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Top 50 Happy Marriage Wishes Greetings (2023)

It would be so lovely if you have a few beautiful words to be spoken honestly to the newly wedded couple on their wedding day without just saying the congratulations. So prepare your marriage wishes in your own words. You don’t worry about that. I have prepared a list of the best wedding greetings to choose any wish you want and share with the couple or remake as you want. 

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  1. Congratulations on your wedding! You have decided to take this step. But know that life has both happy and sad days. Your happiness depends on both your support and the ability to think about each other. May there be a few sad days in your life with problems!
  2. Be healthy and live well, Now you are given to each other forever! So start enjoying your fate with love and peace. Now is the age to continue the race!
  3. Congratulations on your most special day in your both lives. You are born for each other. So trust and love always.
  4. I congratulate the bride and groom on your wonderful event because you have both found your cherished and most beloved soul mate, and today united your souls and hearts forever!  
  5. Congratulations! I wish you will soon be a dad with beautiful babies! May God protect you and give good health and great happiness!
  6. Happy wedded life! Love each other always. Each year, I wish you can add joy, happiness, peace, and passion to it.
  7. Happy wedded day, dear newlyweds! Today we are celebrating the wonderful event of the birth of a new family! Start your life with soft steps, which will make you more confident every day. May wisdom, love, patience, and respect be with you always. We wish you can celebrate 100 anniversaries with each other and enjoy life!
  8. Love, help and befriend. If you suddenly have to part, Let there be a desire for each other! May there be passion and peace in life, and children for the first and the second!
  9. There are fun and obstacles in life. Everything should be sought out Together. I want to cheer you and wish them a happy start!
  10. Congratulations! I wish Love, Happines, peace and all the wishes be with you untill your last breath. May your every days be as your wedding day!
  11. After all, you are just starting to live together. Do not quarrel. Young people always have to be with love. It is necessary for life. A happy marriage and wedded life!
  12. Happy wedded life! If you have the one you want to see is great happiness. Remember always that your loved one is next to you. May prosperity always be with you!
  13. Happy wedded life! May your mother-in-law will be sweet! Just kidding! I honestly wish you patience, peace and happiness! 
  14. Happy wedding day! Always help each other, show care, and be responsible. I wish happiness and unfading love to your newly made union!
  15. I wish our newlyweds with all my heart that your life would be as joyful and fun as this wedding. Today is awesome. I’m really happy for you because you, the heroes of this occasion, are happy and at the same time you give us a moment to joy and pleasure. 
  16. Congratulations on your wedding day, guys! I wish you won’t sleep at night and can give birth to wonderful children! Just kidding! I wish you strong love and a happy family!
  17. Congratulations! Dear ones, I am very glad to see you both as the bride and groom! I wish you always to be happy and loving and live forever in harmony with each other. Understand each other perfectly, and support each other in everything! 
  18. We wish you both trust and loyalty and trouble-free life. May well-paid job, and the opportunity come to your life to have a great rest! I wish your life would be sweet as raspberries. Let your family life be as a real holiday and only good news come to your house. Do not let faith and love leave you!
  19. We all know that marriage can be so strong with your love over the years. It depends on you. So, let your feelings grow stronger without losing love and affection. Be faithful to each other and learn to forgive and understand without getting hung up on small quarrels. Live in joy and love!
  20. Today you are the happiest in the world. May it always be so! Nothing in the world can separate you, and all difficulties will make you stronger and stronger. Love each other, and most importantly, try to understand and forgive each other.
  21. Happy wedding life! If you have the one you want to see is great happiness. Remember always that your loved one is next to you. May prosperity always be with you!
  22. Dear beautiful couple, If you can describe love as a diamond, then I wish your love would shine as the brightest and purest as it! Because you are the most wonderful couple in the world! So, I wish you love, prosperity, and success. May your family bank always be full of gold coins of years lived in happiness!
  23. Congratulation to a newly wedded couple of the day! Always know how to cherish love. Then everything will be great and like a fairy tale! You have to live together forever! Love is like a good song, And a song is not easy to put together. So Be patient!
  24. Two simple wedding rings have tied you both forever! You will have many happy days ahead. Congratulations on this grand day. Be happy together and forever! 
