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Top 50 Sister Jokes for WhatsApp in 2023

Hi Guys, Welcome to my Sister Jokes World. Go through the whole article to find the best joke for your sisters. Here are our top 50 sister jokes. Let us know what do you think about them.

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  1. My sister and two children of 2 and 5 years old came to visit. My cat immediately pretended to be dead!
  2. A landlady asks her student: Why is that your brother does not come to you anymore? Then she replies: Yes, that bastard found a new sister.
  3. It seems to me that my parents hated me. I always heard: Well, why can’t you be like your sister Laila? It is especially disappointing because my sister died in childbirth.
  4. A girl asks her friend: Is that your sister is married to a rich young man? Then her friend says: No, he is penniless. Because my Dad always says: Poor young man! Poor young man!
  5. A boy asks: Dad, where was your brother found? – In the cabbage. Then he asks: What about your sister? – In the potatoes. Again he asks: What about me? – In tomatoes. Then finally, he asks: Dad, did you carry your mom across the garden?
  6. God, how times are changing! My mother still remembers how my father kissed her for the first time, and my sister already forgot what her first husband’s name!
  7. A teacher asks: Little Johnny, tell us, from your point of view, an example of absolute stupidity. Then he says: This is when a husband leaves his wife and leaves for her twin sister.
  8. What is jealousy? When your cat goes to bed with his sister.
  9. A guy was married to one of the twins, but he imagined her sister during the sex session.
  10. A girl asks her boyfriend: Dear, can you tell me what kind of sheep this is with you in the photo? Then the boy says: This is my sister. Then she says: Oh, so sweet.
  11. The lady says to her Friend: My sister and I are 60 years old together. Then she says, God! And are you not afraid to leave such a baby alone at home?
  12. “What is the strength, brother? – I’m not a brother, but a sister. “Then What is the weakness, sister?
  13. Two friends are talking: I heard you got married again? Then one guy says: Yes. The Friend asks: So this is the sister of your first wife! Later married one answers: Yes, I didn’t want to change my mother-in-law.
  14. A girl Ann and her sister come to grandmother: Grandmother, where do the children come from? Then she replies: The stork brings the children and puts them on the doorstep. Ann’s sister shoves her sister in the side with her elbow: Well, sis tell her or will she die like a fool?
  15. A young man is waiting in the living room for his girlfriend. Her sister appears: What did your sister say when she found out that I was waiting for her? Then she says: Nothing. She simply took off the ring that William had given her and put on yours.”
  16. Mom says to her younger daughter: When you were tiny, you just shouted, ate, shit, and asked for a pussycat. Elder daughter says suddenly: And after 19 years, not a damn thing has changed.
  17. The teacher asks a student: Why weren’t you at school yesterday? Then she answers: My sister was married. Then the teacher says: Well, see that this does not happen again!
  18. A guy asks his Friend: Why are you divorcing your wife? Then he replies: Believe, she was not at home all night, and in the morning she said that she spent the night with her sister! Then the other guy asks: So what? Finally, he answers: She’s lying! I spent the night with her sister.
  19. A guy comes into a pharmacy. A female pharmacist comes and asks: How can I help you? He says: Can I have a man pharmacist. She: Young man, my sister, and I have been holding this pharmacy for 15 years, and I am sure that I can help you. Ask me. He says: You see, I have a wife and two lovers, I continuously make love to them, and I still want more. What can you offer me? She: Mmm, I’ll consult with my sister. After 10 minutes, she says: I asked my sister, and we can provide you with 100 bucks a week.
  20. A girl suddenly asks his boyfriend: Honey, tell me, how old is your sister? Then he replies Twenty-eight. She asks surprisingly: Twenty-eight? But she said to me that she was twenty-three years old! Then he says laughing: That’s right. She learned to count when she was five years old.
  21. A happy Dad returned from the clinic and announced to his daughter: Here, dear, now you will have a little sister. Then she says sadly: But it’s not fair, Dad, because you promised a puppy!
  22. A guy talks on the phone: Hello, is Alice at home? Then from the other side: No, Olya, no. Her blue-eyed, long-legged sister is talking to you.
  23. A guy calls to his girlfriend’s home: Hello, is Olya at home? Then from the other side: No, Olya, no. Her blue-eyed, long-legged sister is talking to you.
