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Top 50 Jokes for Teens in 2023

Hi Guys, Welcome to the article full of Jokes for Teens! We all know that this period is the best part of our lives to enjoy. So Do not take it seriously. Be happy all the time. So here we present to you the funniest jokes for teens. Select a suitable joke and share it with your teenage friends.

  1. A teenage son asks his father: Dad, how is a sausage made? Then dad replies: You’re so big. Don’t you know? There is such a machine a ram is put there, and from it, two sticks of sausage come out st a time. Mad son: Is there such a machine if you put two sticks, and from there, a ram comes out? Finally, dad replies: Yes, son, your mother! 
  2. An awkward teenager calls himself Caesar because he started drinking, smoking, and insulting at the same time.
  3. A teen boy asks his father laughing: Dad, why did you marry your mother? The father turns to his wife with a winning smile: You see, even a child is surprised! Every one laugh except mom.
  4. One teenager says to another: I’m worried. My father struggles at work so that I don’t need anything and go to university. My mom is busy cleaning and washing my clothes all day. She doesn’t leave me when I get sick. Then the other one asks: So what are you worried about? Finally, he replies: I’m afraid they might try to escape!
  5. One fisherman who is a teacher by profession caught a small fish, liked it. Then he threw it back into the river, said: Go home and come with your parents tomorrow!
  6. In life, Children want to become adults. Adults want to become children. But only teenagers are already tired of life and want to die – Best Jokes for Teens
  7. A teen granddaughter asks her grandmother: Grandma, how old are you? Sixty. Then teen asks her laughingly: Show me on your fingers.
  8. A boy asks his father: Dad, what is the Stone Age? The Stone Age is a time when everything was made of stone. Then he asks again: computers too?
  9. Once a mom asks her teen daughter: Alina, why are there four spoons on the table? Then she replies: I want to make myself cake, and it says “Add four spoons of cocoa”.
  10. On a bridge, A teen boy was about to commit suicide, preparing to jump into the river. Suddenly, someone hits him on the back: Excuse me, do not stand here. There is a way to go to the river.
  11. A father approaches the teen son from behind while he is doing his homework, and advises his son: Try, son, write the bills more carefully. Then son replies: These are not bills, dad! These are integrals.
  12. A teenage boy invited a 30-year-old lady to dance at a disco. But she replies to him: I’m sorry, but I can’t dance with a child! Then he replies: Sorry, madam! I did not know that you were pregnant. 
  13. Once three teenagers are talking about how to begin, a happy life. One replies: Life starts with a plan. Then other replies: No, at the time of birth. Finally, wise one answers: You guys don’t understand anything. Life begins when parents leave for the country. 
  14. A teenage girl asks her one of the most experienced friends: Why do girls always lower their eyes when guys tell their love? Then the other one replies: to pretend that she is so innocent.
  15. Two teenage girls are talking. One another asks: Do you already have a period? Then the other one replies: Not yet. Suddenly the other one says: Well, then use it!
  16. -Two teenagers are talking: I dream of earning 10 thousand dollars a month, like my father. Then the other one replies: Does your father make 10 thousand dollars a month? Again he says: No, but he also dreams about it all the time!
  17. A lady asks a teen niece: Are you helping mom? Then he replies: Yes, of course, Aunt. For example, I am counting silver spoons after you leave.
  18. A lady has a teenage daughter and a first-grader son. When she is ready to go out, they both ask: Mom, what time will you be back? But she knows both very well and understands that only the younger one is afraid that his mother will be late, and the older one is afraid that she will come earlier – Jokes for Teens
  19. A teen boy ran to a huge dog and began massaging its wool tail. The mother shouts in fear: What are you doing? He will bite you! Then he replies laughing: No, Mom, they don’t bite from this end.
  20. A business father asks his naughty son: Well, how are you doing at school? Then the son replies: Great, dad. Everything is under control. The contract with the fifth grade has been extended for another year. After a while, his wife comes to her husband: Dear, I forgot to say. You are called to the school. Our son again broke the window. Suddenly he asks: What the hell, How many windows are there in this school?
  21. My parents never say to whom they love the most among their six children, including me. But I was warned that I am not in the Top 5.
  22. It’s never too late to learn, and if it’s late, you can turn on the lamp.
  23. Every sex life of modern teenagers begins together with the connection to the Internet.
  24. A traffic cop stopped a car. His recent teacher was driving. Then he replied: Hello Madam, take out a pen and paper, and write 100 times: I will never violate the rules of the road again. Because when he was a teenager, she gave him a punishment the same as that.
  25. Just don’t learn physics at school, and your whole life will be filled with miracles and magic.
