Bulk Whatsapp Sender- Top 5 Softwares You Should Try 2023

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most active mobile application used by the users around the world. So it provides accessibility and connectivity for the people on the planet. Moreover, whatsApp provides its users easy interaction with their family, friends and even business contacts. This is the place where Bulk Whatsapp Sender is required.

Moreover, WhatsApp does not provide the facility of WhatsApp Ads or nay other advertising options. So that the marketers and campaigners seek the assistance of a third-party application, software, script or web-based panel.

WhatsApp Bulk Senders are WhatsApp marketing software that allow you to run WhatsApp marketing campaigns in order to reach the active audience on WhatsApp.Bulk senders cease the difficulty of finding the potential customers. With these kinds of software, it’s not that hard to reach your target customer.

There are plenty of WhatsApp marketing tools and software that will allow you to run WhatsApp marketing campaigns. In fact, this software is developed and designed to make your online marketing campaign more effective and efficient. Your marketing campaign will be cost effective as well as effortless. Compared to bulk SMS and bulk email, this is 100% delivery guaranteed too.

In this article, we’re going to see some of the best WhatsApp marketing software which you can use to reach most of your active audience on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp marketing software

This is a useful application which provides you the facility to find the active WhatsApp numbers from your major list of mobile phone contacts. You can find the most active users on WhatsApp from the core list. After that you can send them scheduled messages using text, audio, videos, images, and GPS location through WhatsApp.

There are some other cool features such as changing status, changing profile pictures, replying any message with auto reply feature, etc. This provides the feature that the inclusion of WhatsApp Filtration Tool that extracts active and non-active WhatsApp numbers. You can send multimedia in multiple formats. This includes text, audio (.mp3), image (.png, .gif, .jpg), location, vCard, video (.avi, .mp4), documents (.txt, .doc, .pdf, .csv) and even combinations of these types.

WhatsApp bulk sender can save a report automatically after each finished campaign. These reports can be shared within your company or provide client with your own custom branding.


  • Adding unlimited WhatsApp channels
  • Send text, audio, video, image and vCard files
  • Checking last seen status to filter active users
  • Sending future dated messages
  • Receive WhatsApp replies and instant replying
  • Personalized inbox
  • Can reply individually
  • Easy contact management
  • WhatsApp forwarding
  • Polls/ voting
  • Mass texting
  • Encoded message encryption
  • Free update and 24X7 support
  • Mobile keywords
  • Reporting/ analytics

Bulk WhatsApp sender – WhatsApp marketing tools and solutions

This is a WhatsApp marketing solution which includes WhatsApp channels, WhatsApp marketing services, WhatsApp marketing panel and WhatsApp marketing suite. This is known as the most active company which provides all kinds of WhatsApp marketing solutions. Many previous users appreciate their service.

Its users can create and maintain WhatsApp marketing campaign. Users are capable of controlling speed, a delay time period between messages and controlling sleep time.


  • Unlimited message sending
  • Groups contacts grabber
  • Multimedia message sending
  • Anti-block module
  • Sleep control
  • Speed control
  • Delay control
  • Numbers filters

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