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Funny Jokes to tell Your Friends (2023)

Do you want to make your friends happy or laughing? Then we will give you a simple solution. We have a mass collection of Funny Jokes to Tell Your Friends. So go through our list and select whatever you want. We are very sure that it will be very difficult to select one joke as they are all so funny.

Our article includes,

  1. Funny Short Jokes
  2. Super Funny Jokes for true friend
  3. Marriage Funny Jokes to tell Your Friends
  4. Adult Jokes – Dirty Jokes for Friends
  5. Wife jokes to tell Your Friends
  6. Funny Women Jokes
  7. Really Good Jokes to tell Your Friends
  8. Funny Questions to ask from Your Friends

Funny Short Jokes

Funny Short Jokes
  • Never say to your parents about your friends’ achievements. 
  • Childhood friends are the only ones we made without drinking.
  • Friend, leave a smoke!
  • We are friends with nature; then, it will rest on me.
  • Of course, I know them. So I don’t add them to my account.
  • Only my friend’s mother-in-law comes to us. 
  • Listen to your friends and look at your enemies.
  • I eat breakfast myself, but I have no friends and enemies.
  • Send quarantine wishes to each other.
  • Maybe I’m waiting for you to get drunk, my friend.
  • My body is not designed for so many drinking friends. 
  • I love my friends. They are ashamed but fun.
  • We do not fit each other. I am a genius, and you are an idiot. 
  • Not “friendship,” but “mutually profitable for each other.”
  • Tell me who your friend is, and I will say who you are!
  • Money is like true friends. Someone has them, but someone does not.
  • I’m going to the store!!! “Oh, get me a beer.”
  • I’m a loner.- You have 1000 friends. They are also loners.
  • You always hang out with them! Friends must stick together!
  • If science defeats alcoholism, people will no longer respect each other 
  • Do not throw friends in the bidet.
  • The funeral agency said: I love you as a friend.
  • Today is June 9th, International Friends Day. Happy holiday! 
  • The friends of my friends are my cousins. 

Super Funny Jokes for true friend

Super Funny Jokes for true friend
  • Friends, in these difficult days, we should be as far apart as possible.
  • True friends are those who stayed with you after you get married.
  • Best friends don’t have good photos together.
  • Only enemies tell each other the truth—friends, not at all.
  • You are my best friend, and if there were only one life jacket for two on a sinking ship, I would often miss you.
  • Good friends will always come to your rescue. And the more good friends will come to you for money. Because they want to eat 
  • Finding friends with the same mental disorder is a priceless gift that you can get in your life. 
  • I had a sweater. But now I only have a photograph of it. My friend has taken it.
  • The best friends are an excellent database to keep the answers for your secret questions for password recovery. 
  • Only If one of my friends gets married tomorrow, I would go to the wedding and eat normally. 
  • It’s time to expand the circle of friends. I have a vast band of 212 friends on WhatsApp. And you haven’t seen any of them. That’s the beauty of it.
  • My friend and I complement each other perfectly. He teaches me knowledge, and I follow him. 
  • I love real friends because I do not want to call or write to them. After all, they are always in my bedroom.
  • You will not recognize a friend until you observe him for 8 hours with powerful binoculars.
  • Friendship is different, after all. For me, a dog is a four-legged friend
  • No one talks about the real miracle of Jesus. Have 12 close friends in their 30s.
  • With age, you understand that it is not the number of friends that matters, but their qualities. 
  • In social networks, you have 300 friends. But At a wedding, 80 may come. On a birthday, maybe ten will come. But when you have a problem, there are only 2 And, most likely, those are your parents! 
  • I do not know how this whole story will end, but we will not forget about each other. 

Marriage Funny Jokes to tell Your Friends

Marriage Funny Jokes to tell Your Friends
  • Well done! He told his friends that he had a date with a beautiful girl. Friends were kidding that she was imaginary.
  • Since my husband and I had nothing to blame each other for, we fought in silence.
  • Hi bro.- Hi! What happened? “I want to get my girlfriend to have dinner, but I’m stuck.”- It’s okay, that’s what friends are for, right? I will bring her dinner tomorrow.
  • A man tells his friends about his young wife: She’s lovely! She’s like a picture! When she enters, her teeth are twisted, and her eyes are at different, her hair is like a wire. The husband notices confused looks of friends and said with distress: Well, yes, you do not like Picasso. You didn’t understand. 
  • A man tells a friend: I returned to my wife after three years walking around the world. And she accepted me. Another friend replied: I also left my wife. No, not for three years. And not for three months. And also not for three weeks. And not for three days. I fought and left her just for 3 hours. But my wife ran away with her ex-boyfriend.
  • Two old friends met after a long time: How do you? Fine. I was married for ten years. The wife, however, like a saw, constantly saws. What about you? Also normal. I was married last year. The wife is still nothing, working with a jigsaw, But artistically!

