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Top 50 Dog Jokes For Whatsapp in 2023

Hi Guys, What are you looking for? Ha Ha… Look below, top 50 Dog Jokes for Whatsapp. Do not miss any jokes because all are so funny. Share those in Whatsapp also to give your friends and colleagues big funny moments.

  1. I don’t understand this stupid habit of talking to animals like people. Why are you silent?
  2. Dry food for cats and dogs is a global experiment to introduce new standards of human nutrition.
  3. A girl told her friend that he would receive a million dollars if he taught his dog to speak. He said Nonsense, what a fool would pay a million for a talking dog? She replied: The fool certainly won’t pay. But be sure that any company that produces dog food will pay me a lot of money, if only it were silent.
  4. The total number of dogs and bitches significantly exceeds the number of dogs.
  5. My cat begins to show nervousness because, for several days, I have continuously been in his apartment. 
  6. Is it possible with a dog on the street? But without it, is it possible?
  7. We have always treated dogs better than people.
  8. People trained animals, cultivated plants, and themselves ended up wild.
  9. The dogs invented the coronavirus so that they could spend days on the street without us.
  10. For the past week, the dog has been confused about why people began to walk along the street in muzzles, but dogs can walk quietly without them.
  11. Where do you work? In the zoo! What are you doing there?” Wildebeest!
  12. Today I saw an advertisement for dog food over seven years old, which said Returns the taste of life. I think for myself to buy this.
  13. Can you please stop drilling? My dog ​​gets scared and starts to bark. Can you please stop your dog barking? I get scared and start drilling.
  14. If aliens watch YouTube, then they may have a completely wrong impression about our planet! Why is this? All animals are smart and funny; everyone admires them, and no matter what a person is, it’s a monster, a fool, or a pervert!
  15. Listen, your dog today spent the whole night under the window yelling, it’s abuse! Ah, do not worry; she slept in the afternoon.
  16. Do you know why wolves don’t eat grandmothers? They knit in the mouth.
  17. Mom says to her little son: Why don’t you eat? You said you were hungry like a wolf? Mom, where did you see the wolves eating semolina?
  18. How many beautiful people around! And you eat animal meat.
  19. I heard that many dogs are smarter than their owners. You think! Me too!
  20. An ad at the door of a Korean restaurant: No dogs allowed with your dogs!
  21. Sometime our boss has recently become angry, like a dog!
  22. Everything is fine, captain: warm, bright, comfortable. But the dogs get tired quickly. Typically, his laziness never bit me. Still, some abilities of this animal somehow came to me.
  23. In childhood, I wanted to work with animals, until I realized that I would have to work with animals every time.
  24. Dad, who bite more painfully, dogs or cats? Prices, son.
  25. The chain dog is angry not at the owner, not at the chain, but at all who are not on the chain.
  26. Newspaper ad: The dog is gone. Special signs: Tied by a chain to a nine years old boy 
  27. Caution: an angry dog ​​is in the yard. Be careful, please do not step on it.
  28. According to research by scientists, the dog never even has time to say that he has a headache.
  29. What can you say about a Korean who has a dog? He’s definitely vegetarian. 
  30. The dog learned to meow, moo, and even crow, but Koreans can not be fooled.
  31. Every day, I put a glass of water next to the bed for the night until I realized that our dog and cat also drink from it at night.
  32. A man sits in an armchair and reads a novel. A dog lies nearby and reads recipes for Korean cuisine.
  33. Sorry for people who do not have a dog. They always have to bend down to pick up food that they accidentally drop to the floor.
  34. Behave like your dog, which is unknowingly taken to the vet. The dog is enjoying the trip until it realizes that he is taken to the VET.
  35. In the zoo, you can pay and become a sponsor of some animals. You can get married and also become a sponsor of some animals.
  36. I once saw three cats hunting a dog. He was surrounded on three sides and sneaked up. But the dog was sleeping.
  37. A polite spouse should meow gently when the wife barks.
  38. Dogs have a master, and cats have staff! 
  39. Teacher: Tell me, what is the most convenient time for picking apples? Student: When the dog is in sleep. 
  40. Mom, buy me a dog, huh? Mother said: Will you take care of her? The child answered: So you buy me a healthy one! 
  41. A dog bit one lady on the street. The ashamed owner explains: Usually, my dog is lovely, but you probably have the same perfume as my mother-in-law. 
  42. I hate people holding dogs for self-defense.
  43. Grandmother, who regularly feeds dogs near the entrance, chases the neighbor who feeds cats. 
  44. A tourist told a resident: You will not tell me how I quickly get out on this mountain? He replied: Wait a minute. I’ll untie my dog. 
  45. Dog method: if you can’t eat or fuck it, then you can pee on it.
  46. You came up with thirty-two different names for your dog. Most often, they do not make sense, but the dog responds to all of them.
  47. You talk about your dog, just like other people talk about their children.
  48. A lady came and asked: Hello! Is this a pharmacy? Soon my mother-in-law with a dog will come to you. Give her the poison. The pharmacy owner told her: Well, are you sure that the dog will find its way home alone? 
  49. It is not necessary to be a dog to be friends with a person.
  50. Dogs who are running after cars are the killed traffic cops in before lives.

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