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Top 50 Cat Jokes For Kids in 2023

Guys, Go through our list of Funny Top 50 Cat Jokes For Kids. You can’t help laughing when you see these jokes.

  1. Sometimes poor eyesight can kill us. Once I was riding on a bus, my eyes fell on the guy with the red kitten, and he always kissed on the forehead. There was no end to my sympathy until I took a closer look and saw that there was food in his hands, not a kitten.
  2. When mom and dad start to quarrel, with breaking dishes and threats of divorce, then our cat faints. And each time my parents are afraid and take him to the veterinarian. He is the keeper of the family home.
  3. The cat went to the market and bought a dog when the elephant was selling.
  4. When I’m lying on the couch, the cat always sees me as a competitor.
  5. I don’t even know what will be faster: the cat stops drinking from the toilet, or the husband closes the toilet seat cover.
  6. A cat in the house is a necessary thing! Here’s how you explain to your wife why your whole back is scratched if you don’t have a cat?
  7. Diagnosis: Make sure to get the best years of his life to him. So try to gain the respect of his cat – Cat Jokes For Kids.
  8. If your cat barked at you, then you should go on vacation.
  9. Mom in the kitchen talks to her son while pouring dry food to the cat: Recently, I bought food for you, but it is already ending. 
  10. I loaded the laundry into the washing machine. I got scared when I heard a meow. Conclusion: before washing, check the cloth if there is a sleeping cat.
  11. Cats rule the world. Otherwise, how to explain the fact that in Hollywood? There are no thrillers about killer cats that filed people with trust and then kill them at night.
  12. Do you say cats are happy? Okay, then, you try every day to lick your ass with your tongue.
  13. Many vegetarians are convinced that they save hundreds of animals and birds, which shows how harmful the absence of animal food affects the functioning of the brain.
  14. My cat told me that if this food weren’t for him, It would have gone crazy with loneliness.
  15. It is not difficult to look for a black cat in a dark room, especially when carrying valerian plants.
  16. My grandmother ran to the store and spent the entire pension on groceries. Grandfather bought a new TV. Mom bought a freezer full of meat. Dad dragged seven cans of gas. And only the cat with a smile watched the whole family who was going take care of his future.
  17. At the pet store: I want to buy a talking parrot for my cat. Sure, but you have to buy two. He asked: Why? The fact is that one speaks Spanish, and the other translates.
  18. Every cat believes that fish is much tastier on the carpet in the corridor than in a bowl in the kitchen!
  19. My daughter sings, plays the piano, draws, understands botany, zoology, speaks French. In general, she is a very educated girl. What can you do? Then Future son-in-law: Chop cabbage and feed her cat!
  20. My wife loves cats and dogs. My friend told me: lucky you with your wife. But my wife loves polar foxes and sables.
  21. When I cross the road, a black cat spits over her shoulder three times.
  22. During the absence of wives, Husbands must be taken care of like cats. They have to be fed under supervision. And the director of the shelter is ideally – the mothers-in-law.
  23. If your child drags dry food from your cat, then never tell him that he will grow tail and ears even if he doesn’t watch anime yet.
  24. The cat caught a mouse and asked: Do you want to live? Mouse with frightened eyes: With whom? Ughslut, already I am too hungry!
  25. Pussycat, pussycat, what are you mewing there? Do you want to eat? Come to me, kitten.
  26. After we moved to a new apartment with new furniture, the cat almost died as it cleaned everything with its face.
  27. A black cat running across your path means the animal is going somewhere. 
  28. I want to be a cat! When you get fatter, everyone is happy.
  29. I’m sitting; I’m copying a cat because I have nothing to do. He will lick – I will lick. He yawns – I yawn. So he is the bastard. He dodged and began to lick eggs.
  30. The husband was solving a crossword puzzle. Suddenly He asked his wife: Dear, what is the name of the bird of nine letters, which no longer exists? The wife told suddenly: Our Ta-Ra-Kei-ka!. The husband said: What? Noo… Then the wife replied: While you were solving your stupid puzzle, the neighbor cat ate it! So It no longer exists, Hunny.
  31. When a cat sits by a closed door, it is not just a cat. This is an entrance cat!
  32. My wife and I do not let our cats into the bedroom. But they always need to go there. Once, when the door was half-open, the cat quietly came and hid behind the clothes that hung on the dryer. As a result, I burned by sneezing. 
  33. On a walk in the forest, I met a man talking with his dog. He came home and talked about it. After a long time, we laughed with the cat!
  34. The pet should be quiet, calm, not to spoil anywhere, and not cause trouble to the owners, such as a doll cat.
  35. Neighbour, I have great sorrow! A cat ran away from me! He replies: It’s strange. When your wife left you, you were not so upset! Then Sad man says: But my wife did not have three medals from the international exhibition
  36. Get your cat’s voice down! Yesterday he shouted so much that I had to force my daughter to stop her singing! Then the cat owner replied: Sorry, but your daughter started first.
  37. A boyfriend brought a cat to his lady cat so that they could breed. A girlfriend called him on the phone: Well, how are you? Then he suddenly replied: No way. She doesn’t even kiss. The girlfriend got angry and never called again.
  38. At a certain age, women start having cats and stop having men. 
  39. Anyone who says that you can’t buy happiness has never purchased a kitten.
  40. You know, my cat win the first prize at a bird show yesterday! The man asked him: How could a cat get an award at a bird show? You’re lying! Then he replied: I’m not lying! He ate the winning bird.
  41. Who is smarter, a cat or a dog? Of course, a cat! Have you ever seen ten cats drag a vehicle with bags along with the snow?
  42. Do you like to iron? But the iron break. So, Buy a cat!
  43. It’s so good that the cat, the ferret and I eat the same thing. We often help each other.
  44. The cat ate four kilograms of barbecue. It was weighed exactly 4 kilograms. Where did the cat go?
  45. Normally cats are sleeping on papers or boxes. But I pick my one from the trash or sometimes in the bin in the kitchen.
  46. I want to be a cat! Because when you get fatter, everyone is happy.
  47. The cat is a friend, master, and king to the man.
  48. The main thing in a cat’s life is to win the sofa.
  49. In the house where a cat lives, wool is the sauce.
  50. Cat’s Rule: Who gets up early, should feed me.

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