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Top 50 Happy Wedding Wishes for Cards in 2021

  1. I can’t control my happiness. It’s lovely to see you in wedding dress dear! No more words. Now, you are halves of each other and be like tht forever! Happy wedding Day!
  2. Congratulations! Let your dreams come true. You both have many gifts from the God, May the flame of love and passion will not leave your eyes. We have a magnificent and lovely wedding to enjoy and, of course, we wish you a sincere and hot Love!
  3. I wish you happiness, health and lovely kids soon! May your all days begin with lovely smiles. Always appreciate each other, respect each other so that there will no any quarrels and sadness. Happy wedding life!
  4. Congratulations! I wish you can livehappily guarding each other peacefully. Do not be afraid of problems and obstacles. I will pass soon.
  5. Our dear young people, I want to wish you joy in your newly-started family life and may it be strong and your Love be beautiful! Live in complete harmony and may your family life be the happiest!
  6. May the family grow with prosperity, Joy, and luck. Respect, appreciate, Trust and keep loyalty for each other! Dear newlyweds, we congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts! May golden days await you with a lot of great joys.
  7. May everything be smooth in your family with a great love and sweet like a chocolate bar! Today is a joyful date. You have become husband and wife. We are very, very happy for you. After all, you are together!
  8. Happy wedded life! May everyday be as wonderful as your wedding day with joy and happiness! Let’s raise our glasses to your right choice and your joint and I wish that to be so happy with wonderful future!
  9. Congratulation on your Wedding day! You are now newlyweds. Today we let you go into family life. We wish you can live in peace with full of love. 
  10. May life be bright, cool like a dream and like in a beautiful fairy tale. Kind words to you my newlyweds! Congratulations on your wedding! May the dream life come to you in the eyes and the hearts with light, warmth and kindness.
  11. Congratulations! You are a wonderful couple. Live happily forever with great love, gifts. May everyday make cherish all your life with all your heart!
  12. Congratulation! Drive all adversity and sorrow out so that your life is full of joy and delight.
  13. I wish your hearts always beat in happiness and love. So try to always understand and love each other. May your family nest be warm and peacefull! I wish you can raise the healthiest, strongest and most joyful kids in the world!
  14. Dear bride and groom, I wish you the same tender and pure love as a fairy tale. may your relationship be beautiful like a wedding bouquets and moments as sweet as a wedding cake full of  sparkling happiness like champagne in your glasses! Congratulations! 
  15. I wish you can live together forever in harmony and Love with great happiness and wealth. The wedding is fun with dancing, and songs. I admire you couple. Happy wedded life!
  16. May everything will become succeful in your life full of surprises and great success. I wish you love, patience, Understanding, a lot of warmth, Passionate feelings and more respect, So that your life would be a fairy tale!
  17. Dear newlyweds! I wish your new and beautiful home with cute daughters’ laughters and intelligent and powerful sons and happiness and prosperity! May all the comming years of your married life be sweet, bright and cheerful! 
  18. I wish the you, young people that all your dreams and desires come true and have good luck in all matters! Happy wedded Life!
  19. Dear newlyweds, Congratulation you on your happiest day, your wedding day! Love and take care and respect each other. May your house be a full cup with children’s laughter and love always. We wish you great happiness, joy and good luck.
  20. Congratulations! May everything turn out as a fairy tale. And let a happy ending wait at the end with great love, tenderness and affection. After all, a wedding is only a fragment of life.
  21. We sincerely wish you. May prosperity, understanding and comfort be in your house and your path in life will be smooth!
  22. I would like to wish the young people that everything be succeful and all dreams and desires come true where all affairs continue successfully with good luck!
  23. Dear bride and groom, I wish you the great happiness and pure love as the snow white veil of the bride. May relationships are beautiful like a wedding bouque and every moments as sweet as a wedding cake. 
  24. Dear bride and groom, at this glorious hour, we would like to congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts. May you live happily ever after!
  25. Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts. Today you have become a family. I wish you a lot of happiness, health, earthly joy.
  26. Let your family star not fade away and shines everyday with love even in challenging hours! Open your heart to your partner’s heart. This is the secret of happiness and live peacefully forever in many glorious sweet years!
  27. On this most important day, I wish your family happiness, faith, love and hope. May your great love lead you through your life building your relationship and family. Never leave you in difficult times. Congratulations!
  28. We wish you love and warm nights standing up for each other like a mountain. You will surely have lovely and obedient children. 
  29. Congratulation you on your wedding. I wish you can be forever in love having lovely children. So live in happily and patience. I wish you can appreciate together in every moment. Happy wedding Day!
  30. What to wish for a wedding for such a beautiful couple? May love fires burn in your hearts so that the family budget grows and troubles pass. I wish you can be together for many years.
  31. Congratulations! You have made a beautiful union today. May it full of love! So that you can keep faith in each other and be happy together!
  32. Dear bride and groom, please accept my congratulations on your wonderful wedding! Three words are imporatant to bulid you future. That are only understaing, love and caring. So, don’t loose them!
  33. You are lovely and happy and you are intelligent and beloved. So, we admire you and wish you prosperity. Today is your great day where you have become a family. We wish you to climb this step together under the lucky star until the last breath!
  34. Always keep a warm light in your heart. Congratulations on your wedding. May the new family be happy and strong. 
  35. Always be reasonable in family matters and always understand and love each other. May your family nest be warm and happy! I wish you can raise the healthiest, strongest and most joyful kids in the world! Love you!

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