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How To Make a Girl Laugh – Jokes For Girls in 2023

We all like to listen or see jokes. I wrote a collection of jokes for WhatsApp before and thought to expand it more so that you can have more options to share with your friends. So How To Make a Girl Laugh? There are also so many romantic jokes among them. So Have a look! This article is about funny jokes for girls.

It includes,

  1. How To Make a Girl Laugh?
  2. Funny Short Jokes for Girls
  3. Funny Little Girl Jokes
  4. Funny Jokes for Girlfriend
  5. Funny Whatsapp Love Questions
  6. Funny Compliments for Girls
  7. Funny Questions to Ask a Girl
  8. Funny Conversation Between Two Friends
  9. Funny Conversation between Teacher and Student

How To Make a Girl Laugh?

How To Make a Girl Laugh?
  • The categorical female “no” does not limit the number of male attempts to achieve a possible “yes.”
  • In each class, there is a girl who dreamed of becoming a model but became pregnant.
  • The blonde writes a complaint to the ultrasound doctor: “During my examination, the doctor watched TV all the time.”
  • Scientists have modeled a world without men: not a single crime, no wars and drugs, and many happy, fat women without makeup!
  • One girl did not go to school for so long that she and her parents were called immediately to the UN.
  • God! Yes, Adam.- God, what happened yesterday? Where are my ribs?
  • The girl bought herself a dog. She had no choice because her parents found a leather collar under her pillow.
  • Once in a fairy tale, a little girl decided to go to bed early and lay down because it is a fairy tale.
  • At a music school, a girl who does not have a violin plays on an unoiled door.
  • I turned off hot water today, but I am a careful and prudent girl. So I poured hot water into 15 buckets for 15 days. It should be enough.
  • I never pulled pigtails at school girls, because once in the village I pulled the horse’s tail. 
  • The bees did not touch the fat girl who was walking in the park because they thought that they had already touched her. 
  • A girl looks through the keyhole into the parents’ room, just thinking that they still want me to lead to a psychologist because I suck my finger. 
  • I’m a decent girl, an excellent student, school member, ecologist, singing in a choir, master of sports in volleyball, natural-born liar.  
  • The girl whose parents work in a soap factory is very slippery but commercial. 
  • Once upon a time, there was one little girl. Then one day, on a night, she turned into 50. 
  • First, girls are interested in dolls, and boys are interested in cars. And then – vice versa! 

Funny Short Jokes for Girls

  • If a man won against a woman, then he lost.
  • Women always have two problems; what to eat and how to lose weight. 
  • Age matters for food, and a woman is always young. 
  • If you don’t have a girlfriend, then someone has two of them. 
  • Nothing highlights the beauty of a girl’s mind 
  • Girls! Be careful. Choose guys at the disco who dance badly! 
  • The mother asks her daughter what the girl paid attention to at the zoo.
  • When you eat, you forget that you are a girl. Eat, girl, eat!
  • A very greedy girl went to throw out the trash and returned with two bags.
  • A girl who had had fish all her life cried when dumplings surfaced.
  • Modesty beautifies a person. But a woman prefers more expensive jewelry. 

Funny Little Girl Jokes

  • Little girl: – Mom, you told me that angels have wings and they can fly, is that true? – Yes, daughter. Last night, when you were gone, I heard my dad call my nanny an angel.” And when will she fly? “Tomorrow morning, dear.”
  • A girl of five years old came with her mother to the cemetery. She suddenly saw a drunk who was walking, staggering, behind the bushes. “Has this uncle already dug up from the grave?”
  • The girl says: At home, dad decides everything!-And, who is your dad?- Mom decides.

Funny Jokes for Girlfriend

Funny Jokes for Girlfriend
  • Women’s logic: I’ve been explaining it to you for an hour now, I don’t talk to you! 
  • Girls want to be like women. Women want to be like girls, and older women want to be like infants.
  • Girls who believe that a miracle will happen on February 14 will have a hysteria on February 14
  • Girls, if a guy will call you on a date in the coming days, don’t be fooled; most likely, he has no one to discuss the situation.
  • The difference between a girl and a woman is the girl wants a new iPhone, and Woman wants a non-stick frying pan.
  • Once upon a time, there was a good girl. And then she went to work in a women’s team and spoiled.
  • Swear that before me, you didn’t have a man!- I swear in the name of two of their girls.
  • If a girl winks sweetly at you, do not be hopeful about that. Perhaps it’s just the head lice in her head repairing the skin. 
  • Dear, do not be nervous. Nerve cells are not restored! Honey, don’t get smart, teeth too. 
  • She decided to clean the closet: She got everything out of the closet, measured, made up, danced, and then kept them. She was tired! 
  • A girl is like a gaming machine. You spend money, but whether it will give or not is unknown. 
  • If some days are marked in red on your girl’s calendar, this does not mean that holidays have come. Your rest days will come.
  • A serious relationship is when a young man begins to leave the girl’s apartment with garbage.

