Friendship Status (2023)

There is no durable material in the world than the one thing that is called intimate friendship. It is capable of withstanding any distance, any time, and long separation. So if You have such friends in your life, you can express your feelings from Whatsapp. Here are some memorable Friendship Status. Have a look and select the best status for you.

Short Friendship Status

Short Friendship Status
  • There are plenty of friends, but there is no one to lend.
  • Let me know what hurts you, and I will say what needs to be changed in your life.
  • Friends are those who are good at heart, just knowing that you have them.
  • A non-drinker does not have many friends.
  • Sometimes photos of friends can resemble pains.
  • My friends do not know their worth, but I know they are priceless !!!
  • What exactly should be on the holiday table is a drunk friend in a salad.
  • Loneliness has many friends. LOVE has one in all!
  • It is better to be alone without friends than to be alone among them.
  • Multiply happiness by friendly participation!
  • My beloved FRIENDS !!! The sunny mood in any weather!
  • The ability to be friends is an essential quality in a person.
  • About 20 thousand of my close friends said that I was lying!
  • Never forget your friends or be left alone with your enemies.
  • Friends are a treasure that God allowed us to have
  • Better to cry alone than to laugh with the wrong ones.
  • Better to have dangerous enemies than cunning friends.
  • To be friends does not mean to have common enemies. 
  • Rats are a guarantee that my ship is confidently afloat.
  • People with beautiful Souls are called beloved Friends !!!
  • Bones are usually washed for those who cannot tear their skin. 
  • Friends should be understood, not judged!
  • Thank you, friends, for being around!
  • You can not be friends only with the sunny side of man. 
  • Some friends never mind playing a friendly game.
  • The truth more often hurts friends than by a lie.
  • Our friends characterize ourselves.
  • All my life, I’m learning to keep friends.
  • Forgive me for what I did, my friend! To make it easier, eat a pie soon!
  • Please tell me who your friend is, and I’ll think about whether to be friends!
  • A fake friend is much worse than the worst enemy.
  • Friends need to be valued, but enemies must be.
  • Even in anger, do not reveal the secrets of your friend.
  • Our friends characterize ourselves.
  • A lying friend is twice as an enemy.
  • Three friends are power !!! They can turn the Earth’s axis in anger 
  • A drop of joy in every day of your life, my dear friends!
  • Winds of a friend are not as dangerous as kisses of an enemy.
  • How much we do for friends, which we never did for ourselves!
  • Four-legged friend, better than two-legged two!
  • Never say anything wrong about yourself, your friends will do it for you!
  • Each time, giving a friend a loan, you spoil his memory.
  • The best part of our lives consists of friends. 

Friendship Status for Girls

Friendship Status for Girls
  • You open the door for your girlfriend, don’t open your heart to her 
  • Oh, girlfriends … Girlfriends … Only pillows can be silent
  • A true friend will always share his girlfriend’s girlfriend.
  • Friends and girlfriends are our leading psychotherapeutic services.
  • The main subspecies of girlfriends are laughter, wisdom, and listener!
  • They don’t dream of anything else if the WOMAN is a DREAM
  • I love my girlfriend. And I know that she is reading this now and smiling.
  • I read the horoscope to my friend: “Tomorrow, you will find what you once lost through stupidity.” Her answer is brilliant: “Will I again become a virgin?”
  • I wish you, my friends, in the year of the HORSE to always be “ON HORSE”!!!
  • Do not trust the pillows with tears, take the wine, and go to your girlfriends!
  • Dear men !!! Please, take my girlfriend in marriage. And then, she’s such a business: she walks everywhere, walks and I sit at home.
  • You sleep alone. The monster will come scared and eat you. You sleep with a girlfriend is not scary because while the beast will eat her, there is time to run away
  • Losing a girlfriend is worse than losing a boyfriend because there can be many girls. But the best friend is the one with whom all my life has been with me.
  • A sister can not always become a friend, but a friend can still become a sister.
  • A true girlfriend is not the one that wipes your tears when your boyfriend abandoned you. A true friend is one who is sincerely glad to see you beautiful.
  • Female friendship spoils a man.
  • My girlfriend is like a sister, brother, mother, and boyfriend. And sometimes even an ill-tempered granny at the entrance

Best Friends Forever Quotes with FRIENDSHIP

 Best Friends Forever Quotes with FRIENDSHIP
  • Friendship based business is better than a friendship based company.
  • Friendship does not decay for a long time if you regularly wipe it with vodka.
  • Friendship is different from love in that you can not deal with it.
  • Friendship enters the life of all people. But sometimes it is necessary to bear hatred to protect it.
  • Friendship is like a diamond. It is rare, expensive, and fakes a lot
  • Friendship is like a rope. If you tear it, you will never bind it so that there is no knot.
  • Friendship is like a thread. If you cut it, you will never tie it so that there is no knot. 
  • Friendship is expensive. Another friend can’t afford it.
  • Friendship is love without wings.
  • True friendship is when you enter someone’s house, and your Wi-Fi connects automatically.
  • In friendship, there are no other calculations and considerations than herself.
  • Love begins with friendship, and friendship begins with a smile. Smile more often!
  • Self-love is poison for friendship.
  • Formal politeness increases where friendship weakens
  • Love can be replaced by friendship, but you will have to take your heart out.
  • One who has never sought friendship or love is a thousand times poorer than the one who lost them both.
  • One cannot go far in friendship if friends are not disposed to apologize to each other for small flaws.
  • The best friend is when you are friends but rarely see each other. But you know that you have each other and that without any partying friendship will be, and it will not disappear anywhere

