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Top 50 Happy Anniversary Wishes in 2020

  1. Congratulations on the anniversary! We will surprise you with gifts so that you can’t take a step!
  2. You both are kind, smart, beautiful, and cheerful! Stay like that for everyone to stare for many, many years! We congratulate you on this bright date. But don’t look at the years. With all our heart we wish you The happiest always!
  3. Happy anniversary! I wish you health, happiness, eternal youth, and the love of your children and your husband, who will support you in any situation!
  4. We congratulate you today while filling our wine glasses. We wish you health, happiness, and more anniversaries so that we can celebrate with your wine.
  5. I wish you the very best anniversary! Stay beautiful and sweet to each other and always healthy and cheerful and, most importantly be young in soul!
  6. May your anniversary is full of happiness and flowers as the most long-awaited day and as a song of joy without words. Many happy years to go with your husband with good health and bright successes on the way. So that I wish you never get tired and could continue to carry the light!
  7. On the anniversary, we sincerely wish you that you will be able to stay in full glory! Have a minimum of work and trouble to rejoice in life and smile and never leave happiness.
  8. The path to the anniversary is not easy: Sometimes it is harder, sometimes it is easier. But in general, this is the path of obstacles and victories. But you can go forward. I wish you warmth, kindness, joy, health, beauty, and the main dreams come true!
  9. I wish you to live cheerfully and strongly so that you never get tired of Laughing, singing songs, joking and to survive everything in the world, keeping warm in your heart, and being joyful. Do not worry, and do not be sad. Happy Wedding Anniversary!
  10. We wish both strength and health so that life full of love, and fate always give you youth, luck, success without obstacles!
  11. Congratulations on your anniversary from the bottom of my heart! It doesn’t matter how old you are. Let there be dawn on every day with a happy destiny, love, and great joy!
  12. You are the ideal of kindness and charm! A real woman capable of achieving anything! Let your anniversary be just one more reason to smile. Let your dreams come true hurry up, and everything will turn out the way you plan and even better!
  13. How beautiful you are, Goddess! You bloom day by day with much, and much happiness with full of joy, love, and kindness! Let’s walk more cheerfully through life, lovely and gently! Also, Let’s rejoice in life, and laugh forgetting about all problems!
  14. The anniversary is a fantastic and elegant moment. On this sunny holiday, I wish you happiness on your anniversary! Let the enthusiasm sparkle in your eyes forever. 
  15. Let the days be a light chain in a beautiful dance. Let the anniversary give joy and bright ocean emotions melting all worries like smoke! Happy wedding anniversary, my friends! Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts. 
  16. I wish to be the happiest couple in the world and live for a long time without getting old despite the dates, years, or anniversaries! May you be the most beautiful symbol of love and beauty!
  17. Congratulations on your anniversary from the bottom of our hearts to remain your beloved destiny until your last breath!
  18. Stay like that always cute, gentle, and sweet. So that in ten years again, we would be able to see you both as before. Happy and longtime anniversary!
  19. I wish you to enjoy your happy life forever with fulfilling your cherished dreams as soon as possible, very calmly and positively. Congratulation on your 1st wedding anniversary! 
  20. You are always the very charm couple with sweet smiles and eyes shining. We wish you to be the happiest ever! Happy 10th wedding anniversary!
  21. Darling, I don’t want to wish you much because your excellence is so many. Stay always the way you are! The age is nonsense. Let’s survive all the anniversaries! After all, the main thing in life is still that we do not grow old in our souls!
  22. Today is our anniversary! Nice a beautiful date! How distant we walked together. Time flies quickly, But you always remain my darling. You are lovely, soft, sweet, not knowing the dull boredom, But knowing the joy of work! Happy anniversary to my loving wife!
  23. With all my heart and soul, Congratulations on your anniversary! May all dreams and desires come true. Good luck and good health!
  24. May this anniversary day be the happiest date on which you meet each other, and all the good things that you dream about come true.
  25. I wish you happiness, kindness, love, and a successful career! Let there be more beautiful anniversaries and all blessings without limits!
  26. I wish that any crystals of your dreams do not break on the rocks of life in hot summer, flowering spring, snowy winter, and even rainy autumn. Happy anniversary my dear! May your eyes always shine with happiness!
  27. On this anniversary, I sincerely wish to remain the glory of your relations in your whole life! Live in joy and smile always. Enjoy your destiny! After all, I wish you both all the best.
  28. You are the cheerful, adorable, and the most beautiful couple on earth, as I know! You are an inspiration for everyone. I want you both to go on your life journey full of happiness until the last breath. so that all your dreams come true as the way you want!
  29. We wish you both health and strength so that you always have everything you want, and fate gave you youth, happiness, and success without any barriers! Happy Anniversary my dear!
  30. Happy anniversary dear! The woman is complex, just as sweet! We wish you to be happy forever and stay young forever. May your anniversary years only bring joy!
  31. You are deserving of the highest praise! Whatever you think of, everything will come true. Let everyone admire you. Be happy! I’m screaming in the whole world. Congratulation on your anniversary!
  32. Happy anniversary! I wish that everyday bloom in your soul to enjoy your sweet life. May your eyes sparkle with joy! 
  33. Let smiles and hugs warm you without fire. Happy anniversary to you! We sincerely wish you happiness, joy, peace, and kindness, so that every moment would be so romantic for you.
  34. I wish you joy, good luck, and health again! I hope you would be the greatest and brightest couple on earth! Happy anniversary to both of you!
  35. Why did we come to this house? It’s to congratulate the owner of this house. It’s a joke, darling. So, I wish you health, joy, laughter, singing, and dance in whole life! Let’s celebrate your anniversary without delay.
  36. May joy always enter your life, and may all the pleasant dreams come true so that you can be so happy! Let all doors open. You know, I believe in you. Congratulations to both of you who have been madly in love for years!
  37. Let’s drink fo your beauty, freshness, longtime love, purity, and care. I hope all the bad weather passes you. Happy Anniversary my friend!
  38. Let the glasses jingle more happily. Congratulations on your anniversary! We wish the attention of your spouse, family, and friends, kindness, strength, peace, and harmony.
  39. Your house is friendly and kind. Once again, we are celebrating your anniversary! How old is she today? We will not talk about that. But we wish you and her the most important thing to live in health and joy!
  40. We wish you warmth in your house, prosperity in your business, and a sea of ​​love! Always have everything you need and live with pleasure! Happy 50 th anniversary, my parents!

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