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Whatsapp Group Names For Friends – Latest Collection (2023)

Hello, Do you have WhatsApp groups with your friends? Yes. I know you all have chat groups. And what is your group name? Don’t you have a unique name for the group? Don’t worry. We are trying to give you a collection of whatsapp Group Names For Friends.

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Some are searching for serious names. Some are searching for funny names. And all of you are searching for a creative and unique name for your WhatsApp group with friends. Here you can select a group name according to your expectations.

Events Related Whatsapp Group Names For Friends

Sometimes people create groups for special occasions like parties, weddings, trips and get together events, etc. So, in this case, people use names related to these events because it is easy to identify the group.

Events Related Whatsapp Group Names For Friends
  • Party guys
  • Hackers
  • Dream travelers
  • Birthday destroyers
  • Traveling time
  • Travelers
  • Wedding planners
  • Funny events
  • Pizza time
  • Be calm & get ready for the party
  • Street Radio 
  • Smoke Record
  • Folk song 
  • The Spirit 

Best Whatsapp Group Name for Teenagers

Different people’s favor is different. When we make groups with our friends, we can name these groups according to the persons in that group.. and what they are doing? You also can find a unique and attractive name for your groups.

Best Whatsapp Group Name for Teenagers
  • Teenagers
  • Nature lovers
  • Next-generation
  • Young crowd
  • Teenage frame
  • School Leavers
  • Bachelors place
  • No job company
  • Music Lovers
  • Future of the country
  • Single people
  • Married guys
  • Parliament
  • Beginners
  • Free teenagers
  • Romantic lovers
  • Bike riders
  • Radical lovers
  • Film adapters
  • Heart catchers
  • Avengers
  • Hackers
  • Drinkers
  • Startup lovers
  • Special characters
  • Ice sword 
  • Inevitable reflection 
  • Peacock 
  • Moral damage 
  • Russian beaver 
  • Anthem to dogs

Conditional Whatsapp Group Names

Do you have conditions in your WhatsApp group? In some groups, there are some conditions for the group members. And we can use this condition as the group name. By using these conditions as the group names, we can memorize the requirements to the group members again and again. And it is a unique way of naming groups. Here are some group names like that.

Conditional Whatsapp Group Names
  • No discipline
  • No limit
  • No boasting people
  • No traffic
  • No professionals
  • No time
  • No adults
  • No other works
  • No worries
  • No girls
  • No words
  • No porn
  • No break
  • Not allowed fake people
  • No rules
  • No Money
  • No lies
  • No failures
  • No gestures
  • No admin
  • No discounts
  • No risk
  • Only for bold girls
  • No more words
  • Funny friends only
  • No more descriptions
  • Smile is must
  • No mistakes
  • Be honest
  • No smokers

Funny WhatsApp Group Names for Friends

Friends are always funny. So in some WhatsApp groups, they have no particular reason to chat. They think about day to day life, about gossips and fun stories, etc. When we are naming these groups, usually, we use just funny names. Not any special words. Here is a collection of funny WhatsApp group names for friends.

 Funny WhatsApp Group Names for Friends
  • Chatter Boxes
  • Mental ward
  • Fashion queens
  • Gossip gallery
  • Funny rest
  • Lazy boys
  • Beauty queens
  • Cool planet
  • Queens palace
  • Walky talky
  • Gossip world
  • Ghosts
  • Free gossips
  • Killers
  • 1st class
  • Crazy nuts
  • Ladies who are afraid to sleep
  • Voices of a cockroach 
  • Pink bear 
  • A man came from Hitler
  • Bouquet of flowers
  • Salary of Hercules
  • King’s forehead
  • The Truth
  • Inventory affairs 
  • Geographically mill
  • A little owl
  • Robbery of fire
  • Cloud in pants
  • Loving Wands
  • Champions
  • Weakness
  • Toothache
  • Kama Sutra 
  • Straight Socket
  • In the heart
  • Yellow devil
  • Special characters

Heart Touching Team Names

Friends are forever. Always they are with us in not only happiness. But also in sadness. So they are very close to our lives. Because of that, we use very heartiest names when we are creating a WhatsApp group of this dearest friends. You also try with this collection and be the most heartfelt to your friends.

Heart Touching Team Names
  • Kind hearts
  • Smile, please
  • Nothing to worry
  • Smile by heart
  • Friends forever
  • Friends addicted
  • We know all
  • Life goals
  • People I love
  • We are one
  • Dream team
  • New hope
  • Sweethearts
  • We
  • Fabulous friends
  • Friends for life
  • Be a good friend
  • Friendship goals

Group Names for Girls Groups

Girls are always talking about beauty, fashions, cosmetics, and new trends, etc. So if we use a name related to these things, girls attract these groups very quickly. So for girls WhatsApp groups, it is more suitable to use words linked to the fashion world. Hurry up and try with this name collection.

