Whatsapp Status For Promise Day (2023)

Promises are given for reasons and are fulfilled according to circumstances. So in any life, he or she makes a promise for any one. So here are some best and cute Status For Promise Day. Have a look..

Short Status for Whatsapp

Short Status for Whatsapp
  • A promise is the threshold of a lie.
  • Never promise the impossible.
  • Despite all his promises, he still hurts me 
  • Without fulfilling a promise once, it’s better not to give it a hundred times
  • Who is more careful in their promises is more precisely in their fulfilment.
  • They wanted the best, but it turned out – as always. 
  • A man always promises more than he can.
  • He does not feed promises as a person, but he still looks at food.
  • Not sure – do not promise.
  • A promise is an assurance of one’s decency.
  • No big words, oaths or promises. Just make your loved one happy.
  • Noodles are a side dish of promises.
  • A man is that person who keeps his promises and emotions !!!
  • All men first firmly promise, and then softly evade.
  • Promises are what should be fulfilled, not sounded, and forgotten.
  • Men either promise the impossible or do not fulfil the promise.
  • To everyone for whom I dream, I promise to come true.
  • He promised to do it. You can’t fulfil. So don’t swear.
  • There is nothing worse than the doubtful glory of the windbag.
  • One “today” is worth two “tomorrow.”
  • While some promise, others do 
  • Whom they overfeed with promises, he even shies away from his wishes.
  • Departing from obligations, you will have to pay at a higher price. 
  • Some people like to fool with promises, although they are deceived.
  • Promised – half made happily.
  • There is nothing more comfortable than a promise.
  • A real man always fulfils the promise. No matter how hard it was.
  • Real men are distinguished by the ability to keep their promises.
  • Some people make promises for the pleasure of breaking them.
  • Promises are tricks that fools fall.

Status Start with I For Promise Day

Status Start with I For Promise Day
  • I promise not to promise that I will return if I don’t expect to return.
  • I promise to learn how to iron your shirts if I take them off you !!!Happy Promise Day!
  • I hate such people who promise from three boxes and do not fulfill 
  • I can’t stand people who promise a bunch of things but don’t fulfill. And they come up with all sorts of excuses instead of admitting that they are shit.
  • I promise to remain faithful to you all night long.
  • I’ll probably marry you, and of course, I will be faithful. But for love? You know that I honestly can’t promise, unfortunately.
  • I will be your most beautiful ex. I promise
  • I promise I will be there. You say that you need it.
  • I give myself a word not to give myself a word anymore!
  • I fulfilled my promise. 
  • I next year promise to behave approximately like in this one!

If Status For Whatsapp

If Status For Whatsapp
  • If a woman says, “You could not keep me,” then she was not going to wait for you. No matter what she said, she promised and would not swear.
  • If a woman asks, we must sincerely promise.
  • If we are not always able to fulfill our promise, then it is still in our will not to give it. Happy Promise Day!
  • If the government had not fed us promises, we would never have fed up.

Long Status

Long Status
  • Consider whether what you promise is real and possible, because a promise is a duty.
  • Somehow he suddenly stopped noticing all the grey and strange people around because she promised to be boring.
  • Two things in the world are most often forgotten: an umbrella and promise to get married.
  • Love always promises an impossible reality and makes you believe in the impossible.
  • Yes, it’s true, I promised you mountains of gold. But there was no talk about the washing machine!
  • When men stop promising diamond mountains and buy love for empty words, women will learn to recognize love from pain.
  • The surest sign of failure to fulfil a promise is the ease with which people give
  • Over the past three years, I have already promised to marry her five times, but she’s still not enough. 
  • It is worth putting your head on the chopping block, as you immediately understand the stupidity of empty promises.
  • Promise only the impossible, and you will have nothing to reproach yourself.
  • It is not good to require a person to fulfil the promise. He already spent a lot of energy on promises.
  • People who throw words and promises to the wind, I would dash from the bridge and into the cold sea.
  • An ideal understanding is when you get promises, and you believe.
  • For you, I will get the moon from the sky and the stars! – How romantic you are! – Still, half a year – and you can’t imagine such garbage 
  • Every time you think that you read a book with my name, I will “blow up” your brain with a new story!
  • It is a pity that many people are using to just throwing words into the wind. 
  • Your loud promises have become my silent tears.
  • It is better not to promise and remake than to promise and not finish.
  • Those who promise too much will inevitably betray
  • A tiny good deed is better than the most severe promise to do the impossible.

Whatsapp Status For Promise Day

Whatsapp Status For Promise Day
  • Do not believe those who promise the golden mountains, such as nuggets in nature, do not exist.
  • Do not feed with words instead of bread.
  • Don’t forget to switch from beautiful words to beautiful actions 
  • Do not promise the virgin young love everlasting on earth.

Status stating with word Promise

Status stating with word Promise
  • Promises are like children crying in the theatre during a performance. They must be taken out immediately.
  • Promise something. Before that, remember in what unpredictable country you live. Remember? Thought? Did you promise? Well, good luck 
  • Promises have two categories: some can not be kept; others should not be made. 

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