Top Long Status

Top Long Status
  • Friends, I hug you today. I wish you eternal love and happiness! I send you everyone, a smile, and congratulate you all on Valentine’s Day!
  • My friends are now divided into two. They are those who have a status and update it weekly and those who do without status, but just by their side. Here, life went without status is no longer enjoyable.
  • People talk about friendship, but in reality, there are only those who use others, and those who obey. It is impossible to be friends without interchange.
  • The happiness that never deceived me is your friendship. The only one of all my feelings that has remained unchanged is friendship for you. So my friends are my passion.
  • Maybe for the very reason, the number of my friends can be counted on the fingers of my right hand.
  • Some friends are preferable to believe and enjoy for anyone than for a friend.
  • Real friends can always laugh at you, but they will not let others do it and will not leave you in difficult times.
  • A week without the Internet is like trouble, like loss, loss. I love my friends and our friendship.
  • Often, following the lead of some in their petty injury, we scatter people who could very well become our friends
  • On the day of friends, pour more glasses. Let the fun pour out and be joyful for everyone!
  • My friends are the enemies of my friends. For the enemies of my enemies are my friends!
  • Even if you have been familiar with a person for more than one year, this is not a guarantee that you are not just another bastard.
  • In life, there is so little true friendship, affection, love, the loss of which would leave unforgettable marks.

Best Friend Status start with I

Best Friend Status start with I
  • I can meet my best friend only today. Then talk on the phone and chat with classmates in the evening.
  • I mostly believe that to have one real friend is sometimes more important than a bunch of relatives.
  • I have a few friends. I’m okay with them. Let me introduce them to you, and this is my pillow, blanket, darkness, silence, music, and pain.
  • I managed to call myself a friend and achieve to do EVERYTHING so that they stay.
  • I want to be like in childhood to believe in real friendship and trust. Now there is no time for everyone. 
  • I love and respect my friends. Also I will not betray them because they are all important to me.
  • I got in a taxi yesterday. And I said to the driver: Touch !!! He carefully looked at me and took it by the chest.
  • I wish all of us that our every day may fill only with pleasant events 
  • I want my friends’ good health with the supplement.
  • I love my friends! I adore my friends! I wish their happiness!
  • I wish that only good people enter the castle of your soul !!!
  • I want to tell you that my friends love you !!!
  • I bought myself earrings in the form of mosquitoes such as a cool one. Today I’ve already gotten a slap in the face from friends.
  • I hate my boy friend’s friends. Terribly. All of them, reptiles, would have married!

If Friendship Goals Quotes

If Friendship Goals Quotes
  • If someone betrayed you once, forgive him. But do not rush to be friends with him.
  • If you are angry when your friend wins, most likely, this means that you have no friends.
  • If your friends haven’t called you for a long time, don’t be hurt. They’re just fine.
  • If life has become tight, look at the face of a friend. Look at this nose, remember everything that happened to you!

Friendship Status in Question

Friendship Status in Question
  • What a miracle to get up in the morning? Turn on the computer at dawn and wish a good day to Friends spread around the world!
  • Can women be friends? – But why should they be friends if they know how to love 
  • A friend advised a super-diet: exclude sweets, salty, and alcohol. So I think: is she a friend to me after that?
  • The Bible teaches us to love our neighbors and enemies, maybe because they are the same people?
  • And who was the initiator of the divorce ??? Yes, as always friends 
  • What is the meaning of glory? The heart of my beauty is my friends.
  • We would have more friends if the page didn’t say: “Perhaps you know each other?” But: “Perhaps you had a bang together?”

Status with “”

Status with
  • Sometimes the proverb “A friend is known in trouble.” It has the following meaning: “It is recognized in trouble that you have no friends.”
  • Sometimes we say so confidently to each other: “I understand you!”, But at the same time we rarely even understand ourselves 
  • Call your girlfriend at night, tell her that you’ve fallen in love. And she says in a loud voice, “Sleep!” and put down the phone. Then she will call back and say: “Open the door for me. Just be quiet, I’m with a bottle
  • The friend’s voice in the telephone joyfully announced, “In the evening, wait for me with gifts and to drink.” Now I can’t figure out if I was scared or happy 
  • “She’s just a friend.” Four words that could well kill any woman, but I just smiled.
  • My friend … MIRACLE … I tell her: “Let’s get a taxi!”… And she: “Let’s get vodka … it’ll get faster! …”
  • The meaning of the word “friend” is half due to our dreams.

