100+ Family Love Quotes – I Love My Family (2023)

In this article, I will show you beautiful family love quotes. All human beings like to spend a happy life. If you are spending a happy life, you can share how you feel. You can select the most adobrable one to share that quote with your family members to show your love for them. Have fun!

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  1. Family is what you wake up for every day, breathing every second, and praying to God in every moment to protect you and your family.
  2. A happy family is the first heaven on erath
  3. Family is important but difficult! In other hand, it is impossible to live happily alone!
  4. Many people can make a fortune, but very few can build strong family bonds
  5. A man who has forgotten his family cannot be called a real man
  6. If we do something for the good, then we have nothing to worry about. And there is no good higher than a family.
  7. To keep the peace in the family, you need patience, love, understanding and of course 2 computers.
  8. The dream of a marriage in heaven is completely unrealistic
  9. Family is the most important thing in a life. You may have good days, bad days, but in the evening of every day someone will be waiting for you at home.
  10. Family is the only real wealth.
  11. Any stable relationship between a man and a woman must be constantly worked, built and rebuilt, constantly renewing them through mutual personal understanding.
  12. Modesty and kindness are the most needed one in a family life than wealth and proud beauty. 
  13. A good family is one where the husband and wife forget that they are lovers during the day and that they are spouses at night.
  14. The family can only develop with a loving woman.
  15. No matter how much a person has, he still needs a family. You can’t replace family with money, career, or friends.
  16. The family is a mutual bearing of burdens and sacrifices.
  17. Marriage is a long conversation interrupted by arguments
  18. The family is like a piece of the puzzle. You will find the missing piece, and from that, the picture of life can be formed.
  19. A good wife will both iron and iron. 
  20. A family is strong if a moment of happiness is repeated many times.
  21. Someday you will do things for them that you hate. This is because they are your family.
  22. Happiness is when you have a large, friendly, caring, loving family in another city.
  23. A successful marriage is a building that needs to be remodeled every day.
  24. The family replaces everything. Therefore, before starting it, you should think what is more important to you: everything or family.
  25. Get married is to halve your rights and double your responsibilities. 
  26. Marriage is like a pair of scissors. The halves can move in opposite directions, but will teach a lesson to anyone who tries to stand between them. 
  27. In family life, the main thing is patience. Love cannot last long.
  28. In family life, the most important thing is love.
  29. The family is either constant trouble or a reliable support.
  30. The meaning of a real man’s life should be his family. Beloved wife and beloved children. Everything else is second.
  31. Marriage is a means of saving oneself from old age in love.
  32. There is nothing more dangerous than linking your fate with the fate of a woman just because she is beautiful and young. 
  33. My son will not know what an incomplete family is. Because, I choose Beloved for life.
  34. Family is such a good thing that many have two at once.
  35. When everything is good, it is easy to be together: it’s like a dream. But, you have to be together when it’s bad. 
  36. The family is your masterpiece, which you create with your own hands.
  37. The family is where the husband is honored, the wife is loved, the children are carefree and happy.
  38. Love is a play, marriage is a work.
  39. Family is the most important thing, that’s what makes our heart beat.
  40. A happy marriage is a long conversation that always seems too short.
  41. Keep your eyes wide before the wedding and close your eyes after.
  42. A family is when they love each other for four months, quarrel for four years, suffer each other for fourty years.
  43. A man’s decision to marry is the last one he makes himself.
  44. Family is the most important thing in the world. If you don’t have a family, consider that you have nothing. Family is the strongest bond in your life.  
  45. Loveless marriage is fighting with love outside of marriage.
  46. A fairy tale is when he married a frog, and it turned out to be a princess. And reality is when it’s the other way around. 
  47. A woman is the salvation or death of a family.
  48. If your husband does not appreciate you, this does not always mean that you are not good, but it means that your relationship is not worth.
  49. Family happiness is very fragile. There is no need to test it for strength. Having scattered into fragments, it will no longer stick together.
  50. If the family is not filled with children’s screams, there will be adults.
  51. An ideal family is an sea of love and goodness in the desert of everyday evil.
  52. Marriage is the only war where you can sleep with the enemy.
  53. The only thing you have to worry about is your family that let the rest worry about yourself!
  54. All marriages are successful. But difficulties begin when life begins together. So, you have to go through it. 
  55. Family is not the only place where you have to be decent, but the first.
  56. To create a family, love is enough. To protect it, you need to learn to be patience and forgive.
  57. The most important and valuable thing in life is family. First, the one in which you are born, and then the one that you create yourself.
  58. All friends let you down sooner or later. The family is the only support.
  59. In family life, keeping your dignity must be able to yield to each other.
  60. My family is strange: dad talks to his car, mom with flowers, sister with cats, I’m the only one normal with a computer and a phone.
  61. Mornings for Work. Evenings for the family.
  62. Maintain normal marital relations in the family to meet a happy old age together 
  63. A happy marriage is a marriage in which the husband understands every word that the wife has not said
  64. Family is an invaluable gift. It must be protected, not destroyed. 
  65. The family is the first environment where a person must learn to do good.
  66. A happy wife is a happy family. An unhappy wife is a bad luck for the rest of your days.
  67. The main thing in family life is patience. Love cannot last long. 
  68. Only strong love can make change for those petty misunderstandings that arise during life together. 
  69. What is family? People who need you in joy and sorrow, in good or bad, they will be at the right moment and stay with you, no matter what.
  70. In an ideal family, the wife does not know where the money comes from, and the husband does not know where it goes.
  71. The family is a court of justice of which is not interrupted even at night.
  72. All happy families are same and each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.
  73. The key to family happiness is kindness, frankness, responsiveness. 
  74. Marriage is like a fortress. Those who inside would like to get out of it; those outside would like to break into it.
  75. Creating a warm, caring, supportive family in your home is perhaps the most important thing you can do for your loved ones.
  76. It’s no secret that a happy marriage is based on a balance of patience and love.
  77. In family life, the most important thing is love. 
  78. Much of families are built from the wife talking too much and the husband listening too little. 
  79. A normal family does not exist without conflicts.
  80. Happy is he who all is happy at home.
  81. The family starts with children.
  82. The best that a father can do for his children is to love their mother.
  83. The main thing in family life is patience as love cannot last long.  
  84. Those who love the truth should seek love in marriage.
  85. Nothing changes a person more than finding out family relationships. 
  86. A good family is one in which the husband and wife forget that they are lovers during the day and that they are spouses at night.
  87. Lack of family happiness contributes to career growth.
  88. Love is blind, but marriage restores sight
  89. Marriage is sacred. But, it’s better to ruin a marriage than to let it ruin you!
  90. The family is strong,
  91. The main reasons for the stress and depression in a person’s life are: family, money and family without money.
  92. There are fathers who do not love their children, but there is no grandfather who would not idolize his grandson.
  93. A husband and wife should be like a hand and eyes: when the hand hurts, the eyes cry, and when the eyes cry, their hands wipe away the tears.
  94. You need to get married when you fall in love with everyday life, when you are happy to watch TV together and give birth to children.
  95. Family is work caring for each other with a lot of homework. 
  96. Getting married is a very serious step in a life.
  97. The answer to the question “why do people get married”, I do not know.
  98. A child who has been abandoned by his family remains an orphan until his death.
  99. The head of the family, no doubt, should be the husband. But, on one condition. He should deserves it.
  100. When returning from a business trip, do not be lazy to call home from the station.

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