • Only when you are drunk, you understand to whom you love!
  • Life is too expensive to spend on cheap people
  • Appreciate those who also appreciate you 
  • Let the past go and forgive.
  • With the past happiness, life will shine with new colors for you
  • Once a betrayer will never earn trust, Live the future!
  • Happiness is when the same person is in the house, in bed and the head 
  • It is never too late to love, enjoy life, and be happy.
  • The greatest happiness in life is the belief that the person you love you 
  • Tired of waiting for pleasure. Tired of problems And life without you!
  • Excuse me, didn’t happiness pass anywhere here?
  • The phone was silent. Happiness simply did not know my number
  • The ability to think is already happiness
  • You spoil me with happiness! Adore you!
  • The happiness of my soulmate is that I do not have it!
  • To love is to find one’s happiness in the happiness of another
  • Looks good dressed in happiness! Be happy!
  • The pursuit of spiritual happiness is often fraught with disappointment
  • Usually, happiness comes to the happy, and misfortune to the unhappy.
  • Only the unfortunate knows what happiness is
  • Closing my eyes, I find myself in happiness 
  • A smart woman gives happiness, and a stupid woman is waiting for him.
  • Until the seventh, I had only one sky
  • Take my hair and face so in happiness in happiness.
  • Tomorrow will be one who reads this status

Whatsapp Being Happy Quotes For Love

 Whatsapp Being Happy Quotes For Love
  • Thanks to my ex-husband for my new life! He does not know how he helped me to become delighted!
  • A candle burned out at night. I was locked up. It seemed to me everything was passing that there was no life along the way. But my girlfriend came. So remember that everything does not come at once. Happiness will come!
  • Happiness sparkles in your eyes. A smile plays on your lips. I gently touched you. What a pity that I woke up again.
  • Nice little boy, sunny bunny, happiness caught and fell in love with me 
  • Love can be different. But it is easy to lose it when you do not understand that happiness is an important thing.
  • Little girl happiness is worth a huge male effort 
  • My princess cat, my happiness, my soul is the most precious thing in my little, fantastic life !!!))
  • Small female happiness is worth a great male effort 
  • The greatest happiness in the world is the belief that you are loved!
  • Happiness is a little ball rolling in a corner. It hides its eyes from me. I found care in it. I found love in it, just as I love you!
  • Want to live a happy and extended family life? So learn to forgive, understand, keep silent when necessary, tell the truth, and love !!!
  • It would help if you went to the dream with someone’s hand.
  • Happiness is me. I will be the sun in my eyes. I will be heaven in my heart and never betray you!

Happy Life Status For Mothers

Happy Life Status For Mothers

Use these stay happy quotes to show mothers happiness. They are soo cute.

  • Happiness is when you have a big family like mine, seven children and native parents …
  • Girl’s happiness is not in beautiful clothes, and not in cars and resorts, but the smiles of lovely children pulling on clothes and shouting at the whole house “Maaaaaaaaaam.”
  • Happiness is to wake up at 5 in the morning from the crying of a little peanut, not from the boring ringing of the alarm clock.
  • You need to live for the smiles of your parents, the laughter of your children, and the happiness of your loved one. 
  • Happiness is when you look at the bed, and there lies a small miracle and smiles. Children are the biggest happiness that we can have 🙂
  • Joy is children’s laughter. Happiness is lovely eyes.

Be Happy Quotes

Be Happy Quotes

You can also use these following quotes on happy life for “be happy images”. Then you can upload them to your profile pictures and also as status.

  • If you are happy, do not play in private with your happiness. But share a piece of it with people around you.
  • If you found a horseshoe for good luck, it means someone else threw back their feet.
  • If a person is a woodpecker in life, then he will never become a bright falcon
  • If you cry not from happiness, then stop it.

Happy Status starting with I

Happy Status starting with I
  • I am looking for happiness. I know that I will find it! ?
  • I’m looking for a country called “Happiness.” It is very friendly and cozy. And they also make delicious coffee with cream.
  • I won’t worry. Dreams, too, are broken for happiness.
  • I don’t cry; it’s just happiness dripping on the floor 
  • I’ll eat candy in the morning. It will be happy !!!
  • I do not need gifts for the New Year! Give me the days when I was happy with him
  • It would help if you went to the dream with someone’s hand.
  • I opened the curtains to make it brighter on the street as I shine with happiness.
  • I just believed in a dream. And my dream came true.
  • I Changed. I am changing. And I Will Change Your Life For The Better!
  • I don’t need someone else’s happiness. Because I would have to keep mine in my hands
  • I am on the threshold of a new life !!! It remains only to open the door. 
  • I am happy by default! Please do not interfere in the settings!
  • I cheated. I cheat, and I will Cheat. My Life For the Better!
  • I love you, my dear, and I won’t drink anymore. Because fortunately, it’s better to travel with you than with a glass of vodka in silence!
  • I am so glad by default! Please do not interfere!
  • I am happy every day more and more when I see my future 
  • I am happy! Again there is a smile and a sparkle in my eyes … go ahead !!! Towards Happiness

Status on Life with word Happiness

Status on Life with word Happiness
  • Happiness is not in those women with whom you want to sleep, but in those with whom you want to wake up.
  • Happiness is when you want to work in the morning. But you go home in the evening.
  • Happiness is when they understand you. Great happiness is when they love you, and real happiness is when you love. 
  • Happiness is when you see the former with the current girl, and she is dumb! ?
  • Happiness has never put a person to such a height that he does not need a friend.
  • Happiness is love gathered from all over the earth and presented to a small miracle, whose eyes sparkle from the sun living inside.
  • Happiness comes from nowhere. Aspecially when you are not waiting for it
  • Happiness is like a sunny bunny who does not tolerate bad weather.
  • Happiness consists of little things open to everyone. It would help if you learned how to notice them.
  • Happiness is when people speak well of you. And you are still alive.
  • Happiness is nothing if there is no one to share it with
  • Happiness knows my phone number. But for some reason, it doesn’t ring 
  • Happiness is when wishes come true before you have time to make them 
  • Happiness is just a moment. But it’s so enjoyable.
  • Happiness cannot be expressed in words. It needs to be felt.
  • Happiness surrounds us all. It will never disappear!
  • Happiness has no expiration date and age restrictions.
  • Happiness was so close ?
  • Happiness exists! Do not eat. That’s the misfortune!
  • Happiness is not to always do what you want but to still want what you do.
  • Happiness is a journey, not a destination.

So Guys, Be happy always and live in your life. Because It is a one-time gift, one can get in their life. So use these be happy always quotes for your Whatsapp.

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