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Top 50 New Baby Wishes to Parents in 2023

Baby is the most valuble gift that anyone can get in his or her lives. So if you’re reading this article, then you are defenetely searching wishes to send to one of your beloved one’s baby shower. Do not worry. Here I present you beautiful baby shower wishes. Please go through our whole article and select the beautiful one for going to be mothers!

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  1. I congratulate with all my heart on the birth of your miracle and greatest joy. May all the angels always protect the baby and make your child’s path to be bright and pleasant. 
  2. I wish your cute baby doll a happy childhood without disappointments and a wonderful life with cheerful laughter and endless love. Let the baby grow and enjoy every day.
  3. Congratulations on this great event, the birth of your beautiful baby, a long-awaited son! I wish your child to grow up as an active, healthy, strong, and happy one. May your family always full of prosperity, patience, harmony and great achievements at each stages of your baby’s life!
  4. There is no more happiness than a birth of a child! Let him grow up as a brave and fair child. He will surely become your reliable support. May only good people meet on his way. 
  5. This is a miracle for your family. I wish you patience, prosperity, quiet nights, support from your family, and a sweet home. Let the child grow up as a strong and active child!
  6. Great happiness has come to your family. Congratulate on this joyful event. I wish you patience, wisdom, strength, and energy. Let your son grow up as a healthy and happy child. She will surely pleases you with her wonderful andheartfelt smile!
  7. It’s a great happiness for your family! You have become parents! Now, your house is filled with cheerful laughter, love, and happiness. I wish health, quiet nights, and happy days to both parents and child.
  8. Congratulations on your beautiful little flower! I wish your kids achievements, good health, smiles, and endless love. Happy Newborn!
  9. Congratulations on the long-awaited and incredibly desirable moment, the birth of my son! I wish you quiet nights, patience, and happiness, love, and harmony. Let the Guardian Angel protect your child!
  10. Congratulations on the birth of your happiness, your wonderful baby. May the baby’s fate be happy without sadness. I wish you can raise a wonderful child who will confidently achieve all his goals and desires!
  11. Today is the day of your happy miracle come to your life, the birth of a child. Let your baby grow and learn the world with successes and wonderful steps. I wish you patience, quiet nights and strength. May happiness and love bless your sweet home!
  12. Mother and father! Congratulations on the birth of your child! We wish your baby to grow up as a beautiful, healthy, and happy child! May this day be the happiest for your family!
  13. Congratulations on the birth of your precious gift, your beloved and dearest child! I wish the brightest and colorful world and successful steps in your life with your son. May the child always be your great joy and great pride in your whole life!
  14. Congratulations! I wish you can raise your child as a strong, healthy, and happy child. May ​​love always surrounds him, and his life path is long and happy. I wish you that your baby will always please you. 
  15. From the bottom of my heart, I congratulate you on the birth of your little man. I wish strength, good health and achievements for your baby and love and mutual understanding for you both. May your family only have happy and bright days filled with joy and prosperity!
  16. Congratulations on the birth of your baby! May this miracle bring happiness to your home forever. I wish the baby to grow up healthy, strong, and calm.
  17. I wish your big family full of health, prosperity, and happiness on every moments!
  18. Congratulations! The appearance of your baby is a mystery and miracle of miracles! May all your days filled with happiness, joy, and light!
  19. Congratulations! I wish happiness, health, peace for you and your newborn baby. Let the child grow up as a playful and brilliant child with his successes and achievements.
  20. I wish good health, strong strength and prosperity for your family. Raise and educate your wonderful and lovely child for whom the whole world will find joy and miracles.
  21. Congratulations! Now, your world has become brighter, more beautiful, and more fun with the appearance of your newborn baby. May your child grow in love and joy, and your family always be harmony.
  22. Congratulations on your newborn! I wish this happiness fill your home with joy, care, health, love, dreams of the future, and miracles. 
  23. I wish you the family peace and prosperity and love and understanding as parents. May good health and miracles find you a happy face!
  24. I congratulate you on the birth of your new born! May he grow and become a reliable support for you in the future. The most important thing is that he should meet only kind and sympathetic people on the path of life!
