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Romantic Jokes for Whatsapp in 2023

Are you willing to share your love with lots of fun with your Fiance or Fiancee? Then you are in the right place. Please go through our beautiful and funny collection of Romantic Jokes for Whatsapp. Send them through WhatsApp. You will surely make your lovely moments so romantic with these jokes.

Our article includes,

  1. Short Romantic Jokes
  2. Love Jokes
  3. Romantic Husband Wife Jokes
  4. Romantic Relationship jokes
  5. Cute Jokes for Whatsapp

Short Romantic Jokes

Short Romantic Jokes
  • The most romantic act of your man? For my sake, he laid out the sofa.
  • Do you like to draw? Men shouldn’t watch
  • Telling a joke, declaring love, and borrowing money should be quick.
  • I do not like to chase the fleeing enemy
  • You bring a mountain for your girlfriend, but she does not like origami.
  • It angers me when they ask me: Have you parted? 
  • It would not be bad if the money made love and multiplied in the wallet.
  • The husband taught in his wife Faith, Hope, and Love. 
  • Men love beautiful and rare ones. I’ll go makeup and lock myself in a safe!
  • I want to return to childhood again. No love, no problems.
  • Maybe I love you? No, some nonsense
  • How to behave if you fall in love: How to fool!
  • Better to be friends and fuck than to love and cry!
  • Love is evil, and you will love a goat.
  • I work as a freelancer, do freestyle, but most of all, I like potato fries.
  • The funeral agency, “I love you as a friend.”
  • Everything that men can do for women is idleness for themselves! 
  • Hello! Is that you, darling? – I. And who’s talking?
  • Just start to love your husband, as it is time to go to work 
  • Do you like to spin, be able, and get out?
  • What I love about real friends is not to call or write to them. 
  • Honey, I rush to you on the wings of love! Three days? The wind blew 

Love Jokes

Love Jokes
  • I love you the way you go to the kitchen at night and quietly eat.
  • The son brings home a dirty homeless woman: Dad, mom, this is Stephani. I love her and will live with us! Yes, I’m joking, just kidding, her name is Masha.
  • A woman’s hands should fill with gifts. Her legs from sex, and her heart from love
  • Love makes a person cleaner. At least it makes you wash, shave, and wash your socks.
  • Love is when he takes you from girlfriends while you are drunk without saying a word. At home, he washes, undresses, and arranges: Mother, you hit like a fucking thief!
  • Love is when sex becomes so amazing that you can no longer do it with anyone else.
  • If I say, “I love you,” you don’t need these stupid questions like “Are you drunk?” 
  • “Why did you say that you love me?” Because you didn’t want to come to me on three different nights!
  • Love enters the heart as an uninvited guest, supports itself as a friend, and leaves him as a spy.
  • People lived so poorly that women sometimes surrendered without money for love.
  • Sometimes there is a strange feeling that I am in a country where the authorities do not love and offend u

Romantic Husband Wife Jokes

Romantic Husband Wife Jokes
  • In the phrase “romantic dinner” for a woman, the keyword is “romantic,” and for a man – “dinner.”
  • Are you satisfied with your married life? O, sure! We love each other so much that we have refused the divorce five times already.
  • The teacher married with a millionaire. Her friend asks: This is probably love at first sight? No, from the second. At first glance, I did not know that he was a millionaire.
  • I argue that I don’t have men in that experience as these men are not interesting, and interesting men are entirely unbearable. – wife jokes
  • Perfect wife and an ideal husband: Honey, drink vodka! Honey, I haven’t even finished you!
  • She sends him an SMS: My love! If you sleep, send me your dreams. If you laugh, send me your smiles. If you cry, send me your tears. I love you! He replies: “Honey, I’m crap now, what should I send you?
  • My husband loved life very much—more than me. Therefore, I had to separate them from this one.
  • In the morning, he dreamt that he kissed his woman, kissed him in return, hugging him, and whispering in her ear: “I love you.” It is love. In the morning, he wanted to kiss his wife, and she waved her hands and shouted: “Fuck off! Go to your work already!: But this is life.
  • Hunny, do you love me? Why do you want to start the morning with a shame?
  • The husband was suspecting his wife of dishonesty. Then he hired a private detective to spy on her. He told him about the work: She met a guy in the central square, they got into a jeep and went to a country cottage. We went into it, sat at the table, drank. Then they got undressed, lay down in bed, and turned off the light. I didn’t see anything else. Spouse: Again, this damn unknown!
  • An erection is the most honest honor of a man. Here a man will not lie in any way.
  • You will be surprised: I’ve been married for thirty years, but I love only one man! Lucky your spouse is! – What’s on him? I never even saw him for many years.
  • On Valentine’s Day, a wife will receive a gift from a husband or cut the phone for not getting a gift. But in both cases, she will enjoy it.

Romantic Relationship jokes

Romantic Relationship jokes
  • Many men just do nothing for the sake of women. So what? Never mind.
  • At night in bed, husband and wife: Honey, take me. Sleep, dear, we’re not going anywhere.
  • He kisses you. And He loves you. He is the minister of the institute. We must agree.
  • If a man is ready for anything for a woman, then he loves her. If a woman is prepared for anything for a man, then she gives birth to him.
  • Both men and women go to the gym for one thing to get the perfect female body.
  • Sex without love is a meaningless activity, but as a pointless activity, it is damn attractive!
  • There is no difference inf the man is unique or not, sooner or later he will still begin to annoy you
  • Whatever disgusting stuff happens to you, there will be people who will like you. It is not love, not a soulmate. It’s just that you are both fools.
  • You and I are the perfect couples. We will love until we lose our pulse. And then just fell asleep in an embrace. It remains only to meet you.
  • The life partner should not be chosen by an accident of interests, but by the chance of your favorite deadly sins.

Cute Jokes for Whatsapp

Cute Jokes for Whatsapp
  • I like to sit in the window and drink herbal tea because I have a small apartment and nothing to eat.  
  • A man and a woman are sitting:(Hugging) Mmmm Just do not kill me. And I gently Mmmm 
  • He held her by the waist. So they sat and chatted: he was talking about love, and she was kicking.
  • You need to choose a girl who loves to eat. She will always cook a meal; well, something will remain for you.
  • What is love in the distance? When you are at work, the bed is at home, and the alcohol is in the bar.
  • Say the three most important words! Do not take out my brain. But these are four words. Pancake! Don’t take my brain out! You don’t know how to count, but I said that you didn’t attend a lecture!
  • Girls! All does not have to say the same in marriage proposal: I do not like it. Say: I do not want to marry you. And stay good friends.
  • The strength of a man is not how much he attracted to women but how many he could refuse for the sake of one. 
  • What do you do in your free time? I read. What do you like to read? A novel. Read? No, and sighted!
  • Tell me about yourself. I’m lazy, and I like to eat. Further to tell laziness, I’ll go and eat.
  • Mom, what is love? Daughter, how can I explain it to you? Did you see orange? Well yes. Not at all like that.”
  • Soap kills germs. And they live a whole crowd of microbes in your hands. They have family, friends, love. And here comes the soap and kills. It’s sad.
  • If you are smart and beautiful and have a good figure, you eat everything and do not get fat. You have a loved one. You have good relations with your parents. There is only one diagnosis. You are a witch!

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