Funny Whatsapp Love Questions

These Funny Boyfriend Girlfriend Conversations are so joyful. Share with your better half. They would be unforgettable for so long.

Funny Whatsapp Love Questions
  • A young guy and a girl make love; then he says to her: -Let me call you Eve. -Why? -You are my first. -“Then, I will call you Vegas because I’m staying here only a few weeks.”
  • It’s not difficult for a girl to make new sexual partners for herself. But It is difficult to do the same thing. 
  • If a woman does not want to get married, then she has already been there.
  • My girl, if you are over 20 and you have never been called a whore, think about whether you are ashamed to be so dull and ugly
  • Girls, why do we need a prince on a white horse? Also, remove the manure from the horse. 

Funny Compliments for Girls

Funny Compliments for Girls
  • The woman is invincible in the ability to give up.
  • A smart woman never yells at a man. He must be afraid of her gaze!
  • I’m romantic in my heart. And in the bath, too.
  • Women: if everyone loves him, then he should be mine.
  • Girls are afraid of any large numbers, be it weight, age, or IQ.
  • Every woman knows that there is nothing more useful than a man who did guilty.
  • A man differs from a woman in that, before committing stupidity, he carefully considers it.
  • A woman who considers herself smart requires equal rights with men. The woman is brilliant – does not require it.
  • Not all women are corrupt. There will undoubtedly be one that will give for free.
  • Women and cats have a lot in common. They don’t want what they give them, but they don’t say what they want.
  • I have a golden character. Gold is good metal, but heavy. 
  • In winter, a guy is a must! Ice all the same. 
  • Other girls grew sad, but I do not. 
  • My name is Emma, and I know everything. 
  • Life proves that the best husbands are obtained from good boys. And the best wives from the bad girls.
  • A strong girl is still a girl.
  • One girl was so fat that she took a selfie in panorama mode.
  • A powerful girl is still a girl!
  • In every adult woman, a little girl lives.
  • A woman wants, as for the first time, a man – as for the last.
  • A girl with arms for life remembered that you could not smile in a thunderstorm.
  • For some reason, even fragile girls break for a long time. 

Funny Questions to Ask a Girl

Funny Questions to Ask a Girl
  • Daughter, tell me honestly, are you still a girl? No, damn it, already a boy!
  • At the zoo, a girl approaches the employee, Tell me, is this elephant male or female? “My child, this should be concerned by only the other elephant.”
  • It angers me when they say: “You’re a girl!”. So what if I’m a girl? Maybe I’m in the shower.
  • What a lovely girl! How old are you?- One hundred grams.
  • What a pretty girl! How old are you? Liter, please.
  • Why are you putting so much food to me? I’m a girl!
  • Mom, why did the Wolf eat his grandmother and not Little Red Riding Hood? Go to sleep! Maybe he wanted dried fruit! 
  • Cleaning lady: Girls, you have no garbage? Answer from counter: There are no girls, but there is garbage. 
  • Is it allowed to talk with a fifteen-year-old girl about sex? – Yes, if you want to increase your limits
  • Why is Santa Claus always happy? Because he knows where the bad girls live
  • How can a girl have these houses, clothes, and cars when her knees do not bend, and her mouth does not open? 
  • Why does your daughter write dictations with errors, and even with maths? And what do you want? The girl writes, tries, worries, makes mistakes, starts to get nervous, swears. 
  • Girls, if you have billionaire folders, why don’t you need to enlarge your breasts?

Funny Conversation Between Two Friends

Girl! What do you eat for breakfast? Pasta. Well, what do you eat for lunch? pasta for lunch And for dinner? Also pasta! Well then, God bless them, with pasta!
The girl calls the guy: What are you doing? I am watching the TV show Let’s get married I agree!
How will it be in English: You have a lot of beautiful girls in London”?–No way
Two boys talk on the beach: Where are you looking for rich girls? On the shores of the best resorts or expensive restaurants
There were two girls at the bus stop. One was waiting for bus number 2—the second number 7. Bus number 27 came. The first girl said: Oh, let’s go together! 

Funny Conversation between Teacher and Student

Girl, what’s your name? Bug Why is such a strange name? Yes, parents always wanted a dog
The teacher asks the first-graders: Children, which of you have pets? A girl with a big nose shakes her hand. Teacher: Sveta, what animal lives in your house, and what is its name? We have John at home; he is my little brother!


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