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Top 50 Happy Retirement Wishes in 2023

Hi, Are you going to wish somebody on her or his retirement? Then yes, we have lots of top and beautiful, meaningful retirement wishes. So you can select the best one for you and send them wishing them good luck and everything they want.

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  1. A long-awaited rest has come for you today. You have dedicated many years for this. Today we all got together to take you to the retirement. We sincerely wish you health. Do not get sick, do not be depressed; do not be sad!
  2. Today we have a task to congratulate you on your retirement. Do not be sad, because you have to celebrate your success. Retirement is so cool. Congratulations on your retirement. 
  3. Congratulations on your retirement! We don’t know how we will be without you. At least send SMS! Everyone will be glad for you! Now worries are over. There is no more work, so the time is all free. Do what your heart wants!
  4. Congratulations! Travel and walk more. You will have a rest in the high class. You need to give your soul a rest. But do not forget about us. 
  5. I congratulate on this day. Pension is like a heaven on earth! I sincerely wish you enjoy with all your soul.
  6. We wish you all the best, happiness and great joy. Be always lovely and beautiful as before, when you are young! You know that a pension is a reward, so you need to enjoy it.
  7. Congratulations! We wish you more rest. You can now walk from the morning to the evening. Find Something to love so that unfortunate and sadness will disappear forever.
  8. Congratulations on your retirement. We wish you an excellent rest so that your every hour is enjoyable. You can spend the whole summer in the garden. Retirement has come. I wish you can live in peace with your family.
  9. Today we wish you great happiness and prosperity. Now you can relax with your family and friends because you deserve it. Do not forget about us, and please come to visit us more often! Happy retirement!
  10. It will be difficult for us without you! You decided to leave us and send you to freedom. So, we let you go on vacation! Never lose heart. Be cheerful and healthy.
  11. You never be lazy in the winter in the cold or in the summer in the heat. So now it’s time for a well-deserved rest! Now new worries await you with a tornado of desires in young life!
  12. Retirement is just the beginning for a new life where there is no place for boring work, but there is always time for your favourite activities like hobbies, travelling and, most importantly for your loved ones. I wish you to spend more time on your mental and physical health. The main thing is to stay young at heart!
  13. We don’t know how we will be without you. At least send SMS! Everyone will be glad for you! Problems are over. There is no more work, But the time is all free. Do what your heart desires!
  14. We wish you pleasure and congratulations on this beautiful moment! Let this little bonus of freedom give you big happy feelings. May trouble goes far away. Remember, everything will come to your life before you expect it as before.
  15. We congratulate you on your new position! After all, you need to earn a pension. You have to dig for many years, and sometimes you even didn’t get time to rest. And today you have reached the date. Finally, it’s time to rest. So Congratulation! I wis you great happiness and good health.
  16. You have become a senior retired person. Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts! Rest and no work anymore. Today tells us a lot: You can walk in the park as long as you want, or watch TV on the whole day. Or you can fall in love again, and you can even marry a second time!
  17. We send you our sincere congratulation. Is this old age? No, pension is freedom of freedom! You can proudly mark the end of the labor path. So, now you can start your way of hobbies, meetings and free time.
  18. Good luck for years and love for centuries. May your health do not fail you. So, Congratulation on your retirement! You deserve these wishes. Because you are a great employee. There is no doubt about that. Now the golden time has come to collect the fruits of your efforts.
  19. Congratulation! Today we have gathered here to spend your retirement with a long-awaited and luxurious gift to give you as a remembrance. Therefore, may our bright and beautiful congratulations please you and bring you luck always.
  20. Who said retirement is the end of the road? Because, It is the beginning of the fun. You won’t be bored in retirement. May all the nights be bright. So, do not think about your old age. Congratulations on your retirement.
  21. You are retiring today. It was pleasant for us to work with you. You are a wonderful colleague who knows the job more than anyone else. We hope you will not forget us and find time to visit us for a minute. Wonderful holiday! You deserve it!
  22. The world opens its doors for you. So, look how great it is! Retirement will allow you to build your days with freedom. You can fly to anywhere for any days. No need to find a substitute for your work! No need to wait for the weekend! Congratulations on your retirement!
  23. Congratulations! You can enjoy your retirement! You have worked so many years and the day has come at last. Now you can give your full care to your whole family all day.
  24. You were always fast at work. And your experience knows no limits. May there will be no sad pages in your life of book! I wish your life would become more prosperous, even if your hair has turned grey. Congratulations!