  24. A boyfriend came to meet his girlfriend. Her younger sister asks him: Do you know how to show tricks? Then the boyfriend answers: No, Unfortunately. Then she says to him: My Dad knows how. He said that he could throw out of here like a traffic jam!
  25. Imagine, a friend of mine today will marry his sister! But this is impossible! Maybe. He is a doctor.
  26. Husband shouts at his wife: You know, I can provide several women like you. Then she roars: Perfect. I’ll bring my mom and sister tomorrow.
  27. A troublesome neighbor asks a boy: Who will you marry? Then he says: With a woman. Suddenly she says: Don’t joke, this is normal. Then he says: I’m not kidding. For example, I have a sister who is married to a man.
  28. A teacher asks her absent student: Little Johnny, why weren’t you at school yesterday? Then he says: We have the addition of the family! Then she asks Congratulations! Brother or sister? Suddenly he answeres: New dad!
  29. A boy boasts to his younger sister: Look, I found a horseshoe! Do you know what it means? She is sad like this: I know: somewhere a poor horse is running barefoot!
  30. Teacher: Children, have you ever had to save someone’s life? Little Johnny: Yes, one day, I replaced my sister’s birth control pills with regular vitamins!
  31. One visitor turns to an older woman, thinking that she works in this hospital: Tell me, please, can I see Williams? Then that lady asks: Who do you have him? Sister. Then suddenly, the smiling lady answers: Oh, I am glad to meet you. I am his mother.
  32. A girl asks her sister: Tell me, why do lions eat only raw meat? The younger sister replies: After all, they don’t know how to cook like you. 
  33. Mom: Little Johnny, why did you hit your sister with a chair? Because I could not lift a dresser.
  34. Mom, do you love me or my sister more? Honey, I can’t love someone anymore, I hate both of you.
  35. My son of 5 years asked us to buy a sister a few days ago. My wife and I explained: We have no money. So let’s dig it up and buy her later. Yesterday I came from the day. I was tired, so I was sitting on the sofa. My son came to me and yelled at me: Why don’t you work? There’s not enough money for my sister, but you are sitting at home!
  36. Grandfather teaches his grandson: Choose a bride with at least three sisters. When they get married, you will have only a quarter of the mother-in-law.
  37. A friend in a kindergarten asks a boy, Jonny: When does your sister think to get married? Then he says: To be honest, always.
  38. The teacher at the school invites children to come up with a sentence in which the word “wonderful” is used twice. Here are some sentences of a few students. Asha: Yesterday, dad bought mom a wonderful dress in which mom looked wonderful. Leena: My grandmother is preparing a wonderful cookie, which I eat very well. Then Little Jonny: Yesterday at dinner, my sister announced that she was pregnant, and my father said: wonderful, fucking, wonderful! 
  39. Dear money, I invite you to a permanent residence in my wallet. It is huge and comfortable. You will certainly enjoy it! You can invite his brothers and sisters from Europe and America. There is enough space for everyone!
  40. We watched Harry Potter and my little sister said: I know why Voldemort is bald. That is so that people can’t use his hair for a potion.
  41. How to tell a man that he is like a sister to me? You are not my brother, my cousin.
  42. Sister and a knife. Can you ever ask your sister to hand over a knife politely?
  43. You know, my sister has a strange disease. When she smokes with my dad, her nose is bleeding.
  44. A dying man tells his woman: I want to tell you the truth before dying. I slept with your mother and sister. Then she says: I know, dear, that’s why I poisoned you.
  45. Do you have relatives? A girl answers: Yes, I have one distant relative. That is my sister. Then the other one asks: How can a sister be a distant relative? Then she answers: She lives in New Zealand.
  46. A girl says to her younger sister: I have constant diarrhea, I run to the toilet ten times a day. Then she says, laughing: Sister, Now do not run. You live there. 
  47. A girl does not want to give her sister candy. Her mom says: Give her. Who is smarter. Who is a fool? Then she replies: I’m not such a fool to be smarter!
  48. A daughter asks her mother: Mom, what do you like more about dogs or butterflies? Mom answers no tattoos. Then suddenly she explains: Mom, please, I’ll do it in the most hidden place! The younger sister slowly turns her head to her sister and says: On your Brain?
  49. When does your sister think of getting married? Always!
  50. There are two types of sisters: the eldest and the snitch.

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