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Top 50 Mothers day jokes for WhatsApp in 2023

Are you wondering how you are going to surprise your mothers on mother’s day? Then yes, you are in the right place. Please have a look at our beautiful and meaningful Mothers day jokes for WhatsApp. They are fabulous, and your mother will be superly surprised more than a gift. Here are our Top 50 Mothers day jokes. Have fun!

  1. A son asked: Mom, Dad, how did you get married? Mom answered: Your dad proposed to me because he thought that if I get married and give birth to you, I would pay debts on loans.
  2. A girl says: Mom and Dad, I ate everything! Mom answers: Well done, daughter, that’s why dad and I want you to get married and live separately!
  3. A girl asks: Mom, tell me which one is better: go to college or get married? Mom answers: Select, daughter, that on which you will not fail!
  4. Mom and Dad, I’m back! Yeah, that means I haven’t found a worker yet.
  5. Are you Jewish by father or mother? Depends on the place.
  6. If the wife and children play on your nerves like good players, and her mother conducts it, run from this band!
  7. If a blogger suddenly stopped using vulgar language and began to post highly moral and religious posts, because his mother appeared among the subscribers.
  8. A Mom says to the daughter: remember! Only the rich and successful are dating, and the rest is irritated!
  9. A boy saw an elephant in the zoo and asks: Mom, how do elephants arrive? You can’t say that the stork brings them.
  10. Son, do not put a gas bottle near the fire. Mom is not so careful!
  11. Mom asked her son: What would you like to get for your birthday? A horse, or a gun, or three days which you don’t need to wash?
  12. A boy asks: God, my father, honors Christ, my mother praises Mohammed, what kind of religion do I have to worship? Then god answeres: Read the reviews.
  13. Mom comes to the ATM with her small son. Then She gets money from it. Then suddenly son asks with rounded eyes: Mom, how did our dad get in there?
  14. A son asks: Dad, Why did you marry mom? The husband turns to his wife and says: You see, even the child is surprised!
  15. A boy had a big head. Because of this, other children often bothered him. One day he comes from the street, crying: Mom, they call me big-headed every time. Then she asks: Do not cry, son, you have a healthy head, go quickly to the store and get some potatoes. The boy wiped his tears: Okay, mom. Can you give me some money and a bag? Then mom says happily: Son, why you need a bag. You have your cap, and so it likes two buckets.
  16. Mom, is it true that you bought me for child support?
  17. There is a Family at a resort. Son asks her mother: Mom, can I swim for dad? Mom says: No, it’s deep there, you can be drowned, or a shark can eat. Then son asks: Hmm, What about dad? Then mom says: We can find a new dad.
  18. A young mother is trying on a new coat in front of a mirror. A little daughter comes up and says: Mommy, how beautiful you are in this coat! Mom asks: True? The girl replies: Yes, you look like a shepherd in it!
  19. I raised a son, built a house, and planted a tree. Finally, he asked: Mom, can I go now to take a walk?
  20. Last night I was mixing the mixture for a sponge cake for my husband’s birthday cake. My daughter was spinning nearby. Then I took out the vinegar saying to her girl: This is terrible poison. Daughter’s eyes widened and silently ran to dad, and she reported: Mom added poison to your cake.
  21. Mom, do you remember that you said that if I get 100 marks for paper, I’ll have to walk all day with you? Well, today I will walk for half a day!
  22. What is the difference between mom and dad? Mom is genitive, and dad is helpful!
  23. Angry father says to his daughter: Daughter! Listen to mom! Then suddenly she says to her mom: Do not bring your husband to a boil. Otherwise, he will soon evaporate!
  24. I ask the little granddaughter: What does dad call mom at home? The girl answers Lena. And then after a bit of thought, she says: When he forgets her name, she calls bitch.
  25. A lady askes a girl: What is it? I heard that you got divorced for the fourth time. Are all women so picky? Then the girl answers angrily: Not mom.
  26. As a child, I loved doing archaeology, and my mother called it digging potatoes. So I gave up. 
  27. A schoolboy found a million bucks and handed them to the police. A sobbing mother pretended to be proud of him.
  28. Mother asks her daughter: Why are you crying? Does your husband cheat on you? Then she says to her mom: not only one!