  25. Do not rush to the office anymore. Now, start living for yourself. But do not forget about us either. I wish you a life without pain and trouble, but only the bright sun and loyal friends! Congratulations!
  26. I wish you happiness, health as a dream. May there be no storms, troubles, bad weather! For many years you have been at work. You worked so hard. You have achieved a lot! Now the time has come because you have become a retired person. Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts!
  27. Congratulations! Now, stop thinking about work. Enjoy your life as a child. Let life not be stuck to a table, your sofa, and pillow. So, now you can swim, ride a horse, or dance with your girlfriend! 
  28. Now you are going to retire. You can sleep, rest and relax. There is no time to be bored. I wish strength and cheerfulness. You have successfully passed the exam because you have been working for so many years. So, you deserve this rest, and you have a lot of things to do.
  29. Congratulations on your retirement! I wish you health, prosperity, and strength. Do not get bored. But if life becomes boring, come back to us again! Enjoy your life. 
  30. You are young at heart and look great! You are an example of professionalism, knowledge, and encouragement for many of us! We deeply respect and love you. We have a little sad because today you are retiring. Therefore, we wish you many beautiful days full of bright events, good news, and interesting meetings.
  31. You are retiring now. Congratulation on this memorable moment. I have to tell you. Your work was so precious to us! Therefore do not hope to rest quietly at your home! We wish you more health for you and the beautiful comfort in your house!
  32. Congratulations! Your boss is no longer trouble. Monday does not annoy you. The golden time is coming. If you want, sleep, but if you wish, read, or walk. Parks, theatres and cinemas have been waiting for you for a long time. So, enjoy!
  33. We sincerely congratulate you! Today is your retirement. Do not complain that there is still a lot of strength in you. We know you have great potential. But the moment has come to release you and go for the vacation! Good Luck!
  34. Pension is a new series of life, an amazing time you can relax. Therefore, I wish you motivation so that every day is not dull for you and good health to feel a youthful soul again.
  35. We sincerely want to congratulate you on your long-awaited retirement. May every day be like this – joyful and desirable. It was so easy for us to work together. We surely miss you. Good Luck!
  36. We sincerely send these warm wishes! May your health be perfect! You have worked for many years, and therefore you honestly deserve a reward. Therefore we send you to retirement. Good Luck, buddy!
  37. We wish you to enjoy your vacation with your beloved family. Hooray! Because, the moment has come. Now, you are a pensioner!
  38. Thank you for your support and your wise advice. For us, you are always an explorer. So, we wish you happiness in life with a calm pension. After all, this is good, don’t you? Everything in your life would be stable. Now you can plan your leisure time. Congratulations!
  39. The pension has come. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart, May your dreams come true. So, do not be discouraged. Do not miss your work. So, relax and have fun. Enjoy your new life!
  40. You gave joy and so many memories to us! You have given so much knowledge to us. Although it’s time to retire, there are so many things ahead. You can go for jogging and fishing at any time. Congratulations!
  41. After hard days, we need rest. So here it is. You need to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Therefore, good luck in retirement and enjoy your life!
  42. Congratulations and wish you a happy time to spend in your retirement life usefully, but still lovely at home! Any pension is like a holiday. So, today is the day. All the problems will disappear at once.
  43. You have worked very hard and achieved respect. It’s time to retire. We wish you not to be sad. Finally, you can spend a lot of time with your family. Relax and enjoy. Congratulations!
  44. You are retired, hurray! No need to get up in the morning now. So enjoy this pension time. I wish you strength and health so that you can develop hobbies filling the days with purpose.
  45. Congratulations! May you have joyful hours after your all success. You should be happier than anyone! May sadness does not break your happiness! May this time in your life give you a lot of peace, love so that the road is long. 
  46. Now, you have time to take your grandchildren to the theatre. May life be more pleasant, more fun so that you never want to stop! Come here to rest and Good luck! Don’t say goodbye. I wish you happiness in your golden years!
  47. After all, every day is valuable, and retirement is not old age at all! We congratulate you. Today is a special moment for you because you have finished your work path. I wish you good health, peace and a fantastic life ahead. 
  48. Call all your grandchildren to visit. And also get your friends together. Now you are free. We congratulate you on your retirement! Do not be afraid to retire because you are not old in your soul. Do not worry about your health.
  49. There is nothing to wish for here. It’s time to rest and the pension is, after all, a reward for your long and hard work. Then there is no need to be sad! We will never forget you!
  50. Today is not a happy celebration. Because today is your farewell, but it’s a happy moment for you. Now you do not need to get up early. No hurry for work, although it will be more challenging to fall asleep. Congratulations!

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