Adult Jokes – Dirty Jokes for Friends

Adult Jokes - Dirty Jokes for Friends
  • Christy complains to his friend: I think the wife does not receive pleasure. I don’t know how to satisfy her. He replies: It doesn’t matter, older man. Before you go to bed, turn on the blues, dim the lights, ask her to dress for the bed. Then you open the window and whistle. Christy: whistle? What is this for? Friend says: What do you mean why? But how do I know that it’s time for me to get down to the business?
  • Lucy, show me the boobs! – No, what are you asking? We are friends. Be a friend; show boobs!
  • An old Jew marries an eighteen-year-old girl. One Friend tells him: “Think, man, what are you doing? In ten years she will be 28, and you will be 70. And what will you do then? He replied: Like what? I will divorce and marry an eighteen-year-old again!

Wife jokes to tell Your Friends

Wife jokes to tell Your Friends
  • A telephone rings in the doctor’s apartment. Friends call him for a decision.”Darling,” he tells his wife, “I have to go to the hospital urgently. Is it a serious case?- I think so. Three doctors are already there.
  • Male friendship. The husband comes home in the morning. Wife: “Where was he?” Husband: “I spent the night with a friend.” 
  • The meeting of two friends: How are you? – Yes, I suspect that my wife is cheating with a baker. As I open the bed, there is always flour and bread bits in it.
  • A man introduced his friends to an obese woman who is his wife. A Friend asked: Is she your Mom? That’s it. The next day, they got divorced. 

Funny Women Jokes

Funny Women Jokes
  • Taniya, what was your nickname in childhood? Winnie the Pooh. You were so round and chubby? No, my friends were pigs.
  • Do you think there is a friendship between a man and a woman? – Well, yes, we are friends. 
  • Honey, my head hurts so much after yesterday, as my friend and I were fighting each other

Really Good Jokes to tell Your Friends

Really Good Jokes to tell Your Friends
  • An announcement in the bar: Friends! If you drink with us to forget, please pay in advance!
  • A friend from China said that it is better not to take coronavirus for granted since a new version of Covid-20 will be released in September.
  • In 2000: You and your friends cannot find a Pizza Hut. In 2020, Hut was located, friends were lost.
  • My friend never wears a suit, tie, briefcase, watch, handkerchief, hairbrush, engagement ring, smartphone. Cats don’t need this.
  • Do not lie to me that you spent the night with your friends! Because I spent the night with your friends and you were not there. 
  • There was an elephant and an ant, and they loved each other. After the first wedding night, the elephant died. An ant crawls over it and thinks: “Only one night of love, and bury my whole life.”
  • A Boy with a broken leg is brought to the hospital. How did this happen? The boy starts: When I played… Then the doctor askes suddenly: Probably played football? The boy said: It’s just that my friend gave me hints under the table.
  • On football, one fan shouted without stopping. At the end of the game, he hoarsely said to his Friend: I probably lost my voice. The Friend replied: I must lose my ear.
  • In kindergarten, I liked one girl. Hiding behind the door, we showed each other letters. Then a nanny beat us, and after that, I had to quit.
  • My Friend, who was invented by me as a child, abandoned me because his friends believed I would not exist.
  • Friends and animals in their social habits are no different from each other. Both live according to certain standards. Still, the person is distinguished by the ability and willingness to go beyond these standards. Sin makes man human.

Funny Questions to ask from Your Friends

Funny Questions to ask from Your Friends
  • He has no friends. – Why? – He does not hit
  • Two are talking: My wife left me for my best friend. But it’s me, your best friend?
  • What is the difference between a friend and a Ferrari? Friends of Ferrari are not hired!
  • Well, how did your garlic diet work? I lost 3 kilograms and all my friends!
  • By the way, I noticed that I don’t have any familiar friends at all. All my friends are crazy. One said: And I? – And you top the list. 
  • One friend asks the other: listen, why do people buy so much toilet paper? It is because one sneezes, the three get fucked!
  • One guy comes to his friend’s apartment and sees that it is packed with all kinds of canned goods and bags: Why so much food?- Yes, you know, I have a parrot.- I see, but why is there so much food?- So I have two of them!

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