Funny Jokes about Festival for Whatsapp (2023)

Hello Guys, Welcome to my Article. If you are searching Funny Jokes about Festival, then you are in the right place. There are so many funny jokes about various famous festivals in the world. Share these jokes with your friends, relatives, and other neighbors. I am very sure that they will be in their minds forever.

Birthday Jokes

Birthday Jokes

Who wants to make your birthday so funny? I know that all of us want to make our day a memorable day for others. On your birthday, no need Parties. Just use our birthday Jokes For Kids & adults, Guys. For more Go through our below article. 

  • Two friends are talking: My brother had a birthday yesterday. We gave him a ship. The other one asked: Wow! And what is he going to do with it? Then he replied: Like what? Burnt it yesterday. 
  • One little boy made a wish that he would have a birthday every day. After two and a half months, he grew old and died. 
  • Dad, when did the stork bring me? September 16, son. Son replies: Wow, just on my birthday!
  • A wife asks her husband: Dear, what should I give for your birthday? He replies: For one evening, pretend to be deaf and dumb.
  • My girlfriend told me that something special thing will come to me for my birthday. Oh my god!. Now I have to meet her for another 5 months.
  • On my birthday, at 7 in the morning, I received a text message: Are you in the trash?
  • Mom, mom, I was bitten by a snake, I urgently need an antidote. “Okay, son, I’ll buy it now, but it’s like your birthday.”
  • My friend has a birthday today. He does not drink, does not smoke, does not use drugs, is not passionate, and does not change his girlfriend.
  • You don’t know when your girlfriend has a birthday? No, but I know when it’s March 8th.

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Christmas Jokes for Kids

Christmas Jokes for Kids

Christmas is a great and very joyful time that we can share gifts, foods and also strengthen our peacefulness and relationships with our relatives, neighbors, and friends. What do you think about sharing festival jokes Christmas? It will be fun right? So below are some wonderful Christmas jokes. Pick your favorite.

  • Santa Claus, thanks for the gift you brought to me. A trifle, I don’t like it. I thought to tell you, but my mother told me to say so.
  • What is the difference between our Santa Claus and old Santa Claus? The old one is always serious and alone, and ours is still drunk with some kind of girl.
  • How to recognize a snowman from a snow woman? Very simple, you need to see where the kids fix a carrot – Funny Jokes about Festival
  • At Christmas time, A snail is crawling on a cherry tree. The worm asks her: It’s still winter. There are no berries yet. Why are you crawling on this tree? Then she replies: Before the summer I have to reach there.
  • Mom to son: Who taught you to say, “Damn it?”. The boy replies that It’s Santa Claus. Mom shouts him: Don’t be fooled. Then he replies: I swear! At night he came with a present for me, hit the corner of the table, and just said that.
    Santa Claus comes to the psychiatrist and says, Doctor, help! I don’t believe in myself.


Halloween Jokes For Kids

Halloween Jokes For Kids

We all know that the Halloween period is a hilarious celebration time. It is so much fun with sharing candy with others, visiting other people to get candy, and dressing like ghosts. But if you need to make other people fun through the phone, then these Halloween Jokes are the best choice. Go through our article and find the most suitable one for your beloved ones.

  • Honey, will you invite your friends to the Halloween party? You say that they are scary! 
  • On Halloween, she humorously dressed up as a prostitute. In the morning, she was counting the money in her wallet. A car suddenly stopped. A guy asked: How much?
  • On Halloween night, a zombie crawls out of the grave into the cemetery and begins to twist and sees another one. A second zombie crawls out of a neighboring grave and asks the first: Hey, what are you doing there? Then the other one replies: They shot at me!
  • In the morning at the office, one friend asks another: Well, how did your Halloween celebration? I celebrated it in the club. That’s terrible. Another one asks: Very scared? Then he replies: Yes if only they would scare me because they were busy with a pumpkin!
  • I’m afraid that all my friends dressed for Halloween with my costumes.
  • Hey, who will you be on Halloween? Drunk alcoholic as usual – Funny Jokes about Festival
  • Any suggestions for how to celebrate Halloween as the worst? Well, You can shoot scary women. 

Mothersday Jokes For Whatsapp

Mothersday Jokes For Whatsapp

Mom is the most important and number one profession in the world other than any of the professions. So we nominate one day in a year to memorize and pay tribute for them. That’s generally held on the second week of Sunday in May. I surely know if you are reading this article you are going to surprise your mother, not with an ordinary gift. So Go through guys our wonderful Mothers day Jokes For Whatsapp.