  25. Be happy, guys! What else can I tell you here? For the silver wedding Don’t forget to invite us!
  26. If the wife knows how to soften in a conflict, and a husband can hug in time, peace would always be in your family. So I wish you to be a smart wife and a sensitive husband. Then your marriage will be long and happy!
  27. Congratulations! May good and excellent things happen at every step in your life! I wish you to live happily, like in a fairy tale!
  28. Dear newlyweds, today you both look great! I wish you can keep it forever. No matter what wind of change comes to your life, your family continues with great love, peace, and comfort. Dear guests, let’s raise our glasses to the new family!
  29. May life be successful, bright. I wish that God protect you always and forever. More happy roads will come to you! So support each other so that every day would be beautiful and cherished!
  30. I am very happy for you, my dear friends. Today you have become husband and wife. A new stage of your life will begin from today, where you will walk together until your last moments. Be always close to each other and take care of your love. Your whole future life would be sweet, wonderful, and joyful!
  31. Dear friends, you are newlyweds today. Congratulation on your wonderful wedding! There are quarrels, arguments, and disagreements in family life, but love overcomes everything. And I wish you a bright and beautiful life together with excellent surprises for you every day.
  32. Today, there are so many honest congratulations to you. Here is mine: The most important thing in a family is love. I wish you that all troubles bypass your family with many kisses. Well, to complete your happiness, I also wish you healthy and beautiful children who will fill your home with joy.
  33. Congratulations! I wish your family is like a fairy tale without any problems. So walk the path of life together, hand in hand.
  34. I congratulate you on this wonderful day of the celebration of your love and feelings. I wish you a happy family life and fulfillment of all your desires. Let love accompany you everywhere! No matter what you have to experience. Hold each other’s hand tightly. 
  35. Happy wedding day! Congratulations. I wish you more nasty kids and a few money, not a lot, not a little to have enough for bread and butter. But I wish everything was fine in your bed!
  36. I wish only bright and happy days to you, newlyweds. You are now a family, and according to the law, Together, you belong to it!
  37. Fall in love every day. May your dreams come true and your happiness never end to warm your souls! Happy wedding day, newlyweds! 
  38. Beloved bride and groom, I wish you a happy, cheerful, and peaceful life. Think about your future babies, but don’t forget about your parents! 
  39. May happiness and peace always be in your family with rare sadness! Find eternal joy always, and let your family be glorified for centuries!
  40. Dear ones, may the love would be brighter and brighter. May your life be happy, beautiful, and joyful! So, I wish you happiness, love, care, and mutual understanding to become two halves of one whole.
  41. We want to wish today to the young newly wedded couple, happy and perfect life together. Happy Wedding Day!
  42. Congratulation on your wedding day! I wish you happiness being with you everyday life. Be lovely and sensitive always to eachother! live happily forever!
  43. May your dreams are calm, and the evenings are always beautiful full of magical silence. Let only jokes help solve all the family problems. But try always to understand each other in everything. After all, together, it would be much easier to turn your every day into a fairy tale!
  44. Congratulations! I wish the groom to always drive the family ship with a confident hand in the right direction with your beautiful wife’s help and love. May there be more romance, adventure, joyful and memorable events on your life path.
  45. Wedding Day is a great day. It is a day of the holiday for personal life.Today, glasses are filled with happiness. I want to wish you that your love is with you all days and nights as on this day. Accept my congratulation from me!
  46. Dear newlyweds, We sincerely congratulate you on your marriage and the beginning of your new family. The most beautiful thing in life is love, so today, you are beginning your life journey with your love. May your life together be very happy! 
  47. Love, help and befriend. If you suddenly have to part, Let there be a desire for each other! May there be passion and peace in life, and children for the first and the second!
  48. Today a new bond born undoubtedly one of the happiest and strongest one in the world! You Both are so beautiful, very young and delightfully lovely. So keep your happiness for a long life together! I wish you, young people can create such a beautiful life that no one in the world can replace them!
  49. I wish only bright and happy days to you, newlyweds. You are now one. So do not forget it. Congratulations for your new life!
  50. Be healthy and live well, Now you are given to each other forever! So start enjoying your fate with love and peace. Now is the age to continue the race!

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