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Top 50 Elephant Jokes For Whatsapp in 2023

Do you want to hear some big jokes about the giant living animal in the world? Hehee… Yes, you are in the right place. Here we present the latest Top 50 Elephant Jokes, which can be used in WhatsApp or any other media. Be hurry. Select your favorite one share with your friends!

  1. The zoo’s announcement: “Dear Elephants, it will reach you faster: do not eat from people’s hands!”.
  2. Elephants who meet people might think that people live in trees.
  3. An argument with a wife is like an elephant hunt. If you can’t catch the elephant from the first fight, you should run.
  4. An elephant escaped from the zoo. A call came to the zoo office: Sir! In my garden, there is a big grey rat! She plucks the cabbage with her tail. 
  5. I wish I had so much money that I could buy an elephant. Another friend asked: Why do you need an elephant? He replied: I don’t need an elephant. I need so much money.
  6. At the zoo, a girl approaches the employee. Tell me, is this elephant male or female? My child, this should affect only the other elephant.
  7. One frog asked: The little frog, do you know what an elephant looks like? The second one replied: No. But I know how it sounds! And How? The second: Chew! First one: Why do you think so? It is the last thing my grandfather managed to say when he saw an elephant!
  8. There is an elephant in the woods. An Ant goes towards him: Hey, elephant, it’s dangerous to go there. Ours are fighting there.
  9. With the help of the elephant, even a worm can be appointed as a cobra.
  10. Dad, Dad, look! An elephant lifted me on a trunk! Son, I’m afraid this is not a trunk.
  11. After a doctor finished a veterinary school, he got a job from a zoo. At that time, one of the elephants had a cold. So he poured heated red wine into a bucket of water. The next morning, the elephant was in excellent condition. But two more elephants started cold.
  12. A girl, Ann, told a friend, Jane: Buy an elephant! Jane: Why do I need it? Where am I going to keep it? He is so huge, eats a lot, how will I feed him? Then Ann told her: But they give two for the same price. Suddenly Jane: Let’s Drive!
  13. If you want something big and clean, wash the Elephant! 
  14. Ten thousand hedgehogs can kill an elephant, but at the same time, they can’t eat it. How much stupid evil is there in the world. 
  15. The ivory box you sold me last week is a fake! It is made of plastic! The shop lady replied: Hmm, I don’t know that the Elephant had a false tusk.
  16. In a laboratory on the 10th floor, scientists tried to cross an elephant and a hippopotamus. The experiment failed. Who can be the result?
  17. Little Johnny, name 5 African animals. Two monkeys and three elephants!
  18. The Zoo guards refused to feed the elephant because it is a symbol of the opposite Party.
  19. Do you know the difference between elephants and insects? I know, of course. An elephant may have insects. An insect cannot have elephants.
  20. If a person has big ears, then indeed, this one has a memory like that of an elephant.
  21. In the Zoo, there is a gossip: the director uses the documents of a dead elephant as sleeping, and receives his money for food in a month!
  22. Everyone should do three things: swallow a tree, give birth to a son, and put an elephant in a lotus position.
  23. I want something big and clean to wash an elephant or something? 
  24. A guy comes to the theater school to act. They say to him: represent an elephant.
  25. Sadly, the zoo owner told a friend: The elephant is completely hungry, but there is no money. The friend told him: Yes, look at how many fruit stalls are around. The owner told him: Who will give me without cash? Then the friend: Why do you need money? You release the elephant, let them deliver.
  26. A guy comes to the theater school to act. People ask him: Describe an elephant. He confuses. So he thought thoroughly, and opened his zipper and said: This is trunk too.
  27. A person who is easily influenced by others sooner or later buys an elephant.
  28. There are rhino and an elephant. Rhino: How are you, the vacuum cleaner? Then the Elephant: Fine, hole punch! 
  29. There is a turtle on a branch, and suddenly the brach breaks down: It’s good that I’m not an elephant; otherwise, I would have been dead.
  30. Dad, where do elephants come from? Dad started: Well, You see… Suddenly the child shouted: Do not tell me about the stork. He can not bring an elephant kid.
  31. A priest went into the zoo and saw a group near one of the cells were looking sadly. Then the priest asked carefully: Is something happen to you? One guy said: The elephant is dead. Again the priest said: It is adorable to see your sorrow for this servant of God. Then one told smiling: But that’s not the point! We have to dig a grave for him!
  32. There were an Ant and elephant who were trying to hide from enemies. But Suddenly Ant shouted: Elephant! Hide! I’ve already been spotted!
  33. An elephant consists of a trunk, tusks, ears, and a hippopotamus.
  34. What could be worse than an elephant in a shop? A hedgehog in a condom factory. 
  35. In a zoology lesson, Teacher askes: Children who have giant eggs? A girl answers The ostrich! Teacher: Well done, Tanya! Little Johnny from the back of the desk shouts: It’s just because she never saw the elephant.
  36. A man bought an elephant to be famous. But an elephant is a large animal; it cannot fit in one apartment. So he broke the wall and placed it in two flats.
  37. Two VET were talking after the operation of an elephant: In my opinion, we have not forgotten anything. One said: Yes. We got that knife we left there last time. By the way, where is our nurse? 
  38. Elephants and adult elephants are tied with the same rope. Adults can break it, but they do not try, because, in childhood, they already tried it. 
  39. It’s been several months now. The zoo owner has been unsuccessfully trying to sell the elephant because no one takes his calls seriously. 
  40. The blind woodpecker, while looking for a tree, hit an elephant. 
  41. The family came to the circus. There was a big, trained elephant in the field. The son asked his mother: what is the elephant hanging between the legs? Mom answered after a while: Ask from father. Father rushed and said: Let’s go home!
  42. An ordinary moment in Indian cinema: I will kill you, but first my forty elephants and I will dance.
  43. A lady asked from a crying child: Why are you crying, baby? Mom told dad that he is an elephant. Dad replied that mom is a chicken. Then the lady: So what? The child said:Then, who am I?
  44. African’s dream: Earn a lot of money, buy an elephant, cover it with fur and sticks, like a mammoth.
  45. Stop imitating others, idiot! Don’t you understand that you and I need a child? But you buy an elephant.
  46. I want to find food like a tiger, and eat like an elephant. But I’ve eaten everything like a rat.
  47. At the zoo, a kid asked her mother: Mom! Buy me an elephant! Mom: what will you feed him? Then the kid replied: Nothing! Feeding an elephant is strictly prohibited! It is written on this board.
  48. There is a rabbit in the woods who is crying. Other animals ask him: Are you crying, rabbit? He answered: My wife is dead. They ask again: Who was your wife? Rabbit: The elephant. Everyone laughed. And the rabbit says: Yes, it’s funny for you, but I’ll dig a hole. I am too tired.
  49. For the first time, an elephant saw a naked aborigine in the jungle and thought: How does he get his food with that little thing?
  50. There is a big fight on the road. Ants are cleaning an elephant. Suddenly one dirty ant jumps out of the crowd and shouts at the top of his neck: Brothers, move away! Let me break his bone now!

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