  25. Happy Newborn! Let your son grow up as a real hero and pride for you guys! Your son will be a purposeful, brave and cheerful boy! May your life full of strong health, success, and boundless happiness!
  26. Congratulations on the addition to your family! May your boy grow up as a strong, healthy child and make your life happy one.
  27. My dear new parents, congratulations! May your life is fun and cheerful with joy, happiness, and good health. I wish God always be with you guiding and supporting you!
  28. May your little angel grow up as a healthy, strong and happy child! I wish you patience, a lot of love, new ideas, and discoveries which will make your baby strong!
  29. Congratulations on this joyful event, the birth of your baby! I wish your child be a cheerful, joyful boy who has an easy life, happiness, beautiful childhood, a strong love of relatives, and good luck on the path of his whole life.
  30. Congratulations on the birth of your baby! I wish you can raise him as a real gentleman.  
  31. I would like to wish health and strength to the baby and you. May your boy grow up as a happy, kind and, brave, smart, and beautiful child. Your baby boy will surely become a real man one day. But for now, let him gain knowledge and strength for his future steps!
  32. I congratulate you on the brightest day in your life, the birth of an angel! May his path be easy with beautiful gifts! I wish you and your cute baby, good health, delicious milk, a painless tummy, calm nights, and smiling mornings!
  33. Happy Newborn! A new person appeared on our planet! May happiness and good luck accompany his entire life path!
  34. Dear young parents, today the stork has visited your happy home. Soon, you will have a new addition to your family. May your baby has everything he needs in life, and grow up healthy and happy. Good luck!
  35. Dear parents! Congratulations on your little one who shine your life with big joy and happiness. May your life become more pleasant and amazing, because there will be so many funny and joyful moments in future!
  36. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart on the birth of your wonderful son! May your baby grow as a strong, brave, smart, beautiful, cheerful and kind boy. I wish you happiness in his life and  prosperity, and peace to your family.
  37. Congratulations on the birth of this miracle! May the baby be healthy and happy! Hurrah!
  38. A real miracle happened. You became a mom and dad with your baby girl! Congratulation on this great joy and wish your baby can grow with good health, prosperity, obedience, and great love! May your tears appear in your eyes only for joy!
  39. Congratulations on the birth of your baby. I sincerely wish you a peaceful sky, good luck, and real happiness in your whole life. I wish joyful moments, love, and wonderful gifts.
  40. Congratulations on the birth of your child. God sent you this miracle. May your baby be full of strong strength, patience, prosperity, love, and family comfort.
  41. Congratulation you on this joyful event! The birth of a boy is not just pride and happiness. It is a continuation of the family. Let him grow up as a noble son for the joy of you, mom and dad.
  42. Congratulations on the appearance of your newborn. This new man will change your life for the better. Let him make your family even stronger and happier.  
  43. Congratulations on the news of your girl baby! I wish your little one to grow up as a beautiful, cheerful, intelligent and kind girl. May you both always have enough strength, desires, enthusiasm, bright holidays and cheerful days of family life.
  44. I congratulate you on your newborn son! I wish your boy good health and a lot of strength and patience for you, mom and dad! Let all the duties be pleasant and give you only happiness!
  45. I wish the child is healthy and his fate is wonderful. So that life only gives him laughter and fun, and everything in his life is easy. Congratulations, our new parents to your newborn!
  46. You have recently had a charming toddler. May the baby’s fate be easy and happy. Congratulations on the arrival of your baby! 
  47. Congratulations on the birth of your great happiness! May your son grow actively with only positive and pleasant worries, and be the healthiest and strongest boy! I wish your family patience and strength.
  48. I wish your baby’s start to be happy that can lead him to the right direction. Let the guardian angel always be as the baby’s back helping in difficult times. I wish your son smiles, successes, happiness, and purity!
  49. Congratulations on the birth of your child from the bottom of my heart! This kid will be more wonderful than anyone in the world.He will bring joy to the house! May your all life is always full of love and happiness!
  50. I wish you to grow up to glory as a healthy and beautiful baby. May smile be your long life friend. I wish you happiness, warm family hugs, and pleasant moments with your little miracle.

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