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Top 50 Pig Jokes For Whatsapp (2023)

These animal jokes are hilarious and beautiful jokes to share with your colleagues in WhatsApp or any social media. Go through the whole article. You can not even imagine how funny it is. We present to you our Top 50 pig jokes in this article. Have a look, Guys! 

  1. Piglet sits and writes something. Winnie the Pooh approaches, asks: What are you writing? Piglet (enthusiastically, without looking up): I am writing an opera about us
  2. Beloved, tell me that I am fat and clumsy Pig!
  3. Winnie, the Pooh, did not want to get married, but the thought of the upcoming honeymoon made him crazy. 
  4. Hedgehog is standing in line at the pharmacy. He is serious. Behind him are two pigs. “Fifty condoms,” the Hedgehog says. Pigs start to laugh. The Hedgehog strictly looks at them and speaks through the window: Fifty-two
  5. A very cunning pig can convert the wolf to Islam.
  6. How to cross a pig and a cow? Use a meat blender.
  7. The husband accused his wife of cruelty to animals because when she hits him with a rolling pin, she shouts, “drunk cattle, again you got drunk like a pig, bloody dog.”
  8. What is the most common type of monster, you know? The Pig.
  9. I’ll get drunk like a pig, and I will rest!
  10. The teacher tells the children a fairy tale in the lesson: A pig comes to a farmer and says: Dear farmer, Give me a bunch of straw! Do you think the farmer answered the Pig?
  11. She wanted me like a pig in the past.
  12. Politics is dirt. And the Pig that does not dream of falling out of it is bad.
  13. One of the most useful animals is a pig. From it, you can use absolutely everything: meat for food, skin for the skin, fibers for brushes, a name for insult.
  14. Doctor, I work like a horse, eat like a pig, get tired like a dog, what should I do? Doctor answers: I don’t know. I’m not a veterinarian.
  15. How can you believe that a rabbit, a pig, and a dog can drag a children’s TV show alone on themselves for 30 years?
  16. Four o’clock in the morning. The phone rings. A little pig askes: Hello, is this an animal protection society? The officer replies: Who did hurt you at such an early age, pig? Because you have time.
  17. Tell me that I am a mean fat pig that does not fit into any dress! But taste your bun quickly.
  18. Conversation between husband and wife: Kitty, when will you come home? Then the husband replies: You are mistaken, Hunny. Kitty will not come today. A drunk pig will come, who will sit with friends after work!
  19. A boy says to a girl: If you become my wife, then I, as a man, will do everything possible to feed the pig. If you want to say family to that, Maybe.
  20. The husband and wife have lunch. The wife drops some borsch on her plate: Oh! I look like a pig! Then the husband laughs and says: Yeah. Yes, buried with borscht!
  21. Can birds be carriers of pig flu? They can, but only if these birds are real pigs.
  22. What is the difference between a man and a pig? A pig does not become a man when it gets drunk.
  23. Two people approached the counter in a hotel. The hotel was good, but not five stars. One asked from the reception: How much does the room in this pigsty cost? The receptionist growled: For one pig 50, for two 100.
  24. Two senior students are talking: Can you believe, yesterday, I read that a person is very close to pigs genetically and physiologically. The other one answers: I realized that last week at the party.
  25. A girl walks down the street and leads a pig on a chain. She asks the pig: Where did you get here? The pig replies: Won the lottery but not me.
  26. One friend asks: you hit a pig? The other one replies: Yes. Then, Did you roast the piglets? Again other one answers: No. Finally, he replies: Oh then, after they grow up, they will take revenge!
  27. Why are you so sad? One asked from his friend: We went hunting a wild pig with few friends. The pig did not come. But, we got drunk like pigs. And then a boar came.
  28. Two friends are talking in a room in a hostel: Well, the mess we made. We live like two pigs! Another friend says: Like three pigs. And who is the third? Then he says, Two of us, like three!
  29. Two husbands were talking. One said: What ended your yesterday’s quarrel with your wife? The other one says: She dragged to me on her lap! So, what is next? Then he said: Get out from the bed, pig!
  30. Mother calls the child: You are a real pig, all messed up! Do you know who a pig is? Then the son replies: Yes, mom, the pig is the son of a pig.
  31. Your Honor, this is unfair. When I called my neighbor a pig last time, you fined me 50 bucks, and now 200. Then the Judge says: I’m sorry, but the pork price has risen due to the crisis 
  32. The young butcher did not know where to start and how to introduce himself to the pig.
  33. A Patience asks: Doctor, tell me, I have the flu? Yes! Again he: Pig? Then, the doctor replies: Yes, Only a pig can call an ambulance at 3 a.m. for just a temperature of 36.7C!
  34. The last word of a pig at a meat factory: Make sausage of me!
  35. A job applicant calls the company: Hello, girl, I recently had an interview with you. I would like to know a solution. The receptionist: Wait a minute, and who are you according to the horoscope? The man says: I am a lion. Then the receptionist says: Well, you see, we have the best staff in pigs, dogs in accounting, and cocks are in charge. So, sorry. Please have a look for another job.
  36. The only moment the pig is not annoying is at the table when it is fried.
  37. The husband is admitted to the hospital, where the wife lies with the newborn baby. He hugs her, kisses and, then suddenly looks into the crib. He sees that the child is black. The husband bounces in horror quickly, but the wife shouts, not letting him tell his thoughts: “Oh, you dirty pig! Now, I hope you are not going to doubt that nigger slept with our maid!
  38. The next year will be the year of the monkey. Every year we have snakes, then rats, then pigs. When will the year of man come?
  39. Two friends are talking: On each month, when I bring my salary on the payday, my wife kills a pig. The friend says: Wow, You celebrate your payday. Good. Then he replies: No, she just freaked out as went to the bar to get a bear.
  40. A woman is a scientist, the same as a guinea pig! Nothing to do with the guinea or the pig.
  41. How to cross a pig and cow using a meat grinder?
  42. On the street, a kebab seller is shouting: Skewers of lamb! Skewers of lamb! A man asks him: Do you have pork? Then the seller replies: Listen, this lamb was such a pig in his whole life!
  43. At a party, a man having drunk as a pig started to trouble women. He didn’t care about the appearance of a woman, or age, or gender.
  44. Piglet, they say yesterday at the birthday you got drunk like a pig? Then the Piglet says: No, Vinnie, I’m still small, only I made pig’s squeal. Woooooooooooo………
  45. Winnie-the-pooh is climbing a tree, and Piglet stands under a tree and shouts: Winnie, you’ll fall, Winnie, get down Winnie. Suddenly Winnie-Pooh finally fells. A piglet is standing over him, crying: Ah, Winnie, I told you. Pooh answers: Come, pig, I’m dying. 
  46. Winnie, the Pooh, and Piglet came to visit the Rabbit. At first, they acted like pigs, and then like rabbits.
  47. Dad, Dad, why do they say we’re dirty, smelly pigs? Dad says: Because we don’t wash, son. Then the son replies: I thought they were kidding.
  48. If everyone is happy that you eat all day, do nothing, and only grow fat, then you are a pig.
  49. Little Johnny asks dad: Dad, what is a tale? Then Dad replies: It is when animals, such as a donkey or a pig, talks like you as I do now.
  50. Before deciding to get married, think carefully if you need only one sausage, or is it worth getting the whole pig? So do not marry boys.

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