Group Names for Girls Groups
  • Nice faces
  • Black girls
  • Hostel gang
  • Ten angels
  • Girls
  • Girl Gang
  • Hot & Sexy
  • Mermaids
  • Fairy world
  • Single ladies
  • Wine girls
  • Chubby girls
  • Naughty girls
  • Without makeup
  • Latest fashion
  • Smart girls
  • Selling Chorus
  • Grandma of garlic
  • The intangible horse
  • The spring 

Group Names for Boys

Boys are always strong ones. They like to talk about the many healthiest things, criminals, games and hard-working, etc. So if you need to create a WhatsApp group with a special and unique name for boys, use this kind of words to your name. They will love the group, and they will always spend their time in the group.

Group Names for Boys
  • Strong youth
  • Street boys
  • Top ten
  • Silent killers
  • Busy buddies
  • Night owls
  • Foot printers
  • Life suckers
  • Hard workers
  • Handsome guys
  • Gaming gang
  • Busy friends
  • Devils
  • Friendship frame
  • Classroom
  • Blast
  • Fighting room
  • Kill the silence
  • Fighters
  • Beautiful feathers 
  • Blue sheep
  • Nasty time
  • King of Diamond
  • Group Man
  • Paradise
  • Three
  • Vibrations
  • Surprise
  • Fours
  • To Down
  • Wireless 
  • Conductor
  • House
  • Twisted
  • Adultery

Level Wise

In our social status, there are so many levels of our society according to many reasons. As an example, if we get a company, there are excellent staff, low-level staff like that. So if there is a group for them, they can use the name like below. By using these names, they can identify the group comfortably.

  • High levelers
  • Rich people
  • Toppers
  • Top ratings
  • Poor guys
  • Rebel Painter
  • Fluffy clay

Whatsapp Group Names For Friends of Motivational Groups

Friends are always together. They help us with our success. So for that, they always motivate us. In this kind of group, if we are using some words related to motivation, it will attract your friends to the group comfortably.

Whatsapp Group Names For Friends of Motivational Groups
  • Let’s do it
  • Keep in touch
  • Sorry for disturbing
  • Quick response
  • Just response
  • Next step
  • Free advice
  • New option
  • Career Guidance
  • Another option
  • Let it go
  • Join us
  • We can do it
  • Plans
  • Earn your best
  • New start

Time-based Names

A lot of people chat in WhatsApp group according to their schedule. Some are chatting when they are in the office. As well as, some are talking when they have free time only. Some are talking on vacation days. So we can use the following types of a name for these groups.

  • Long chat
  • Relax circle
  • Laughing time
  • Day to day life
  • Walk & Talk
  • Work with chatting
  • Time waste
  • Bed chatting
  • Peak time
  • Weekend vibes
  • Vacation mode on
  • Observation diary
  • Sleepy bull

Name a group of friends interest in music

Name a group of friends interest in music
  • Music in the car.
  • New Music 2020
  • Music is not for everyone.
  • Music for training.
  • Musical Hits.
  • Music for you.
  • Your music.
  • Musical novelties
  • Street Radio Group
  • Band’s Gadgets
  • Rock
  • Star Worm 

Boys Group Names interested in Technology 

Boys Group Names interested in Technology
  • How to assemble a computer yourself
  • Jack of all trades: the best power tool
  • Practical reality at home
  • Warm tube sound
  • Only for Nokia owners
  • Reviews of the new gaming industry
  • Club PlayStation fans

Long Group Names

  • The Postcard to the Doctor
  • The long-awaited bird lover
  • The Voices of the cockroach
  • Word on the newspaper
  • Supporting the bag
  • The Name of God
  • Swears with the sky
  • Bank of Santa Claus
  • Death by a cup of tea
  • Waterfall in pajamas
  • Adventure saints alcoholics
  • He wakes up and you
  • The 5 four-legged people
  • The Mischievous grave

Friends Group Names for food lovers

Friends Group Names for food lovers
  • Cream sauce
  • The Russian cuisine
  • The bullet in own juice
  • The pink bear
  • Cherry Juice
  • Friends of Chicken
  • Bear and his talented master 
  • Coca-Fish
  • Stone Stew
  • Umbrella of cucumber 
  • The sheep’s shadow 
  • The father of the file
  • The chicken dish 
  • Easter Cake 
  • Sandwich bail


Here I think that you have a sufficient number of WhatsApp group names for friends. There are so many types of names. We can group them as follow :

  • Events related
  • Person wise
  • Conditions wise
  • Just crazy names
  • Boys groups
  • Levels
  • Motivational words
  • Time-based names

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