Long Status

Long Status
  • Thank you a lot, friends. I will not even say everything. For the fact that the line touches you, you give Souls warmth.
  • There are people with whom it is shameful even to struggle, not to mention being friends with them.
  • In life, most of all, you get tired not of physical struggle and everyday problems, but of insincerity, lies, and betrayal of people you believe.
  • It happens that already in his late years. The Lord will give a soul mate. Hearts will suddenly illuminate with spiritual light, and two will find love and friendship!
  • Everything can be experienced, any troubles and hardships can be shared with a friend, but the sadness of the heart cannot be shared with anyone
  • It’s not true that there are no friends. Not true!!! It happens if you don’t tell them how you are doing well.
  • A friend is a news publication, psychiatrist, bartender, advertising manager, rescue service, and around-the-clock helpline all rolled into one.
  • There is no greater cruelty than the categorization of a friend of the one who burns for you from love 
  • My friends and I can do everything: both work as I-GO-GO, and relax O-GO-GO 
  • Friends! My love for you, like the price of gasoline. CONSTANTLY GROWING !!!
  • The only protection from the cold is those whom you keep at your heart.
  • To find a life partner for love is the greatest happiness in life. To find a best friend is this greatest success in life 
  • After meeting a real friend, you only begin to understand how great the meaning of this word.
  • A true FRIEND is one who does not notice your failures and patiently endures your successes
  • Yes, When friends are in trouble, it’s better to do without limits.

Long Status for friends
  • Friends who did not react at all to your departure were not your friends. A friend knows everything about you, all your sorrows, and all your joys. And he shares them with you and does not close the door in front of you.
  • It is said – eat breakfast yourself, share lunch with a friend, give dinner to the enemy !!! But we are eating as if we had no friends, no enemies. 
  • Here I look at my friends. Yes, good older women cannot work out of us !!!
  • The longer you lived on Earth, the more you survived the suffering. The more friends you have, the more disappointments
  • With a friend, it’s a thousand times easier to brush away a tear from tired eyes. You want to cry with her, but you are laughing.
  • A true friend is someone you can come in the middle of the night almost barefoot and ask for a loan of money without explaining anything
  • A friend is the best lover.
  • Losing a friend never have a replacement for him. A true friend is given once.
  • There are bright people. They give everyone the warmth and love of their heart. The breath of your soul! And next to them is so comfortable! Joyfully and calmly! They are friends.
  • Most of all, we love friends because they have defects that can be discussed.
  • Dear friend! Everything is fine with me. Work pleases, husband loves, excellent salary, smart children. In short, there is nothing to please you !!
  • It’s good to have a talkative girlfriend: under her cover, you can keep silent as much as you like, about anything and anywhere 
  • My friend and I were removed from the hotel room yesterday!!! And not because we sang loudly, but because of the fire !!!
  • It happens that all you need is to talk with friends! I wish all of us that every day is filled only with fun events. 
  • Only the removal of friends in classmates is worse than a fight to the death in our time!
  • An attempt to return a friend, after betrayal, will be equivalent to trying to find a prestigious job with a criminal record.
  • When you achieve something meaningful in life, you immediately see who is a friend and who is a jealous person !!!
  • When my friends jump from the bridge, I will not jump with them. I will stand below and catch them. 
  • There are few friends in life, and if they are not checked, they will not remain at all.
  • It’s terrible when you have no friends. But it’s much worse when you believe that you have them.
  • It happens that you sit in the company of friends, and you guys understand that you’ll go to kindergarten tomorrow, and I’ll get to work.
  • It’s good when you know that you have a friend, it’s bad when a friend doesn’t know that he has you.
  • It is not necessary to have wings to fly. It is essential to have in life friends who will not let fall.
  • FRIENDS are those who, over the years, have not eaten Jealousy!

Cute Best Friend Quotes

Cute Best Friend Quotes
  • The best friend does not learn to live and does not read morality if I am not right. He says you’re an idiot. And I will be grateful to him.
  • The best friend is like a husband, the only and beloved. He is the one with whom conversations do not bother. Besides He is the one whose pain is your own. He is the one who can cheer you up when you want to cry. 
  • A true friend is a value equal to one’s own life.
  • Real friends see the first tear, catch the second and stop the third.
  • Good friends, good books, and a sleeping duty: this is an ideal life.
  • Your best and only friend is your reflection in the mirror
  • Experience is the most faithful friend who is always there.
  • A real friend is like a rare book published in one copy.
  • The best friend in grief will not betray; in joy, she will not leave you; she will give the last penny in poverty, and then about it and will not ask!
  • Just in case, remember that a good friend is much more valuable than a good lover. Friends solve problems, and lovers only create them.
  • A good friend is the only one. Everyone knows that he doesn’t lie to his friends, acts honestly 
  • Real friends are not those who quietly leave your life and do not return, but those who find you after years. It comes back as if there were no these years parting 
  • The basis of true friendship is not doping of frequent meetings, but the strength of the foundation at its foundation.
  • A childhood friend is not the one who helped you, but the one who was not afraid to stand in the corner with you 

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