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Top 50 Beautiful Engagement Wishes in 2023

Nowadays, many young couples use their engagement ceremony to announce their plan to become husband and wife. Getting engaged is a very important step in developing your relationship. You shouldn’t announce it just because so many people do it. But if you want to wish on other people’s special day, Look below. There are our top engagement wishes. So hurry up, guys! Select the beautiful wish you want.

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  1. The decision was made. Soon the wedding will come. Congratulations, guys! The right choice, keep it up! Enjoy the celebration. You will soon become the Bride and Groom.
  2. Engagement day is a big day! You step forward. But, let life go slowly. May this moment be remembered! You will never be divorced! May life bring you only happiness and peace.
  3. Let your life flow like a river without any barriers. So, let them shine over the family to make dreams come true! From now on, you are engaged with each other. Congratulation! 
  4. You will become a family. Into your new life, I wish you a positive ​​joy and love. Congratulations on this wonderful and the most beautiful day! May your engagement be the first joyful light.
  5. May your life more wonderful and magical with happiness and love! Congratulations on your engagement! May this serious joint step lead you to true happiness and great love. I hope you never doubt each other and be able to create the strongest and wonderful family!
  6. Congratulations on your engagement! We wish you a stormy wedding! May your love does not fade away. Be happy and beautiful always! 
  7. Great love awaits. I wish you never to part with all my heart. Enjoy every breath And live your whole life in love! Happy engagement!
  8. May your engagement lead to heaven, where there will be eternal love. So that happiness is endless. May you have a wedding soon so that you can go on a good journey together. Congratulations on your engagement! Let everything would be smart in your life! 
  9. Congratulations on your engagement! This is a very important step. Play a wedding loudly. You love each other very much. Hide your love from the storm and always be joyful and never quarrel.
  10. I am so glad to hear the day of the joyful engagement, and I want to wish you happiness. In marriage, love does not get tired. Let the rings glow on your fingers. You are the best couple in the world. Happy engagement day, children! 
  11. Happy engagement! We wish you a lot of happiness. How wonderful you are. May you lovely joint as beautiful and fragrant as roses.
  12. Well, now you can live in one apartment to fulfill all the dreams together and can see each other in 24 hours, almost always together. Happy Engagement Day! We are waiting for your lovely wedding day.
  13. We hope to gather again at your most waited wedding party. On the moment of your engagement, we wish you love and understanding! Congratulations on your engagement, guys! May everything is as you want, and your love is endless forever. We will soon play a wedding altogether. Let’s drink!
  14. Congratulation! We wish you appreciation, love, and strength to enjoy yourself with your soulmate every minute! We wish you a magnificent wedding, sweet and fresh love to carry your life through the years.
  15. Now, you have exchanged rings. Congratulations on your engagement! It is not just a promise, but a real connecting of hearts. Many days have passed since your first meeting. But feelings are getting stronger and stronger. So, your relationship will be crowned with a wedding. After all, you will become one at last.
  16. Dear, You made an important step. Today is a special day for you. Because you gave your heart to each other, so, you will remember this hour for the rest of your life. On this wonderful day, I wish you only good things. Congratulations on your engagement.
  17. You guys are engaged! Congratulations on your engagement! May your love be blessed! I wish you to be happy. Weddings can wait so that you don’t get divorced later. So, please take care of each other.
  18. I wish kindness, understanding, prosperity, and beautiful days to your life to be more fun! Congratulations on your engagement! The wedding is coming soon. I wish you can live in harmony without quarrels.
  19. Just engaged! Let this beautiful day be the beginning of a long journey. So, I wish you to remain forever in love, tender, and passionate. Congratulations on your engagement! 
  20. On your engagement, I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart. Also, I appreciate your life choice. Among hundreds and thousands, they found each other. With engagement, you tied destinies like a thread. So, I wish you not to break this thread. Go to the wedding to become a Happy family in the future.
  21. Congratulations on your engagement! A very important step has been taken. May your marriage be wonderful and strong. I wish you happiness, tenderness. Do not take your eyes from your love.
  22. Don’t lose your sensitivity, understanding, and kindness. I congratulate you on your engagement, which is the most gentle and joyful moment. I wish you happiness and many years to come!