  26. Meet the teen girls in your city. Many lonely hearts are looking for close relationships! 
  27. A teacher asks her students: What kind of person did you meet during the school year that shocked you the most? One teen says, Napoleon. Then one says, Julius Caesar. And one tricky one tells: my father when he saw the diary – Latest Jokes for Teens
  28. I liked to be with my teen grandson: I engaged myself a young woman of about forty. He engaged himself with an older woman of about thirty, and we had great fun.
  29. A boy runs up to his mother and says: Mom, mom, we have a cockroach again. Then mom tells him: Ask dad to kill him. Then he replies: I can’t, he’s sitting on the chandelier!
  30. In dentistry, I’m waiting for an appointment. From the far end of the corridor, a child screams so much, and for so long that my nerves can not stand: Lord, what are they doing there with the child. A man passing by answers: They do nothing. His parents are trying to bring him to the dentist.
  31. A teen boy returns home after school: Dad, tomorrow there will be a parent meeting at school But only for a narrow circle. Then dad asks: For a small circle? What does it mean? Then son replies: There will only be a teacher and you – Jokes for Teens
  32. A teacher was explaining a lesson: Children, you know that in the cold, all objects are compressed, but in the heat, on the opposite, they increase in size? Then a naughty teen boy replies: Yes teacher, That’s why Summer holidays last longer than winter ones!
  33. Two friends meet. One asks the other: I see you connected to the Internet? Then the other teen asks: How did you know? Then he replies: By the eyes. Suddenly the other one asks: Have they become smarter? Then he replies, laughing: No, they became redder.
  34. Boys, what natural miracles happen in winter? Snowmen 
  35. There was a teenager who was captured by a witch for a long time. He could speak one word a year. But he fell in love with a girl. For seven years, he did not say a word. After that, he said: I love you, darling! Please marry me! The girl took the headphones out from the ears and asked: Repeat what you said because I did not hear – Jokes for Teens
  36. A teacher speaks to a teen’s dad: Why does your son always carry big money in his pocket? Then dad replies: Oh okay, mam. It’s a good idea to buy him a purse today.
  37. A teen son asks his father: Dad if I find a thousand dollars, what should I do with them? Dad replies: Son, you must immediately take them to the police, and people will say that you are an honest man! Again son asks: And if I find a million? Suddenly dad replies: Bring it home as soon as possible and hide it! If you have a million, you won’t care what people say.
  38. A teacher calls one of the student’s dad: Your son painted a spider on my desk that I almost fainted. Then Dad replies: What’s this! He drew such a crocodile in our bathtub that I jumped out through a window and I had to be in the hospital for almost three weeks.
  39. A teenage asks her grandmother: Grandma, do you want a pie? Then she replies yes. Quickly she responds: Then bake it, please.
  40. A gipsy teen runs to his father and says: Dad, it seems to me that firstly, our family drug business violates the laws. Secondly, it is not so profitable! Then dad asks suddenly: What makes you think like that? Then he replies: I just saw potato chips in the market at one thousand dollars per kilogram!
  41. I went to work today. Ahead of the road, there was a pretty girl with a bag. Two teenagers came on a scooter and grabbed a bag from her, and run away quickly. The girl stood confused for a couple of seconds, then starts laughing hysterically. She waves her hand in the way and shouts Good luck! Because, in the bag, she had a dead hamster, whom she was going to bury. 
  42. A teen boy comes to his class with a swollen lip. His teacher asks: Hey Johnny, what happened? Then he replies: I was fishing with my father. A wasp lay on my mouth. Then she asks: And what, you bit? Then he answers: No, Dad killed it with an oar.
  43. Homework is needed only to quarrel with teens and parents. 
  44. A dad asks angrily: Boy! Explain to me why you have a zero in all subjects except geography? The son answers: you haven’t asked me about geography yet.
  45. A child wrote: Daddy loves Mom. Dad was so surprised and replied: Nobody has ever described our relationship like that.
  46. A teen boy asks his mom: Mom, why does dad have so little hair on his head? Mom replies while she is cooking: Because he thinks a lot! Son asks laughing: Then why do you have such heavy hair?
  47. A teacher asks his student to give an example of the use of the expression of happiness in the lesson of the English literature. One student replies: The robbers caught the traveller and killed him. Fortunately, the traveller forgot his money at home.
  48. My parents thought for a long time what to put under the Christmas tree. As a result, we lay down ourselves. So my brother arrived – Jokes for Teens
  49. A teenage son comes to mom and says: Mom our Christmas tree is burning. She does not care it and answers: Not burn son, but shines. Again the son comes running to his mother and says: Mom, there are already shining curtains.
  50. A teen son asks his father: Dad, is it true that in some eastern countries, the groom does not know who his wife is until he marries? The laughing dad replies: This is in any country, son!

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