  • There are two friends: Congratulations on the birth of your daughter! The first one says the friend: Thank you! What name she was given? Then he says: The wife named the daughter in honor of her mother. The other one asks surprisingly: Mother-in-law, or what?
  • A five-year-old daughter Shouts: Maam! Mum! Mum! Mother looks out the window and sees some people outside the house: What do they need? Call dad. Then the girl asks: Mom, why are you so angry? Did you fall the broom?
  • A man says mother-in-law: Here you are, mother, always barking at me, but I still appreciate and respect you! Suddenly he says: Here, I bought you a ticket to Milan!
  • With mother’s milk, women connect us to the chest, and then to the bottle. But then for the rest of our lives, they blame us for our addictions.
  • Mom is walking down the street with her son. He asks: Mom, let’s buy this girl? Then mom asks angrily: What are you, son? Girls must not be purchased. Again son asks: Then you bought dad?
  • If the children can fight so that their mother doesn’t notice that, these are already well-brought-up children.


Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids

Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids

Thanksgiving Day is one of the most popular national holiday celebrated on different days by various countries and nations such as European countries, the USA, etc. They celebrate that day by spending time with their families and friends and exchanging foods to sharing their happiness and harmony with others. But I know that you are surely searching for a different thing to share on that day. That’s why you are on this page. Hurry up, guys! Find out the most fabulous and suitable thanksgiving jokes for you!

  • If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? June flowers!
  • Why did the turkey cross the road? It was the chicken’s day off.
  • What’s the best dance to do on Thanksgiving? Turkey riding.
  • Why do turkeys always go, “gobble, gobble”? Because they never learned good table manners!
  • A student was asked to write an essay entitled What I’m thankful for on Thanksgiving. So he wrote: I am thankful that I’m not a turkey
  • Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving, Easter… It’s just the same one that is translated so nicely. All we do is eating.
  • I don’t know how important this is. But honey, your turkey wasn’t as disappointing as it was last year.
  • We are going to have a Happy Thanksgiving. This year, I am filling the turkey with chicken.
  • Why did the turkey play the drums in his band? Because he already had drum sticks!

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Valentine day Jokes for Whatsapp

Valentine day Jokes

The most precious and valuable date for all the lovers would be February 14, Valentine’s Day. Lover in all over the world shares their life, passion, and warmth with each one on that day to make them feel how special to him or her. But we give you something more unique to make that Day more special, Valentine’s Day Jokes for WhatsApp. Have a look, Guys! You will be more surprised!

  • Girls, if you get bored on Valentine’s Day, just go to a couple in a restaurant and shout: Who the hell is this?
  • February 14 is the Day when all the girls are divided into three types: Some will roar and beat: The second will take pictures of their bouquets and teddy bears, and the third is WIFE.
  • On Valentine’s Day, I felt sorry and gave my wife all the salary. She immediately requested a shortage in the past months.
  • February 14, the girl gave me a beer mug. I gave her gold earrings. The tradition is still alive to exchange gold for glass.
  • What will you give your wife on Valentine’s Day? This is just a Valentine’s Day, not Married Day.
  • Guys, who gave one earring on February 14, and the second on March 8? How was it? 
  • On February 15, Wild drunk cries loudly: Juliaaa, Juliaaa! I love you. Marry me! After 15 minutes of these cries, another voice comes: Shut up, your Marina has been married for a long time, and she has two children now!  

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Wedding Jokes For WhatsApp

Wedding Jokes For Whatsapp

A wedding day is a unique and unforgettable day in all lives. We want that to be memorable until our lives end. So what if we use wedding jokes to use that special day of someone to be unforgettable and funny for them? So have a look, Guys and let us know what do you think about them!

  • A daughter said to her parents: Please when he comes to ask for my hand, do not fall to your knees with a cry and do not say: You are our Saviour. But please only say: Good.
  • A mother-in-law is the mother of an ideal son who was unhappy with his wife.
  • In the church, the priest corrects the groom: When asked if you agree to become a husband, you must answer: I agree and do not ask why?
  • Patience, love, understanding, and at least two laptops are needed to maintain peace in a family.
  • The kiss was definitely invented by a man who never found any other way to close his mouth to a woman.
  • According to statistics, girls tend to find a guy like their father. That’s why their mothers cry at their daughters’ weddings!
  • Mom wanted a boy and dad, a girl. That’s how they met.
  • Marriages are said to be made in heaven! It is from where these lightning, thunders, tornadoes, and storm come.

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