  23. Today is the most exciting and most enchanting day. Today you are engaged. I wish no difficulties come to your life. Congratulations on your engagement! Plan your wedding day soon, and don’t forget to invite me to it!
  24. You are engaged. Congratulations! May your life be as you wish like a magic sweet dream, and also may your love never fade away!
  25. Congratulations on your engagement! We wish you happiness and all the best. It was not easy to decide. Even though you are not married yet, take care of each other. Please take a step towards each other as fate brought you together. 
  26. Congratulations on your engagement! Get ready for the cherished day. You guys are engaged to keep your feelings pure. Now, there is no reason for sadness. Wish you all the best!
  27. You have made your choice today, and now you both can walk on the life path together until the last breath. I hope she is fantastic for you and led you both can go to the wedding happily. May engagement bonds your relationship stronger than before!
  28. Promise to cherish each other. Do not leave either in happiness or difficulty and never break that. Congratulations on your engagement! You are engaged, hurray! 
  29. Today friend, you promised to create a family together. We wish you to live without grief and sadness only with the great happiness to shine! Congratulation!
  30. An engagement is a sweet word. Your long-awaited day has come. So, I know your heart is shaking with happiness. A whole century is ahead, such a long-awaited one! Congratulations!
  31. Your engagement… Let your love light your path. Now you will be the bride and groom. The door has opened to the new world. You are engaged now, but you cannot turn back. Now the path runs to the wedding. Happy Engagement Day!
  32. We congratulate you on your long-awaited engagement. Keep your love faithfully, and let no quarrels arise between you. You need to be proud of you both!
  33. May you live it together with patience and wisdom so that life is beautiful and fewer difficulties! Even if you have not yet been married, you both already set foot on the same path.
  34. Got engaged! It means you will have compassion, peace, and children. Besides, you are now the head of the family. So command your wife. We believe that we will meet at the golden wedding together!
  35. Best luck to you on the life path! Now you are engaged. An engagement is a great thing. Your wedding is not so far. Now your partner and his family wanted to take you, beauty as a bride. Get ready, my girl! 
  36. You made a promise today. Never break it. Let the light illuminate your life path. The God angel will always be with you! Congratulations!
  37. You are a perfect couple: two cherished rings: wedding rings: Hand in hand. You go to the end, despite the obstacles and storms! Happy Engagement day!
  38. An engagement is an agreement. Congratulations on your engagement! We are waiting for the wedding! Today two hearts joined as one beat. Because you found a soul mate. Even if you haven’t married yet, You have already set foot on the same path. 
  39. You gave the word to each other. You promised to love forever. By your engagement, you made us happy again! And now we are waiting for the wedding. So, I send the blessing of our family to you for life you start today!
  40. Congratulations on your engagement, friends! You made promises to love, honor, and respect for each other. The moment of relationship and dating has passed. Now we will wait for the wedding.
  41. Yor both have trusted completely on your deep Love at the foundation of your relationship. We know that Love never gets old. Therefore, Love and happiness will bring you something new, joyful, and pleasant every year.
  42. Congratulation on your engagement! I wish you happiness and love forever. May fate give you both a happy sign.
  43. Forget sorrows and quarrels. Because we gathered to celebrate an important day, your engagement. This step will remain forever. Congratulations!
  44. The celebration has begun. You are a new cell and a new family. I wish all the jealous people would not bother you, and all the garbage would be away from you.
  45. From now, you engaged with each other. Congratulations! May God bless you to keep all your feelings forever! 
  46. May your relationship grows stronger three times more like now. Love will enter your life deeply like a tree with roots. We wish you to live longer together and never let feelings die.
  47. An engagement is a glorious event. You have openly said your feelings to your girl. You don’t want to live apart anymore. May you fell in love with each other for so long! Happy Engagement day!
  48. You have made an important step towards family life. It’s lovely! Soon You will be the bride and groom! Happy engagement day! I congratulate the wonderful couple I know.
  49. For this new joyful and pleasant moment in the future, Let’s fill our glasses. We wish you happiness and love so that all your dreams come true! I wish you health for a hundred long years. 
  50. I wish your life to be like a fairy tale. So, keep your love and affection forever. May there be joy, peace, success, and children’s laughter soon! Congratulations on your engagement!

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