  29. A woman will be pleased when she has two happiness. One will say: “Beloved,” and the second: “Mom.”
  30. Mom always told me that if I get a tattoo, nobody will take me to work. Please explain what the hell I am working right now? Not enough tattoo? 
  31. A guy asks: My angel, Have you talked to your parents about me? Do they agree to give you as my wife? She says: Yes, I told them everything. He asks: how are they? Then she answers: I do not know. Father is still silent, and the mother is waiting for him to speak out so that she can express the exact opposite opinion.
  32. Mom, why are you so angry? Did you fall off the broom?
  33. A daughter says: Mom, I’ll bring my boyfriend home today. Then mom asks: Is he a good boy? The daughter answers: Yes. He does not drink, smoke, break promises. Mom responds: You’re kind of boring, daughter.
  34. A woman went to the police with a statement about the disappearance of her husband. The policeman accepted the explanation, looking at her husband’s photo, and said: What should I say to your husband when we find him? Then she replied: Tell him that my mom decided not to come to us.
  35. A teacher wrote in a student’s diary: Mary is a terrible talker. The next day Mary returns the book with her father’s reply: And if you would have listened to her mother!
  36. A girl walks through the zoo with her mother and says, pointing to the gorilla: Mom! Look! Programmer! Mom asks suddenly: Why? Then he says: he is like our dad: his eyes are red, hairy.
  37. A girl asks: Mom, what does fucking beating mean? Mom surprisingly aks: God, daughter, where did you hear that? She says: I haven’t heard anywhere. I just look around, and it comes to mind.
  38. A teacher wrote the following in a bad student’s diary: John spends too much time with girls, although I try to detach him from it. John’s mother replied: If you find an effective way, please let me know, and I will apply it to John’s father.
  39. A Mom comes to her son and says: Son, why do you have such dirty hands? Then he replies Mom, but I just washed my face with them.
  40. In a Country cottage area, a mother-in-law asks the son-in-law: Son-in-law, you know what to do at a bite of a poisonous snake? He replies: Mom, you need to keep her head at a distance so as you can not bite in response!
  41. A boy asks: Dad, from whom did we come from? Dad answers: From Adam and Eve. Then son asks: then why does the mother say that we are descended from monkeys? Finally, dad replies: Well, your mom’s family is something else.
  42. A boy stole money from his father’s wallet. Dad asks his son: Son, why did you take my money? Then son asks: Dad, why are you asking me, not mom? Then dad says: It is out of the question; there is still money left in the wallet. If it is mom, no money left.
  43. The first rule for brides: forget everything that your mother fed you
  44. A daughter asks: Mom, I’m pregnant! Mom asks: Listen, you already have a fourth child from your boyfriend. Why don’t you marry him? She tells her mom: I do not like him.
  45. Mom always says to me, Get up, the sun has already risen. So what should I do then? 
  46. A wife says to her husband: I gave your new jeans to a neighbor. Then he asks: Why is that? Then she replies: You didn’t like them anyway. Suddenly he asks: Come on, Lucy, then we’ll give your mom to the neighbor.
  47. A son comes to his mother and asks: Mom, who do I look like? She answers: On me, son! Then he asks: And who do you look like? After that, she says your grandmother, of course. He asks: Well, grandmother, who does she looks like? To great-grandmother. I don’t understand. Then son says: Mom, are we all on one face, like dolls, or what?
  48. The little girl was presented with a turtle. There was no end to the girl’s joy. So she played with her all day. The next morning, a girl came with the turtle in her hands and cried. Then she ran to her mother in the kitchen and said that the turtle was dead. Mom: Eh, daughter, you hurt her ultimately. Do not worry; we will put the turtle in the pot, and let’s have it at the dinner table.
  49. A girl asks her mom: Mom, can I play with Jonny? Mom answers: No, he’s a bad boy. The girl asks finally: Then can I go and beat him?
  50. A boy asks his Dad: Why don’t you have a car? Dad answers: No money for the vehicle, but You don’t be lazy. Study better, become an expert, and buy yourself a car. Then the son asks: Dad, why were you lazy at school?

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